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Proper Storage and Shelf Life of Malibu

Malibu rum storage, Made with Caribbean rum and alcohol content by a volume of 21.0%, Malibu is a coconut flavored liqueur that was originally used to simplify the making of pina Coladas by bartenders. Today, it’s said to be the most famous alcoholic drink in the summertime due to the fruity touch in it.

While an unsealed bottle of this fruity can last up to a decade due to alcohol, the quality of rum goes down rapidly if not stored properly. This brings about the need to understand whether you can put Malibu in the freezer.

Can Malibu Go in the Freezer?

Malibu rum storage

It’s best not to put your Malibu rub in the freezer because it can go for a long time if the bottle is not opened. You should store your Malibu rum the same way you store spirits like vodka.

That’s because it’s perfectly fine sitting in a cabinet at room temperature. Besides, Malibu rum doesn’t require refrigeration after opening. Of course, you can keep it in the fridge if you want to, but it’s by no means necessary.

Still, you can freeze it to lock its freshness. It will probably just turn icy, and depending on the rum quality, it may end up turning to rum syrup, rather than getting frozen.

Standard rum usually has an alcohol proof of around 80 and therefore has a freezing point similar to Vodka and gin at around minus 25 degrees Celsius. That means unless your freeze is unusually cold, the rum will not freeze.

Simply put, Malibu doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge after opening. You can, however, refrigerate it if you want to keep it chilled.

Does Malibu Go Bad?

The suggested shelf life for Malibu originals is two years. This guarantees the most satisfying tastes and experiences. Though the product can still be safely consumed after two years, the flavors will begin to fade and you won’t get the same excellent Malibu quality you’d expect.

How to Store Malibu Rum

We noted that Malibu can be stored like other alcoholic beverages. An opened bottle lasts 10 years. As the seal is opened, rum quality gradually decreases.

Alcohol evaporates quickly, so seal it. Even a little heat can promote alcohol oxidation and modify the taste. Cooling alcohol extends its shelf life and allows it to be chilled for drinking.

Liqueur must be stored away from heat and sunshine. Sunlight accelerates alcohol oxidation, causing colour and taste changes. So store it in a dark, chilly palace.

Seal the unsealed bottle quickly before storing to prevent Malibu degradation. If the seal is open, alcohol evaporates quickly. It can also discolor and lose flavor over time.

How Long Does Malibu Last?

The shelf life for Malibu coconut rum is two years. It can also be consumed after two years, but the quality and refreshing aroma of rum will have started to fade away. An unopened bottle can be consumed even after ten years. So if opened, the seal should be closed tightly.

The opened Malibu bottle can last up to one year, after which the natural taste will start to fade away. You should keep the bottle away from insects.

This is because the rum has a higher sugar concentration that attracts insects. And as you already know, an opened bottle will cause quick evaporation of alcohol by which the natural booze of the liqueur is lost.

How to Know if Malibu Rum is Bad

Malibu rum storage

To know whether your summer drink has gone bad, look for any change in color and a strong smell. If the bottle is stored properly, it can last for ten years, but any bacteria entering the bottle can react with alcohol, and turn the liqueur into the worst drink you’ve ever had. In case of any discoloration, simply do away with the bottle. The leftover bottle should be disposed of properly.

Malibu rum storage good to state that expired alcohol drinks don’t actually go bad. They just lose their taste and kick depending on the drink and alcohol volume. Malibu rum, in particular, possesses a volume of 21.0% of alcohol while other rums come with a minimum of 40% of alcohol volume.

So Malibu doesn’t go bad; it just loses its natural tastes, smell, and kick once its shelf life is over. The recommended shelf life for Malibu Original is two years. This delivers the most refreshing taste and experience.

The product can still be consumed after two years, but the flavors will start to fade and you won’t enjoy the excellent Malibu quality you’d expect.

Can You Drink Malibu Straight?

You can always drink it alone if you like coconut. It is not that strong, only 21.0%, but it can create a really good mix with pineapple juice or when mixed with other types of liquor.

Malibu rum storage wondering how long it takes for Malibu to kick in, the effects kick in within about ten minutes. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, alcohol enters your bloodstream as soon as you take that first sip, and Malibu is no different.