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How Long Can a Subway Sandwich Stay Fresh in the Fridge?

Subway Sandwich Keep Fresh, Subway sandwiches are long bread rolls split lengthwise and loaded with meats, vegetables, and cheeses.

The subway franchise operates in nearly 100 countries and has 37 million combinations, many of which are regional.

Subway sandwiches are often connected with subway transit and commuter culture, but its inventor gave them the moniker in the late 1940s.

Subway Sandwich Stay Fresh

Subway Sandwich Stay Fresh

In 1965, Fred DeLuca, then 17 years old, and Peter Buck, a physicist, started Pete’s Super Submarines, which is now known as Subway and is a world fast-food chain. Subway has marketed itself as the best fast food option by focusing on fresh vegetables, fermented cheeses, vegetable salads, processed meats, and, in recent years, gluten-free bread rolls.

The franchise’s motto, “Éat Fresh,” is aimed at people who want to eat less deep-fried food without having to cook. Subway is popular among people who eat fast food because it is healthy and cheap.

How long will a subway sandwich stay good in the fridge?

Keeping Subway sandwiches fresh and edible is a definite concern and therefore refrigerating them comes in handy for when you get peckish. 

As a rule, most if not all foods taste best when consumed fresh but with proper preservation, your Subway sandwich should taste just as good.

In general, your subway sandwich should be able to retain its freshness for about three days comfortably in the refrigerator.

Despite no signs of spoilage, a subway sandwich that has been in the fridge for more than three days is unsafe to eat. Some sandwiches could go bad well before the forty-eight-hour mark and be visibly inedible. There are a number of factors that determine how fast a subway sandwich will last in the fridge or how long it will take before it goes bad.

Ambient Temperature

If you don’t refrigerate a subway sandwich within two to five hours, bacteria will have grown in it.This starts the process of breaking down your subway sandwich’s ingredients when food goes bad.

A subway sandwich that has been lying out at room temperature for hours can be refrigerated for a few days before becoming unsafe for ingestion. Definitely, your subway sandwich will decay and proliferate bacteria faster in a hotter atmosphere.

Ambient temperature is so important that within hours of leaving your subway sandwich out in the open, the fragrance alone will tell that it is too late to refrigerate. Wrap a subway sandwich you won’t eat and put it in the fridge. Delaying your supper may cost you everything.

Specific ingredients

Different subway sandwiches are made of different ingredients which means they do not degrade evenly across the board.

For instance, a sandwich containing tomatoes or is heavy on mayonnaise is likely to attract faster and more aggressive bacterial activity which will make it degrade faster. Meats such as tuna, beef, ham, and bacon do not degrade as fast meaning your subway has better chances if it is heavy on the meats.

Vegetables are highly perishable as well making your sandwich that much more delicate if it is heavy on the vegetables. Cheese may be stored for decades, but in a subway sandwich, it can cause bacteria to develop quickly.

Sandwiches survive different amounts of time in the fridge depending on what they include. Some ingredients do not even have obvious signs of going bad but once consumed after refrigeration can cause food poisoning and general health-related issues so be mindful that this is also a possibility.

Food handling procedures

Subway Sandwich Stay Fresh

Due to the complexity of food handling and the persistent presence of bacteria on raw food, food and health authorities consider sandwiches ‘high-risk foods’ in the fast-food industry. Fast food sandwiches seldom cause major food poisoning, but they have been recorded sometimes.

Thus, refrigeration may not be your only issue and the sandwich may be harmful before you buy it. In this situation, two to three days in the fridge will provide a sandwich you think is okay to eat, but it was already terrible.

Freezing a subway sandwich

If you need to preserve your subway sandwich for even longer then maybe freezing it is the best option. If you have bought a number of sandwiches or if you do not want to make a run for food every now and then, refrigerating your subway sandwiches is the best option. 

This will give you up to three months of food that will be very fresh and still tasty when you finally defrost your meal.