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Sherwin Williams’ Promar 200 and Emerald Paints

In 2020, Sherwin Willians reported a net sales sum of over USD 18 billion solidifying their position as the world leader in paint and coatings manufacture as well as distribution and development.

According to Statista, Sherwin Williams is currently the biggest paint and coatings manufacturer and distributor on the globe by revenue.

Sherwin Williams is an American paint and coatings company with an extensive track record in this area. Headquartered in Cleaveland Ohio, the Sherwin Williams Company has operations in over a hundred countries and according to their 2019 figures, they run 4,758 locations globally.

Sherwin Williams was established in 1870 by Henry Sherwin, Edward Williams, and A.T. Osborn eventually becoming incorporated as Sherwin Williams in 1884 shortly after the exit of founding partner A.T. Osborn.

Amid tough business conditions in the ever-evolving field of manufacturing, astute management brought the company to the forefront in home improvement eventually securing an enviable position in the Fortune 500 list, ranking as the 190th largest American corporation in 2018.

Sherwin Williams has always had an impact on the evolution of paint and coatings thanks to their research and development arm giving them the upper hand in designing and improving paint quality as well as improving overall safety in the use of their products.

Promar 200 Vs Emerald: Which is the better paint?

Sherwin Williams

Both Promar 200 and Emerald are prime choices for paint but which of the two best suits your paint job is a matter of what you wish to achieve, the specifics of your paint job as well as the qualities of each of these paints.

While the choice of paint for most people comes down to an easy subjective preference, these two paints are actually quite different which makes picking either easier.

When choosing either of these paints it is crucial to consider each of the following factors carefully.

  • Coverage
  • The richness of the color
  • Washability
  • Durability
  • VOC count
  • Cost


Coverage, also called rate of spread is the rate at which paint or a coating will spread over a surface and when referring to pigments it quantifies the ability of a paint to hide the surface. This conversely determines how much paint is needed to achieve total coverage of the surface.

Of the two paints, Emerald generally performs better in this regard and achieves remarkable coverage regardless of the surface qualities and attributes such as scarring and scoffing.

Emerald has been on the market for slightly over ten years and one of its most significant selling points has been its coverage. On average contractors have given this paint favorable reviews with the only notable drawback being the reformulations that tend to come out leaving the market unsure of the quality of subsequent formulas.

Despite this, Promar 200 does not achieve the same kind of coverage as Emerald and tends to reveal the underbelly of the surface be it the physical characteristics such as scratch marks or hidden colors underneath.

The richness of the colors

Emerald paints both interior and exterior brands have a richer denser color and visual appeal compared to Promar 200 so on this, Emerald is the better choice.


This is the ability of paint to withstand washing without sustaining damage.

Washability is an important aspect to consider when choosing paints, especially when picking interior paint. It is not enough just to be able to wipe off stains but the quality of paint should be able to withstand light scrubbing without tarnishing or washing off.

Emerald has excellent washability compared to Promar 200 although both withstand washing and scrubbing rather well. Scrubbing especially with harder brushes and products such as soap which is an integral part of commercial activities in particular will leave Promar 200 paint jobs damaged and over time, this will demand a fresh paint job.

For exterior paint jobs where washing is not a common activity, Promar 200 is a satisfactory paint and washes well if this is done infrequently. For interior paint jobs, choose Emerald interior paint. 

Some stains are tough regardless of the washability of paint and a particularly offensive stain is turmeric. Turmeric adheres and appears to bond with paint or with the surface and tends to be incredibly stubborn. These kinds of stains, however, do not speak to the washability of paint.


At least in part, durability is dependent on the washability of a paint. Since emerald has better washability than Promar 200, then consequently, Emerald is more durable. 

That said, in the absence of particularly bad staining issues, and when used in areas where traffic is limited which will reduce staining, they both perform exceptionally well and will withstand high and low temperatures, sunlight and fading problems, light wiping if need be, and will not peel for years.

Since both are highly versatile paints, if your needs do not cover areas of high traffic such as kitchens and public places, choose Promar 200 which is also cheaper per gallon.

VOC or Volatile Organic Compounds count

Sherwin Williams

Almost all, if not all paints by Sherwin Williams today are Zero VOC or low VOC. In the last few years, Sherwin Williams has developed paints that reflect greater consciousness of human safety, particularly where interior paints are concerned. 

Both Emerald and Promar 200 have Zero VOC ratings making them safe for humans and for the environment in general.

Emerald also dries very quickly which means contractors and painters have fewer concerns over fumes that cause discomfort and trigger other potential health problems that arise after years of working with paint. 


One of the most important considerations is the cost of a paint job all the way from preparation to purchasing enough paint to achieve an excellent finish to paying for labor. 

If the paint job is not extensive, the cost may not be a problem but if the job is extensive Emerald paint will so cost much more than Promar 200. 

Both paints are considered pricey but Emerald is considerably more expensive making it a costly choice for large jobs. 

Both of these paints are great but Emerald is superior on all levels except price. Based on your needs, either of these paints will provide you with what you need.