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Revive Shaggy Rugs: Fluff-Restoring Techniques and Tips

Shaggy rug fluffiness restoration are not just like traditional rugs. They’re softer, fluffier, and thicker. Their material, texture, feel, and comforting look makes them unique. However, they do get flattened and tangled over time. What, then, are you supposed to do? Never worry because you can restore its fluffiness.

This article shares ways and tips to make that shaggy rug gain its new look again. Keep reading.

How To Make A Shaggy Rug Fluffy Again: Some Actions Steps

Shaggy rug fluffiness restoration

You can use different steps to bring life to your favorite shaggy rug. Check them out below:

Method 1: Use a Rug Beater

Rug beaters assist in removing and dislodging loose particles of dirt and lifeless fibers while plumping up the shaggy rug. Rug beaters remove all germs and bacteria that pile inside the carpet.

The beating up step allows you to go ahead with other cleaning steps that can re-fluff it. 

Alternatively, you can use a rug rake at this step as it equally serves the purpose.

Method 2: Vacuuming

However, you can vacuum clean your rug with caution to prevent the device from sucking the rug’s fibers, causing it to get stuck in the machine. Follow these steps:

First, take your carpet outside and shake it out before you vacuum it 

Second, gradually vacuum clean your shaggy rug row by row

Third, turn it over and vacuum clean the back exterior to eliminate the dirt on the carpet. Vacuuming alone doesn’t take out all dirt particles from the rug. Therefore, running the vacuum at least twice or thrice over the same spot is essential for a perfect result, especially if your carpet color is white or beige. 

Vacuuming helps the matted shaggy rug become fluffy again. Nonetheless, if the pressure of your vacuum cleaner is damaging your rug fibers, discontinue and use an alternative cleaning method.

Method 3: Rake it Fluffy

A carpet rake looks like a comb. Hence, it enables you to clean your shaggy rug instead of a vacuum cleaner. It helps remove any dirt, excess pet hair, and debris from the carpet.

Carpet raking is done the same way as when you rake leaves. Remember not to rake deeply but gently in one direction to avoid tearing or pulling out the fibers. Do rug raking before and after vacuuming.

 It is an ideal option to combine with other methods to fluff up your carpet safely, but it should be done weekly and not as a daily regime before and after you vacuum clean the rug.

Method 4:  Use Steam or Ironing

You may want to eliminate the flat line where there has been traffic. The best way to remove the matted line is by using a towel.

Take a damp towel, lay it over the trampled area, and slowly run a warm iron over it. (Not hot) Do it repetitively until the fibers fluff. The heat and dampness will assist in resetting the fibers. 

This option is suitable for small areas of the carpet. However, you can steam clean your carpet to attain a similar outcome as ironing, and it is a real-time saver. In addition, steam cleaning removes odors and unwanted stains. It also loosens up dirt leaving your shaggy rug fluffier and full.

Method 5:  Spot Clean your Shaggy Rug

Your carpet may have stain marks as a result of spilled food. Here is what you can do to get rid of the stubbornness:

First, soak the spills immediately using a white cloth before it diffuses inside the carpet to prevent the chance of the fabric color dying on your carpet. Don’t rub the material on the rug as it spreads the stain. Instead, dab the cloth to soak the entire spill.

Choosing a microfiber cloth is the best as shaggy rug fluffiness restoration doesn’t leave any marks on the rug. Alternatively, you can use baby wipes, and wet paper towels can be a good option too. However, the products should be alcohol-free.

Cease from scrubbing the carpet using a stiff bristle brush as it ruins the fiber strands. If your rug needs further cleaning, mix any gentle detergent in water, deep clean cloth in the mixture, and rub the stained area gently. Leave the carpet in the open air to dry completely.

You can use a vinegar mixture as a substitute for a detergent mixture. Although you need to mix it with lukewarm water

5 Types of Shaggy Carpets

Shaggy rug fluffiness restoration is essential to understand what kind of carpet you have to know the proper cleaning method for your shaggy rug.

Flokati Rugs

They are handmade wool rugs made in Greece. They are white and cream, although multiple colors are available as well. They are the fluffiest rugs available, made of 100% wool. They catch dirt quickly, thus requiring regular cleaning and brushing.

Wool Shag Rug

They are available in types- “shaggy” and “noodles” with noodles like wool fibers making them softer and luxurious. Their texture attracts many particles from hair, dust, dirt, etc. As a result, their maintenance is burdensome as the tufts connect to the backing.

The shaggy rug is thinner and combined closely than the noodle rug, 100% pure wool, durable, and easier to clean than the earlier mentioned, with the downside of being expensive.

Leather Shag Rugs

These types of rugs are costly but easy to clean. Leather carpets are suitable in areas where there is enough traffic.

Acrylic Shaggy Rugs

They are hazardous to your home because they are highly flammable and unsuitable, especially if you have kids around the house. However, they have effortless maintenance as you can wash them quite often.

Synthetic Shaggy Rugs

They are the top-notch type of rug but with some easier cleaning. These types of rugs can also handle steam cleaning compared to wool. They have a downside of not lasting for long due to their low-quality material.

5 Tips to Keep Your Shaggy Rugs New

Shaggy rug fluffiness restoration

  • Take off your shoes before walking on your carpet.
  • For routine care, use the vacuum comb/brush
  • Never wash them in a dryer or washer
  • Air them outdoors for 2-3 hours to kill any bacteria or mold 
  • Disconnect the beater brush from your vacuum cleaner to elongate your carpet’s lifespan

Despite shaggy rugs trending, it is not a hassle-free accessory, especially if your kids and pets are around. They need regular cleaning. Over time due to the heavy traffic, its fibers may look matted and flattened. However, as discussed above, you can restore their fluffiness using various methods. Use them to breathe life into your shaggy carpet as if it were new.