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Small Kitchens: Creative Solutions for Fitting Refrigerators

Fitting refrigerators in small kitchens, The refrigerator is the biggest among all the kitchen appliances, making it the most complex to incorporate in small kitchens. A fridge takes up a lot of space; thus, fitting it into a tiny kitchen can be impossible.

Fitting refrigerators in small kitchens is sensible to assess your kitchen space before purchasing a fridge so that it matches your food storage needs and similarly fits well into your Kitchen. There are moments when the refrigerator won’t suit the present Kitchen for many reasons, regardless of whether the problem has to be resolved immediately.

Fitting refrigerators in small kitchens want to splurge on a kitchen remodel to accommodate a fridge, this is an ideal option for you. Is choosing a narrower fridge inappropriate for your food storage needs? This article suits you. There are various hints on how to fit a refrigerator in your small Kitchen and still get the best out of your optimized area.

Purpose of a refrigerator

Fitting refrigerators in small kitchens

In ancient times, the techniques that provided people with cold water and kept their food fresh for weeks were not as easy as opening a door at your house and taking a bottle of ice-cold water. 

Fortunately, we have that appliance that does all the magic- the fridge. For more information, let’s dive in to see the benefits of a refrigerator in your Kitchen.

  • It keeps food safe for consumption for an extended period.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent in the Kitchen for working-class people because Fitting refrigerators in small kitchens provides safe storage for pre-cooked food and left-overs.
  • Keep drinks and other canned beverages cold. For example, yogurt is kept whipped during summer and doesn’t melt because of the heat.
  • Prevent food wastage because food is kept fresh without going stale, for it slows the growth of bacteria.
  • Cool hot food.

Do you Lack Enough Space for Your Fridge in the Kitchen? 

Here is a Solution.You may ask, is the fridge a virtual appliance anyway? The precise point is that refrigeration is one of the modern ways of preserving food. 

The purpose of a fridge in the Kitchen is to have it within reach and still keep the elegance of the Kitchen while making everything space-efficient. Do the following:

Install a Wall Oven

The stove tends to take up a lot of space in the Kitchen, but you can remove it without inconveniencing your kitchen operations. Consider installing the wall oven, for it is a modern kitchen feature that will add aesthetic value and open up more space for your fridge by relocating the stove into a wall oven.

Remove a Portion of the Countertop

Is your countertop running from wall to wall? You would want to cut into the countertop to pave the way for your fridge. A good option if you lack space entirely anywhere else in the Kitchen.

Ensure you have consulted an expert to explore various options if you don’t want a mess in your kitchen, like the fridge not seamlessly fitting and the cut is not clean.

Relocate the fridge

Moving your fridge to a different place should come as a last resort. It would be best if you genuinely considered its usability. A room connecting to the Kitchen is ideal, and as a result, your kitchen state will remain intact.

Install a Bar Fridge

An excellent way of saving up space in your tiny kitchen is to install a bar fridge instead of a traditional fridge. It is a suitable option for students and working professionals who don’t do lots of cooking.

Bar fridge also provides a lot of space for wine bottles and other refrigerated items, making them excellent if you are a person who doesn’t do a lot of cooking but still has some things that need to be refrigerated.

The only downside of this option is that it doesn’t contain a freezer, so items like ice cream will melt.

Purchase a Mini-fridge

Compact refrigerators have the refrigerator and the freezer spaces and come in various sizes to meet your preferences. So if you don’t have enough room in your kitchen but still want to enjoy the services like a full-size fridge, this is a must-have.

Replace chairs with Stools

Chairs consume a lot of space, so it is superb if you can replace them with stools that slide underneath a table when not in use to maximize your kitchen space. They are not only comfortable to sit on but come in diversified designs to suit your kitchen décor.

Replace a Table with a Kitchen Island

Fitting refrigerators in small kitchens

Kitchen islands offer more storage space than tables because you can install cabinets and hooks on them. Additionally, extending a countertop from the wall to form a bar can be a fabulous solution for your storage needs.

Storage Helpers

Installing hooks and windowsills creates storage for smaller items. Pins can be installed on the cabinet sides and on the walls for hang-able items to make the most of your kitchen space.

You can invest in sliding cabinets for storing pantry, shelving racks for storage of pans, pots, and ingredients, and floating shelves on the walls for jars of spices that will create more kitchen space to fit in your fridge.

Remodel your Kitchen

The final and costly option is renovating your kitchen to add more space. Although it allows you to design the Kitchen of your vision and create as much space as you like. Since you may require demolishing the existing structure of the Kitchen, it is best to involve a professional 

The option fits those with a higher budget and requires a full-sized fridge right at their fingertips.

The fundamental significance of having a fridge in your Kitchen is to keep your food cold. Cold temperatures help food stay fresh for longer. The primary idea behind refrigeration is to slow down the growth of bacteria that exist in all food so that it takes longer for the bacteria to decay in the food.

Having a small kitchen doesn’t close all the avenues of owning a virtual appliance within reach. Yes, there are chances that your fridge may not fit, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible to fix that issue. With various tips explored in the article, you can enjoy the convenience of a fridge alongside  its benefits.