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Kids Closet Organization: Tips and Tricks

Are your kids’ closets hard to navigate? Do you often find yourself lost among the messy piles? This guide is here to make things easier. I’ll share tips to turn that chaos into a well-ordered area.

For siblings sharing a room, a shared closet is a big help. It means no more needing separate dressers. Everything can go in one place. The key is a good closet system with enough space for each child. This system makes sure there’s a fair share of drawers and room for everyone’s things.

Baskets are a great addition to keep things tidy. Use them for underwear and shoes. Soft baskets are safer for kids, and metal ones work well for shoes.

We also included a step stool for the little ones. It lets them reach their stuff easily. And, a letter board with positive messages adds a nice touch. They get to feel good while they’re getting ready.

Getting rid of things you don’t need is key to staying organized. Take time to sort through and keep only what you must. This simple step keeps the closet working well.

After just a month of our new system, keeping things in order is a breeze. It’s less mess and more fun – we even made a special spot for my coffee mug during morning routines!

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Key Takeaways:

  • Transforming a shared kids closet can eliminate the need for separate dressers and provide centralized storage for clothes.
  • A well-designed closet system with drawers and storage space is crucial for effective organization.
  • Using baskets to store underclothes and shoes helps prevent accidents and keeps items easily accessible.
  • Incorporating a step stool and letter board promotes independence and positivity.
  • Purging unnecessary items and keeping only what is needed helps maintain an organized closet.

Designing Kid-Friendly Closet Organization

Organizing a kids’ closet with them in mind is very important. Kids find it easier to pick out their clothes and keep them neat this way. To create the right space, follow these simple tips:

1. Small Drawers, Cubbies, and Storage Bins

Use small drawers and bins for easy organization. These help kids find stuff without making a mess. Shallow drawers work well for clothes. They make it simple to see what’s there.

kids closet organization ideas

2. Open Shelves and Visible Storage

Shelves that are easy to see and reach are perfect. Kids can easily take out and put away their toys and books. It teaches them to be neat and independent.

3. Baskets and Boxes for Storage

Baskets and boxes are great for items kids’ shouldn’t touch. This keeps dangerous things away while keeping the closet clean.

4. Strategic Organization for Shared Closets

Shared closets need a bit more planning. Make sure each child has their space. You can use racks and labels for this. It stops fights over space.

5. Adjustable Hanging Rods

Adjustable rods are perfect for growing kids. You can change them as your child gets taller. This saves space and keeps the closet organized.

6. Utilize Top Space and Wire Organizers

A top shelf is great for things kids don’t need often. For toddlers, wire organizers work well. They can be changed as the child grows. You can add more rods or drawers as needed.

7. Labeling and Custom Touches

Labels and color-coded containers teach kids to be tidy. Adding fun touches makes the closet their own. You can do this by changing doors or making curtains.

8. Store Treasures and Involve Kids

Use bins and baskets for special items. For non-built-in closets, use store-bought dividers. Letting kids help with sorting and storing keeps them invested.

9. Get Creative

Think beyond the norm for closet organization. Try curtains instead of doors. Paint the storage in fun colors. Or, pick a theme your child loves, like a space or fairy tale theme. It makes the closet a special space.

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Shared Kids Closet Organization for Multiple Children

Organizing a shared kids closet is a big task for parents. It’s all about using space wisely. This keeps the closet in order and serves its purpose well. Below are some tips to help:

Invest in a Closet Organizer

Get a good closet organizer to save space. It should have shelves and cubbies. This means you won’t need extra furniture like dressers. Each child can have their own spot, making organization easier.

Make Belongings Easily Reachable

Make sure each child can reach their stuff easily. Use lower shelves for young ones or a step stool. This not only keeps things organized but also teaches kids responsibility.

Assign Individual Shelves and Drawers

Give each child a shelf and a drawer. This makes them feel like the space is truly theirs. It also encourages them to keep things tidy. Use baskets to separate items like pajamas and socks.

Consider Additional Storage Options

Look beyond the closet for storage space. Hang backpacks and jackets in a different closet. This helps keep the shared closet neat and organized.

Store Out-of-Season Items and Sheets

Keep off-season clothing and sheets in the shared closet. This makes them easy to find but out of the way. It’s a smart way to use the closet’s space.

Utilize the Top Half of the Closet

Keep the top half of the closet for things not used daily. Store extra diapers there, for example. This leaves room for items that are used often.

Measure and Choose Appropriate Baskets

When picking out baskets, measure the space. Choosing the right size saves room. It also makes the closet look tidier.

Involve the Kids in the Organization Process

Let the kids help reduce clutter. Ask them to pick out clothes they don’t wear. This not only cuts down on storage but also teaches them to be organized.

Make Adjustments as Children Grow

Remember to change the closet as your kids get older. Adapt to their new interests and needs. This ensures the space remains organized and useful.

Follow these tips to make a great shared closet for your kids. Let them help out and adjust as needed. This will keep it tidy and helpful as they grow.


Organizing a kids’ closet needs smart planning. Think about what the kids need and can do. Use a closet organizer with shelves, drawers, and cubbies. This will use the space well and you won’t need extra dressers. Thus, it makes the closet neater and uses the space better.

Kids should reach their stuff easily. It helps them learn to be independent and responsible. Also, use hooks and baskets in the house. This will save space and keep things organized.

Take out things from the closet that you don’t need. This makes the closet clean and organized. Pick the right size of baskets for the space. This way, you can use the storage well.

Let the kids help with organizing. This makes them feel like they own the space and they learn to organize. As kids get older, their needs change. So, you might need to change how the closet is organized. This keeps the home organized for the whole family.


How can I organize my kids’ closet?

To start, put up a closet system. It should have shelves, drawers, and cubbies. Then, use baskets for socks and shoes. You might also need a step stool for the high spots.Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Let your kids help. It makes them feel like it’s their space too.

What are some tips for organizing a shared kids’ closet?

Each child needs their own shelf and drawer. This makes them feel special. You can label or color-code things so finding stuff is easy.Adjustable rods help for stuff that’s too high. Put things kids don’t use a lot at the top.

How can I maximize space in a shared kids’ closet?

A closet organizer is a great investment. It should have room for everyone.Think about using hooks and baskets outside the closet. Also, keep extra stuff like sheets in there.

How can I involve my children in the organization process?

Let your kids help organize. It teaches them good habits. They can choose how to keep their favorite things.Also, make clearing out old items fun. This way, they’ll want to keep the closet neat.

How can I adjust the organization of the kids’ closet as my children grow?

Kids’ needs change as they grow. So, you’ll need to tweak the closet often.Think about adding new storage as they get older. Make sure their current hobbies are easily accessible.

What are some tips for creating a kid-friendly closet organization?

Use small drawers and bins that kids can handle. This helps them keep their things in order.Keep clothes in short stacks for simplicity. And have a special spot for toys and books. Keep adult items up high or locked away.

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