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Samsung Washer VRT Spin Cycle Problems

With technology evolving every day, people want the best. Big players in the technology space are churning out new technological concepts every new day.

One of the latest tech terms is VRT. It is a technology being utilized today by leading home appliance manufacturers to make their products less pollutant. VRT curbs excess noise and odor from appliance compartments.

In the Samsung washer VRT for example, the incorporation of VRT technology in the design has greatly reduced operational noise and dryer drum odor.

Well, like any other electronic appliance, the Samsung washer VRT is not immune to failure.

Its main error codes include UE, UL, or DC which occur due to abuse acts like overloading. Overloading washing machines makes it harder for the spinning drum to turn, in this state, the washer is inoperable.

Maintenance is recommended for the Samsung washer VRT to prevent the occurrence of spin cycle problems.

Samsung Washer VRT Spin Cycle Problems

  •         Incorrect spinning
  •         Rough vibrations
  •         Too noisy
  •         Pump Failure
  •         Damaged backside bracket
  •         Malfunctioning door lock

Incorrect Spinning

In the Samsung washer, spin cycle problems are relayed in a myriad of error codes with each representing a specific issue.

A major cause of spinning problems for the Samsung washer is overloading. This is where the user feeds the machine more laundry than it can handle leading to the spin mechanism’s failure. An imbalance in loading can also lead to other more serious complications.

The spin cycle in the Samsung washer VRT might also fail if debris or unwanted material gets stuck on the spinner.

The only remedy for this problem is controlled feeding of clothes into the washer. Do not push more clothes than instructed so as not to wear the spinner out too quickly.

The machine comes with usage instructions-use them and avoid pushing the laundry all in at once. You can divide the load into small heaps which you will then feed to the washer one at a time.

This technique will keep the machine functioning at its maximum output while also maintaining the quality of cleaning high.

Rough Vibrations

This issue is most prominent in the top load washer. It’s usually the first to pop up after troubleshooting. It is characterized by rough noises from the compartments when the machine is in operation-this issue affects even new machines.

When the Samsung VRT washer vibrates for no reason, the main culprits are the level and shipping bolts. The level might not be working as expected or you did not remove the shipping bolts. With a little knowledge and skill, you can easily fix such minute operational halts.

You can start by checking the shipping bolts, if they are still on after installation, take them out. Ensure the machine is leveled at the base. You can use a spirit level for accuracy. If it is not well leveled, you can move it or add leveling material to the leaning side.

Another cause of vibration is overloading. As stated above, the Samsung washer VRT should be fed laundry in small amounts to prevent overworking. In this case, you can simply take out the excess laundry and proceed.

Too Noisy

This is one of the most talked about issues with the Samsung VRT washer. The noise gets louder and more frustrating as the spinner gains momentum.

The noise most of the time stems from a loose nut in the drum. Open the washer drum and look for a nut at the bottom. This nut is the spinner’s anchor point, if it gets loose, the spinner tends to wobble and make those irritating noises.

To remedy this problem, you can try tightening the loose nut and test for improvement.

Pump Failure

Any steam washer issue in the Samsung washer VRT should be approached from the water draining area. Check for faults in the drain stream.

The drain hose might be lower than the washer’s base hence the water backflow. To reduce the backflow, you can install an air gap.

The second explanation for pump failure is the machine’s inability to drain water even when in operation. With this happening, the spinner will remain inoperational. This rarely happens but when it does, we look for faults in the pump-it could be clogged or damaged.

You can fix this issue by removing the debris blocking the drain pump. Manually take it out and examine it. If it does not move freely, you might need to get the whole drain pump replaced.

Damaged Backside Bracket

The drum harness is anchored on the backside bracket to maintain constant running without wobbling. When the backside bracket gets weak, damaged, or loose, the entire harness drum is left to move as gravity pleases.

The sudden vibrations are caused by a weakly held bracket in the machine which must be tightened or replaced.

Unlike the previous faults, however, this issue calls for expert hands. Do not attempt to repair the bracket yourself-you can contact the dealer or a local technician.

Malfunctioning Door Lock

If you use your machine every day, this issue might resonate with you. This is when the washer’s door lock fails to latch effectively. In this state, the machine will not spin because it is yet to receive the go-order from the switch sensor.

The spin cycle might attempt to run but will eventually fail and in the process display the respective error codes.

This malfunction is straightforward, fixing it however is not. Repairing washing machine door locks can be tricky-we advise that you replace the entire housing and run multiple tests. You might want to call a technician for that.

Bottom Line

The Samsung washer VRT is among the most advanced laundry appliances on the market today. The manufacturer has invested heavily in the appliance’s operational effectiveness.

The only major issue with the washer lies in its spin cycle functioning. This very crucial component is plagued by malfunctions like clogged drain pipes, damaged door locks, and noise, among others.

The article above is a detailed guide to the appliance’s spin cycle problems and the best ways to approach each.