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Personalized Hair Color: Madison Reed vs eSalon Comparison

Personalized Hair Color, The days of purchasing standard one-size-fits-all, spending hours at a salon, and store-bought box colors are quickly vanishing. Both genders are moving towards a more custom, individualized solution to coloring hair at home.

Custom hair color is a great way to achieve salon-quality results yourself without having to break the bank. But how is this even possible?  

Both Madison Reed and eSalon are online hair dye brands that offer you a color recommendation they think is perfect for you after a series of questions. So what makes them stand out from each other?

Madison Reed vs Esalon- Which Is Better

Personalized Hair Color

Hair dye is essential; thus, being uncertain is a big joke. However, Madison Reed and eSalon are two companies that are the most reputable and reliable subscription box services you can get. Both offer high-quality color products at a reasonable price which produce excellent results. To help you decide which one is right for you, keep scrolling 

Madison Reed

They have the reputation of any custom color brand and the best quality with a sleek website that is easy to use regardless of age.

They allow you to go through their questionnaire to find your perfect match color without having to provide your details. So, you don’t have to cancel or unsubscribe upon a change of mind concerning their match for you.

One-on-one service

Madison Reed makes your color custom a personal experience. As part of the survey, you are allowed to call a colorist who will help you narrow down your options, you can chat online with their support team or even send your photo, and an expert will choose a color for you.

No cruel chemicals

They always display the color match along with the list of things the dye doesn’t contain, such as PPD.

Because the dye doesn’t have ammonia, Personalized Hair Color doesn’t have a dizzying smell

The Package

The kit comes in a purple box with several items, as we will see in the subsequent sections, all for $20 a month


Personalized Hair Color is among the highly rated custom-color subscription boxes in the color dye market. Once you sign up, you take a personal survey which covers extensively to ensure their colorist gets you the perfect color.

Multiple options

The brand offers permanent dyes or demi-permanent (which you can adventure without worrying about ruining your hair). With 15,000 pigment variations, they guarantee to offer the best to their clients.

A personal touch

Sharing your photo and profile is comforting, knowing you’re in safe hands. Their video displays their store and how they mix their colors, putting your mind at ease.

Variety of Products

Monthly, you will receive color and developer, shampoo and conditioner, non-latex gloves, stain guard and remover, and an applicator brush all in one set package at $20, which is incredibly inexpensive than salons.

What is eSalon?

eSalon is a mass hair color company that custom–produces hair colors with salon service as per your choice. Clients receive made-to-order color after accounting for their color history, color experiences, hair texture, percentage of gray color, and the shade they anticipate getting.

After getting all the information in a file, your profile is reviewed by a color expert—further communicating with you for more questions and concerns before formulating a custom color mixture for you.

The dye process is affordable, accessible, and personalized; however, it is fully customizable.

The philosophy at eSalon is that none of the formulas are pre-made. The hair color is crafted based on your colorist’s recommended formula to suit your preference.

eSalon offers you a personalized unique color blend thanks to their patent-pending technology that allows individual customization on a large scale in a simple process. Take a look:

  • Complete the eSalon and get hooked with their colorist
  • Your colorist will then analyze your answers and craft the ideal formula to meet your desired color 
  • Your eSalon application conveniently reaches your door to do the magic for $ 19.95 monthly. They include various moisturizing and nourishing ingredients for your hair.

eSalon carries a full line of hair care products alongside hair dye.

Madison Reed

The brand provides 8-free permanent hair colors and a choice of luxurious dimensional colors made with ingredients free from harsh chemicals, keeping your lock’s health a priority. The ingredients are pure, including keratin, argan oil, and ginseng root, which are suitable for your hair.

Madison dyes are pre-packaged kits that include all you need at an affordable price. The color kit content includes:

  • Easy illustrated instructions
  • Radiant cream color 
  • Conditioning color activator with application tips
  • Two pairs of gloves, one for applying color and another for rinsing 
  • Barrier cream to keep the skin around your hairline clean
  • Hair cap to protect your hair as you wait for it to set
  • Cleaning wipes to remove the excess or stray color 
  • Specially formulated color-enhancing shampoo and conditioner.

Personalized Hair Color is safe for use during pregnancy. The brand has an effective team online, including Facebook. The company dyes are creamy, unlike the eSalon, which are liquid The company has 20 salons across the US with quicker, streamlined, and inexpensive than typical salon visits.

Color system

With a variety of more than 50 shades in total, the Madison Reed color chart will assist you in finding a near-perfect color of your choice. There is a selection of tones for each color group.

Madison offers a color quiz to help with the color match process. Alternatively, you can speak to them via their online chatbot. 

Send your selfie to find the convenient one, and they will respond with the perfect color match.

Madison Reed Pros

  • 100%  gray coverage 
  • Made in Italy
  • Variety of shades to choose from-50+
  • They are cruelty-free
  • Have 20 salon outlets across the US
  • The color process is shorter- it takes about 35 minutes
  • They have a membership program that offers savings and benefits with a birthday gift inclusive
  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Free ships for first orders
  • Free from ammonia, parabens, PPD, phthalates, gluten, SLS, resorcinol, and titanium dioxide

Madison Reed Cons

  • No international shipping.

Which Personalized Color Service Will You Try?

Personalized Hair Color

Overall, both brands are worth the price, and since they tie in price, it all trickles down to quality and features. Madison Reed and eSalon come with exceptional, personalized customer service and top-notch quality.

For a highly personalized experience with a unique color selection, eSalon has got you. Madison Reed is the perfect choice for those prone to allergies and those who need a one-on-one relationship.

In the same way, each color is unique, and so is every person’s experience and wants for a color service company. Therefore, pick your favorite company.