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Removing Pebble Shower Floors: A Comprehensive Guide

Pebble shower floors, Even while pebbled shower floors have a distinctive appeal, there are occasions when they don’t suit our tastes. You might have recently moved into a new house with an exposed aggregate shower floor, but your aesthetic idea is very different. So what is the best way to get the pebbles out of your shower floor?

This short guide will help answer that question for you. Continue reading to learn more.

Steps on How to Remove Pebble Shower Floor

Pebble shower floors

The pebbles on the floor are a form of epoxy gravel coating blended with tiny pebbles. They feature an appealing finish that exudes a natural, rustic feel. The epoxy monomers,  hardeners, diluents, and additives give them their durability.

Once you have removed the pebbles, you should have a clean canvas to overlay various flooring types. You will need an epoxy solvent to thin out the epoxy gravel and remove the pebble.

Put on Protective Attire

The first step in removing the pebble shower floor is wearing some protective clothing.

It is advisable to cover your body because you will be handling dangerous substances. To prevent accidents, wear rubber gloves, masks, and safety eyewear.

Masks made of cloth are unreliable for chemical scents. When working with harmful fumes, you should wear an N95 mask because it contains dependable filters and a strong respirator.

Tidy Up the Area

Cluttering is the primary cause of building accidents. For the epoxy solvent to function, ensure the work area is clear of all debris, muck, and mold.

Additionally, ensure that you can see the gravel properly. Remove the floor molding by using a pry bar. The task will be more straightforward as a result.

The end of the bar should be inserted between the molding and the wall. To prevent harm, exert pressure, pull, and work downward.

Find Any Broken Seams

The messy aspect of taking out the pebble aggregate is this. Some people just skip this step and use an epoxy solvent right away. However, this step can speed up the pebble removal process.

Any apparent cracks should be targeted using a chisel. Hammer the chisel repeatedly until the aggregate breaks through. Wiggle the scraper until you get to the flooring in the subfloor, then remove the fragment by prying them up.

Employ an Epoxy Solvent

Apply the chemical stripper once all the pieces have been taken out. The solvent that dissolves the pebble gravel is epoxy. Before spraying, give the sprayer a few pumps to increase the pressure.

Spray the epoxy solvent all over the area you want to remove pebbles. Give it 15 minutes to rest. This will allow enough time to weaken the adhesive holding the pebbles together.

Cover the Area

It would be best if you now waited until the flooring is fully broken down. It could seem like a passive chore, but streamlining the removal procedure is still crucial.

After applying an epoxy coating to the floor, you must cover the area with black plastic. It will require to be weighed down.

Let everything sit overnight after the adhesives have broken down. This will make the epoxy coat fully disintegrate and make it simple to remove.

Shovel the Pebble Away

Approximately 12 hours later, take the plastic wrap off. Watch the epoxy coat and the pebble aggregates; they ought to be loose enough to be removed with a shovel at this point.

Use a floor scraper to remove any remaining broken gravel fragments attached to the concrete floor.

Usually, it should not take more than two rounds of epoxy solvent to eliminate the aggregates. Repeat the procedure, adding another layer of epoxy solvent, until the concrete appears sufficiently smooth.

Benefits of Pebble Flooring.

Below are some of the benefits of pebble flooring:

Unique Appeal

The distinct beauty of pebble flooring can completely change how your shower appears. Compared to simple tiled flooring, it adds a more distinctive and textured interior.

To express your style more fully, you can choose to mix and match pebble combinations. Shower rooms with pebble flooring often have a beachy feel to them, especially when combined with wooden accents and fixtures in brown tones.

Simple Installation Process

Pebble flooring can take more time to install than other flooring varieties, but it is still easier to do. You can even do the installation on your own.

Massage-like Texture

Showers are designed to relieve stress and help you unwind. The unique texture of pebble floors gives the impression that your soles are being massaged.

The therapeutic impact might increase blood flow since it stimulates the critical spots in your feet. It also vastly improves the showering experience and gives you a spa-like sensation.


Pebble flooring could be your ideal choice if safety is your main priority. Their texture is not only soothing, but it also prevents slipping. If you frequently slip on tiled flooring, this is a good alternative.

Also, if you have youngsters or older people living in your home, you might want to choose a pebble finish.

Drawbacks of Pebble Flooring

Despite its allure, pebble floors have several drawbacks that could negatively impact your experience. This include:

Less Durability

Pebble floors have a relatively short lifespan compared to other flooring types. They only last 15 years, although others can endure for up to 50 years with little maintenance.

Requires Regular Maintenance 

Pebble shower floors

Pebble floors are frequently prone to leaking requiring regular maintenance.

Even while installation is simple enough for the average person, maintaining it requires the help of a skilled plumber.

It Needs a Lot of Grout

Grout will be required in the tiny nooks between little pebbles. You will need more grout the smaller the pebbles are, which can be very laborious over time.

Prone to Mold

Due to the additional grout, pebble flooring may be susceptible to molding. They also do a better job of holding onto water, a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Final Reflections

Although pebble shower floors are simple to install, they can be challenging to maintain and remove. Fortunately, chemical strippers are available on the market to simplify the procedure.

Ensure that the flooring you choose will enhance your lifestyle and showering experience.