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Mastering Two-Sided Fireplaces: Problems, Fixes, and Benefits

Two-sided fireplaces are recently on the rise in both renovated and new homes. Not only are they popular due to their remarkable design feature, but they are an excellent way to break up two spaces while upholding the light and visual flow between them.

Apart from giving you a view while adding twice the warmth and attraction to both adjacent rooms, a two-sided fireplace has problems too. Therefore, before you invest in one, consider the issues you might encounter, such as wall-stains issues, water leaking, smoky interiors, odor, and difficulty matching with the interior décor 

For more information on this subject, ensure you read this article to the end!

7 Problems Commonly Experienced By a Two-Sided Fireplace and Fixes

Two-Sided Fireplaces

Smoky Interior

Because this type of fireplace doesn’t have a masonry wall, the chances of seeping smoke into the interior are high so they may reach the nearby rooms. As a result of sufficient excellent airflow to the fireplace, the hot air cannot leave the fireplace outside.


You must open the damper and ensure good air to resolve the issue. Alternatively, you can install a glass door on each side to minimize the smoke getting to your house. Another hack you can implore is using hardwood for your fireplace to reduce the quantity of smoke formulated and debris.

Unpleasant Odor Inside 

We’re all aware that any fireplace formulates some odor, but for double-sided, its smell is unpleasant in the room. Two-Sided Fireplaces the fireplace has not been cleaned for over a year, then odor will shoot. Consequently, a lack of regular cleaning routine will top up the problem resulting in an upsetting odor.


Resolve the problem immediately by cleaning the fireplace regularly, at least once per year. The fireplace is primarily used during the winter season. Thus, try to remove the ashes and sweep the fireplace during the summer, for it is not in use.

Stained Walls

Walls are susceptible to stains from the fireplaces. Gas fireplaces make the nearby wall hot. You may also experience mineral stains on the wall due to the two-sided fireplace.


You can use soap and water to wash them off. Two-Sided Fireplaces is best to use a water repellent on the fireplace smokestack might be of help. Also, try the moisture problem treatments to reduce stains spontaneously.

Fireplace Door Collapsing

The fireplace door regulates the quantity of heat released from the fireplace. Since it lacks a solid back, the door is not tightly fixed. Therefore, controlling and closing the glass door becomes tricky and may collapse.


Before investing in a two-sided fireplace, ensure there is solid support behind it to reduce the risks of collapsing.

Fragile doors are arduous to control and hazardous, so involving a professional to set the support system is of great essence.

Water Leaking

Fireplaces function well with the cap. However, the double-sided fireplaces don’t have caps which might cause issues such as water leaking from the chimney.


You should sort out the water leakage issue immediately to contain further damage. Ensure your fireplace chimney has a cap to lock the moisture barring water out, reducing the chances of water leaks.

Air Shaft and Damper Malfunctioning

An oxygen supply is crucial in properly running the fireplace, meaning the air shift and a damper are an ultimate need. The malfunctioning of these parts leads to improper burning of wood which amounts to other issues such as debris inside the fireplace and a smoky interior, leading to respiratory complications.


To begin with, clean your fireplace of all the debris and ashes, including the flue. Two-Sided Fireplaces the damper is damaged or missing, you need to replace it with a new one. Ensure frequent lubrication of the damper’s hinges for its smooth operations

Constant checks on the damper will save you a great deal as this issue doesn’t have an immediate solution.

Tip: Flue- is the damper’s interior part in charge of airflow in and out of the firebox, while the dampers- control the quantity of air that goes in and out. If the damper is closed, you will experience a smoky fire that doesn’t go up the flue but instead stays in the room.

Smoke may penetrate the room despite the two devices being in good condition because of temperatures being too cold.

Type of Fuel

The type of wood you use to light your fireplace matters. For instance, seasoned wood produces less smoke than green wood, with smaller fuels heating up quickly without much smoke while larger logs heat slowly, resulting in smoke.


If you use creosote fuel, its residue burns like fuel, causing a lot of smoke. Thus, please clean it up regularly to avoid the worst.

What Are the Benefits Of A Double-Sided Fireplace?

Two-Sided Fireplaces

Locating a fireplace between the kitchen and living room is an efficient way to keep both rooms warm using a similar wall. Here are some benefits to help choose this fireplace or drop it.

Safety- It is suitable for those with minors in the house because of its sturdy glass covering the flame.

Fabulous Centerpiece- A modern double-sided fireplace is a great way to keep your home stylish and trendy.

Uniform Distribution of Heat- Their location amidst two rooms assists in the even distribution of heat, unlike conventional fires.

Solid Wall Supports

Ensure you have proper wall support if you are to avoid the sudden collapse of the fireplace.

Mismatch Styles

It is important to note that differing design on the two sides of the fireplace destroys the simplicity element. Use modern and straightforward décor instead.

Huge Cost

Double-sided is an upcoming idea; therefore, just like any other new technology idea, it comes with a hefty price, unlike the traditional options. Nonetheless, they are worth the investment. 

Unlike other pieces, a double-sided fireplace offers a contemporary touch to your home. Therefore if it is something you want to consider, you have all you need to know to kick a start. Don’t hesitate because you know the measures you should take for a perfect outcome. Wish you the best in your Project!