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Setting Up Personal Internet Access in Your Room: A Guide

Can I Get My Own Internet In My Room

With the advent of computers and smart gadgets, the internet and social media have become such an integral part of our lives. Most of us rely on the internet for communication, schoolwork, and entertainment, and it’s common to take having access to the internet for granted.

Even when you move into a new apartment, one of the key things you’ll probably want to find out is how you’ll be connecting to the outside world.

Whether that means getting back on social media, checking out your emails, taking selfies, or googling the best sandwich near you, it’s hard to imagine life without internet access. But what about individual connection? Well, keep reading to learn more about individual internet connections. We will also provide tips on how you can improve your home and WiFi.

Can You Get Your Own Internet in Your Room?

Personal Internet Access in Your Room

The answer is yes. You can get your own internet in your room. In fact, you have the option to use your apartment’s internet service provider or your own ISP. However, you will first need to ask permission from the landlord or whoever is in charge of renting out that apartment. It is also important to check with them if they have their preferred WiFi network.

Most apartments nowadays tend to have their own internet service provider, but it’s possible to add your own internet service provider. If you choose to use your own provider, check that they can set it up at your apartment.

Note that some providers may have to add lines that can possibly affect the apartment’s landscaping. So ensure that you consult with the property management to see if they would allow that.

How to Get the Internet in Your Own Room?

The internet is almost a fundamental right to today’s society. Through it, we receive information, entertainment and find it easy to communicate with others. Here are some tips on how you can get internet in your own room:

If you own a desktop computer, consider getting an Ethernet cable that will connect your tablet or laptop to the internet. You can also use an old cell phone as a hotspot channel.

Another option is to set a wireless router in your room so all of your other devices can be connected to the internet. You might want to hire or ask help from someone who knows how to set up networks.

Check that there’s enough bandwidth on your plan. If there isn’t, think about upgrading it with more data caps or unlimited access plans. Check what sort of modem is best suited for your Internet Service Provider.

Overall, you can easily have internet in your room, but it largely depends on what you’re looking for. If speed is the major concern, and you aren’t okay with WiFi, we’d recommend getting fiber optic cable installed in your home.

How to Set Up Internet in Your Apartment

Setting up the internet in your apartment is easy and it can be done in just a few steps.

Choose Your Internet Provider

Selecting the preferred internet provider is normally the first step in getting internet in an apartment. There are many different types of internet service providers which you can pick. These include:

Wireless Internet

This is probably the most popular option for internet connection. There are many phone companies that offer this.

Digital Subscriber Line

Also, known as DSL, a digital subscriber line is a type of ISP normally offered by the local phone service company. This form of connection delivers internet into your home through telephone lines and it allows customers to use the internet and take phone calls at the same time.

There’s also the Cable Broadband which is more like DSL. It provides internet through the local cable company.

Fiber Optic Broadband

Fiber optic provides internet through the local internet providers. You can get fiber optic from your cable company as well. With this ISP, the data is transmitted by sending light along thin glass fibers.


Satellite companies provide internet connections through companies such as DISH. There are many local internet providers that offer this option.

Installation and Set Up

Personal Internet Access in Your Room

Based on the type of internet service you choose, the best type of router may differ. While this device is mostly referred to as a router, the technical name for the device is a modem. Router technologies featured in DSL modems include the ADSL while fiber optic internet connection modems include data transfer technology.

Some companies will allow you to buy your own modem so you won’t have to pay a monthly rental fee for the device they provide you. In case you’re not sure how routers work, consider letting your internet service provider take you through the process to avoid connection problems afterwards.

After getting your modem, place it near the port in your house that provides the port in your room that offers the internet service connection. This could be near a phone outlet, cable outlet, or simply near the window.

Locate the area and connect that port to your modem. The modem should have an added power adapter that will need to be tuned on. When the modem is powered on, the remaining part is now connecting your devices to the internet.

Most modems come with built-in WiFi routers to produce an internal WiFi network. If your modem doesn’t have these compatibilities, you’ll need to contact your internet service provider to see if you need a secondary WiFi router to connect to the existing modem.

Connect your Devices to the Internet

As earlier mentioned, there are various ways you can connect your devices to the internet, including through an Ethernet cable or a wireless network. Your modem should have a sticker on the side of it showing the name of the network. You can also check this information from the box that the modem came in. If you’re still unable to find the name of your network, reach out to your ISP for further assistance.