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Lava Soap: Green vs. Red – Which is Better?

Lava Soap Green vs Red: Soap is an essential item in our day-to-day use because it uses cleansing and lubricating products. It is more critical when it has a rich history attached to it. A bar soap produced with volcanic pumice particles for extra scrubbing is known as “lava soap.”

 It is popularly known as heavy-duty soap on dirt yet very gentle on the hands. The pumice-powered lava soap removes grease, oil, grime, tar, ink, glue, resins, paint, etc. Lava soap comes in various types, but we will compare lava soap in green vs. red in the article. Join me as we dive deeper:

Lava Soap Green vs Red

Differences between Lava Soap Green and Red

Since 1893, lava soap has been an iconic soap that contains pumice for cleaning tough dirt. To understand the differences between the two types of lava soap can be well understood in the following levels:

  • Size
  • Smell
  • Moisturizer quality
  • Price

Here is a detailed write-down of the differences


The size of a product is a significant factor. A larger product might offer more excellent benefits compared to a small one. However, its ingredients are crucial.

The green lava soap is 4 oz, whereas the red Lava is 5.75 oz making the green Lava smaller than the redone enduring for a short time. 

Most people prefer the small size, but both are highly produced to clean extra-dirty hands in terms of the brand’s quality. Get the soap ideal if you are in auto mechanics, coal miners, do-it-yourselfers, and oil rig workers.


Among the five senses, the smell is crucial. Your scent is easily noticeable when you make your way to a room and the last thing when you leave the room. 

Lava green soap has no smell and works well in the body. It is suitable for those allergic to scents or who detest any scent.

On the other hand, if you are a person who prefers an effect that lasts long after using the product, then lava soap red is the best for you.

Lava red has a pleasant scent that enables you to stay fresh for long periods. The smell also implants a lasting memory of the product in your brain.

The Lava brand has been in the industry for many years. Thus it is a brand that you can trust. Therefore, you can choose any of the two because only the variations make a difference.

Moisture Quality

Moisturizer assists the skin not overly dry. A daily moisturizing routine keeps the natural oils of the skin balanced.

The extreme dryness and oiliness lead to acne and other skin issues. A regular moisturizer will conceal blemishes on the skin.

Both lava soaps are moisturizers. However, it is worth considering.

The green lava soap is not as hydrating as the red lava soap; hence, it is good to consider if your skin is dry.

To curb dry skin, you must observe some critical product regimes. The lava brand recommends a lifestyle change and behavioral adjustments, such as drinking a lot of water, short showers, etc.

External elements such as UV radiation and pollution can cause an impact on the moisturizing barrier, thus causing dehydration of the skin, leaving it dry, tight, and painful.

In a nutshell, Lava red comes handy for those with dry skin. In cases where you have no issue, you can comfortably use both soaps.

Your feet support your entire body all day long, making them have dead skin cells, which leads to cracking, dryness and calluses.

The two products are unique, leaving our skin balanced and protected from the harsh elements.


The pricing aspect is a significant determinant of your decision-making. When it comes to price, green lava soap is slightly cheaper than red one costing $0.51 per ounce; the price is attributed to its features because it offers fewer benefits than the red one.

The red lava soap goes for $1.6 per ounce but is still worth considering its benefits. If you don’t mind the price, red is a great choice.


   Comparison Table In Brief

Feature Lava Green Soap Lava Red Soap
PRICE $0.51 O $1.06
MOISTURE Medium High
SMELL Not scented Scented
SIZE 4.0 oz 5.75 oz

Lava Soap Green vs Red

What Makes Lava soap

Lava is a heavy-duty cleaner soap bar produced by the WD-40 company with ground pumice.

Lava’s name is derived from its key ingredient –pumice which is a by-product of volcanic activity. The pumice-powered hand soap combined with other hand cleaning agents softly scrubs away dirt and exfoliates. It does leave your hands moisturized and clean with a subtle scent.

Lava Soap Uses

The Lava is a trusted brand that has been around for over 100years. The success lies in the ingredients, and here is a quick list:

    • Cleansing Agents: Sodium, Sodium Cocoate, and Sodium Palmitate
    • Abrasive: Pumice
  • Solvent: Water
  • Lubricant: Glycerin
  • Emollient: Petrolatum, Coconut Acid, and Palmitic Acid
  • Builder: Sodium Carbonate
  • Fragrance
  • Thickener: Sodium Chloride
  • Chelant: Teterasodium Etidodronate and EDTA
  • Colorant: Iron Oxide, D&C Yellow No.10, Chromium Hydroxide Green

Lava pumice-powered heavy-duty soap effectively removes dirt like grease, grime, paint, oil, ink, glue, tar, etc., leaving your hands moisturized and soft. The combination of pumice with cleansing substances and moisturizers works to scrub the most challenging dirt on your hands effectively.

It is designed to cater to a variety of industrial applications, workshops, and garages, and as a result, employees feel refreshed and clean. While it is meant for heavy-duty use, lava soap you can use as any other ordinary soap; for instance, you can use it for bathing.

How to use: You lather, rinse and repeat if need be.

Lava Soap Green vs Red You have been equipped with the differences between green lava soaps and red lava soap; which one is good depends on your preference. If you love the scent, go for lava red, and if you want to go natural, lava green has got you.    

After all, the lava brand is a trustworthy company keen on quality. Therefore, feel relaxed knowing that you’ve got a brand that takes care of those stubborn stains that seem impossible to clean once touched. Enjoy the refreshing, clean, and soft-touch with the lava soap brand.