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Managing Energy Costs in Florida Apartments: Tips and Savings

Energy Costs, Everyone dislikes receiving their energy bill, and for most of us, it is the most expensive service we must pay for. You may work on lowering your energy consumption to benefit your pocketbook and the environment by reading the information we’ve provided below regarding your tiny apartment’s energy bill.

Average Electric Bill for 1 Bedroom Apartment in Florida

Energy Costs

First and foremost, what is the average electric bill for a one bedroom apartment in Florida? The typical monthly power cost for a one-bedroom apartment in Florida is between $50 and $140. However, the power bill can change based on your lifestyle and even go up for bigger homes and flats. For a single person living alone in a one-bedroom apartment in Florida, the average energy bill is about $60 per month. If there are two residents, the average power bill is about $66 per month.

The largest expenditure on your monthly energy bill is probably your electric bill. Most Americans use 41% of their power for heating and cooling. Therefore this is frequently the highest price.

The appliances and devices you own, where you reside, the temperature, the number of people living in your home, and how big or tiny your apartment is are all factors that will affect your apartment’s energy cost.

The cost of electricity in Florida is rather expensive. According to data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the average monthly power cost for residents is $126.44. That is 13% more than the $111.67 national average.

The EIA data also reveals that Florida people use 1,089 kWh per month, which ranks them sixth in the United States of America. That is probably a result of the hot and muggy weather, which causes many locals to use their air conditioners for a bigger part of the year.

What Is the Rate of Electricity in Florida?

Examining the electricity rate is the quickest approach to evaluate the cost of power between two locations. Depending on where you live, types of power supply, when you’re consuming electricity, and other factors affect electricity rates.

Generally, residential prices in the United States range from 6 cents per kWh to 42 cents per kWh. On the other hand, Florida’s average residential power cost per kWh is 14 cents, which is 12% less expensive than the 15 cents noted in the national average.

How Many Kwh Do A Typical Apartment Use Daily?

The typical American home consumes 914 kWh each month, or little more than 30 kWh per day. Therefore, a one-bedroom apartment in Florida should use between 20 and 30 kWh daily.

What Consumes More Electricity In An Apartment?

The air conditioning system is the equipment that consumes so much power in an apartment. Your air conditioner’s capacity varies depending on the season and where you stay.

Energy Costs reside in a colder climate, you probably only use your air conditioner during the summer when opening the windows won’t keep you cool. You may anticipate a larger power bill if you reside in one of the warm-weather states, such as Florida, Arizona, or Nevada, where you use the air conditioner more frequently and for extended times of the year.

In addition, Energy Costs required to heat your apartment, you will discover that the cost outweighs the difference in the additional costs in states with higher temperatures.

The Common Apartment Utilities That Use Electricity

Your electricity cost will be affected by the number of electricity-powered apartment amenities. They include:

  • Air conditioning system
  • Cables and internet
  • Cooking: An electric stove or oven is available in 64% of U.S. apartments.
  • Heating: In the U.S., 46% of apartments use electric heating systems.
  • Water heating: 49% of U.S. apartments heat their water using electricity.

If you discover that your electricity costs are very high, you could look for alternate ways to operate these utilities or purchase more energy-efficient options.

How Much Can Solar Energy Save You On Electric Bills In Florida?

Energy Costs

Florida power customers typically pay approximately $209 per month for electricity. That comes to $2,508 annually. That is 29% more expensive than the $1,947 national average power bill. Given that Florida’s average energy rates are 14 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), the average electricity user consumes 1,542 kWh of electricity each month and 18,504 kWh annually.

By lowering or eliminating monthly power bills, solar helps you save money. The amount you can save with solar in Florida depends on the quantity of power you can use and the portion of your electricity bill that solar may offset.

The average Florida power consumer will require a 12.0 kilowatt (kW) solar panel system to neutralize 100% of their yearly electricity consumption of 18,504 kWh based on the intensity and quantity of sunshine hours in Florida. Before subsidies, Florida solar buyers on the EnergySage Marketplace shell out an average of $33,000 for a 12.0 kW solar panel installation.

Solar energy can potentially quickly offset 100% of a power expenditure in savings. Someone in Florida may anticipate electric bill savings of $2,500 in the first year, $12,600 for the next five years, $25,100 in ten years, and $50,200 in twenty years, assuming an annual rise in electricity costs of 0.0%.

The Best Way To Estimate Electric Bill In Florida

To calculate your electric bill, you’ll need to know the amount of energy your appliances and electronics consume. In today’s modern world, estimating power use would be as easy as glancing at an itemized grocery bill.

You can easily know how much you spend on things like the T.V., the dishwasher, and laundry, among others, by using technology that is getting closer by the day. The estimation technology will also help you do some math and to have an appliance-by-appliance study.

Conclusion: Average Monthly Electricity Bills by State

  • The average electric bill for a one bedroom apartment in Florida is $131.
  • Texas’s average power cost for a one-bedroom apartment is $132.
  • Maryland’s average power cost for a one-bedroom apartment is $125.
  • Pennsylvania’s average power cost for a two-bedroom apartment is $113.
  • The typical power cost for an apartment in Georgia is $132.