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Mastering Hygienic Western Toilet Use with Water

Western Toilet Use with Water to use the toilet at an immature age, but you may only have access to a squat toilet, depending on your state. Learning how to use a Western commode can be difficult for a beginner.

A western toilet has a toilet tank attached directly to the toilet bowl, which holds and then removes wastes with a flush of the tank. Attached to the bowl are the toilet seat and the lid. It also has toilet paper on the wall or a toilet roll holder on the floor, which you use to wipe the excess waste when through with pooping, then dispose of it in the dustbin and not in the bowl to avoid toilet blocking.

In this article, we will take you through how you can use the western toilet if you’re a non-western, how you can use the restroom of the west and much more regarding the western toilet. Stay on board as we explore 

How To Clean Yourself In A Western Toilet With Water

Western Toilet Use with Water

If you are a non-western, it is a nightmare to use a western toilet, especially if it is your first time. Furthermore, most people like Asians, Indians, etc., perceive the use of toilet paper as unhygienic and weird. So, here is a write-down on how you can clean your butt with water in a western toilet. 

There are various ways to use water to clean yourself, but they vary based on the different cultures and religions. But we will give you an overview of varying water methods. Take a look

The bucket in a bucket

You will see a large bucket of water in a corner with a small container inside, like a small jug floating in it. Use the jar to pour water where needed, then, with your left hand, wipe away any residue.

Ensure you clean your hand between each wipe by pouring some water. It is advisable to never contaminate the jug or bucket by touching it with the same hand you wiped yourself with.

Lastly, do a thorough cleaning of your hands. The rule of the thumb is to use the left hand for cleaning and keep the right for eating. But if you cannot observe it, ensure you have cleaned with soap and water for an effective hand wash.

The Bum Gun

It is a substitute for toilet paper in western toilets. Bum guns are a valuable and effective way of cleaning yourself.

Upon squeezing the trigger, a high-pressure jet of water comes out, and you can direct it to your place of need. 

This method is very hygienic as you don’t use your hands to clean with or without the toilet paper. It also saves you the problem of where to put your used tissue paper.

The only downside is that the bum gun doesn’t dry you; thus, you need an extra tissue or cloth to dry yourself.

Use the PET Bottle 

You might be away from home, or the western public toilet you have entered doesn’t have water or tissue. It is a devastating situation to find yourself in, yet you are pressed. Water bottles are readily available. And you can carry one for emergencies.

Carry some water with 500ml water to rinse over your behind. Next, remove the feces with your non-dominant hand near the drain/ over the toilet bowl. Afterwards, clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water. 

Poke a hole under the bottle cap at an angle to ensure the water will squirt upwards when you turn it upside down, thus offering a great solution when there is no toilet paper or traveling.

Never forget to clean the toilet and the toilet seat in either option.

It is paramount to note that using water to clean is a healthy habit as toilet paper doesn’t clean properly, leading to itching and other infections.

How to Use a Western Toilet With Hand Shower

The permitting process for using a western toilet in the west-use of toilet paper is seen by many as despicable and a filthy habit.

In most countries, people use water and clean themselves using their hands. After that, a thorough hand wash. Therefore, the best option is to have a handled shower next to the toilet to clean your anal area with a modicum pressure that will thoroughly clean the body. 

Follow the steps below:

Turn on the Supply of the water

Most hand washes contain an on-off valve for the user to turn off the water supply to the shower unit. So, when you want to use it, please turn on the water supply to the hand shower and check the water pressure levels before sitting down on the toilet to avoid a shocking surprise when using it.

Position the spray unit

There is a differing opinion at this level. Some opt to hold the handle shower by placing the hands down between the legs at the front. In contrast, others move slightly forward on the toilet seat and reach behind to hold the unit/faucet to attain the idea of spraying upward so that the dirty water is directed into the toilet bowl.

Wash Yourself

Squeeze the trigger gently to start spraying and ensure you reposition the unit for proper coverage. Be aware that the ideal angle will let the contaminated waterfall into the bowl and not on your hands or spray.

Some hand washers come with adjustable angled nozzles to ensure optimum position.

Checking Results

You can confirm using toilet paper if the waste has been removed entirely.


It would be best if you carry a towel for this role so that you pat dry yourself before you replace your clothes.

Turn off the water supply

Western Toilet Use with Water

It is a point of caution to turn off the water supply valve after each use to prevent the possibility of a flooded bathroom and water wastage.

Many people find it hard to return to the use of toilet paper once they adapt to water. Besides, learning to use a western toilet with a hand shower will leave you feeling fresher and boost your confidence.

Why Water And Not Toilet Paper

It is cheap because it is readily available, and there are no issues involved which may clog your toilet, thus requiring plumbing expenses. Water is hygienic because it completely removes all the feces from your butt.

An empty toilet roll can worry a standard western traveler who is fully accustomed to a toilet paper lifestyle. But what about an entire country which doesn’t use toilet paper? Many people find it unhygienic and weird, like in Asia and India.

You can avoid the little daunting, confusing and potentially messy situations by using water in a western toilet conflicting from its traditional toilet paper use by adventuring the varieties methods shared in this article.