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The Importance of Renewing Your Termite Warranty

Termite Warranty, Did you know that termites have the highest known social organizational structure known as eusociality?

If you assumed humans would have the highest social order, clearly, you would be wrong. Termites take that trophy. Few miniature creatures can cause as much damage as the termite is capable of. A colony is capable of eating through an entire house in a matter of months if left to its devices which is equal parts fascinating and frightening.

Termite damage is irreparable and the only way to mitigate against this is to prevent it and not to cure it. This is the reason a termite warranty is essential. Despite a warranty, there is no known recovery method for restoring wood that has been sufficiently attacked by termites.

The only way to repair the damage is to replace in part or entirety the affected areas. Even this is precarious at best. Repairing parts means that some of the weakened structures may be left in place to continue rotting and decaying which continually weakens structures. So yes.

Renew your Termite Warranty for the Following Reasons;

Termite Warranty

Peace of Mind

Having a termite warranty in place secures you allowing you to focus on enjoying your home, and not on its possible destruction. 

Termite infestation is a slow penetrative process that will not capture your attention immediately which means if you have to keep thinking about it and inspecting your home every now and then, you will have a fit over the worrying. 

A warranty may seem like a frivolous expense but in a scenario where your home could be destroyed so completely and without your knowledge, the peace of mind it offers is rather priceless.

Free Repairs if the Need Arises

If termites begin feasting on your home, any repairs that would be needed are covered by the warranty, if and only if, it is up to date. 

When damage is detected and repairs are called for, it will be devastating to your bank account just how much work needs to be done to restore your home.

Not only will you need repairs and pay for them, but you will also have to update the treatment of the rest of your home to prevent the termite colony or colonies from simply moving from one location of your house to another. 

A fresh treatment after years of neglect is both inconvenient for a home you have settled in for long, and expensive. 

The sheer logistics of moving household furniture and other paraphernalia to facilitate a complete treatment, which may also demand that you vacate the premises for your mortal safety, is a cost you will not incur if you simply spend a few dollars every year to renew your termite warranty.

Unforeseen Termite Infestation

Termites are one of the most successful living creatures in the natural world. This is not an empty statement since many creatures have borne and succumbed to the impact of human activity which has severely decimated their numbers. 

Not termites!

Despite the best human efforts, termites have not faltered ecologically and are disproportionately abundant in the natural world, at least by sheer biomass. 

They are so adaptable and as mentioned earlier, the best that treatments do is prevent infestation but it has proven impossible so far, to completely eliminate them from human habitation hubs or our homes.

Invasive species are particularly aggressive and out of nowhere you will see a termite mound in a corner which should indicate that you have a termite infestation and that your most recent treatment has failed. 

While the treatment may be just fine, the species could be new or more robust than the previous species you have dealt with. An unforeseen termite infestation demands a treatment outside of the usual schedule. 

If your warranty is up to date then all you have to do is make a call. If not, you either pay for an inspection plus a treatment or you go through the expensive process of securing a new warranty which is costly on both money and time. 

Access to New and Better Termite Treatments

Pest control companies don’t only engage in treatments but any self-respecting company must also engage in research and development which means with time they will come up with newer and better treatments which is an advantage for both you and the environment.

What is bad for termites is often worse for other forms of life, the natural environment, and in a shared ecology, is very likely bad for you as well. 

As more information is unearthed, you will continue to benefit from the development of treatments that as much as possible deter termite infestation in your radius as opposed to killing them off which is what we have done in the past.

Cost of a New Warranty

Termite Warranty

A new warranty altogether is a costly affair. 

For a new warranty to be penned, the tedium of finding a pest control company, an inspection, determining a schedule that works for you, and choosing a reasonable package within your budget is all unnecessary if you simply renew your termite warranty annually.

There are packages that could cover you for a few years if the inconvenience of yearly renewals is bothersome.


Of the three thousand known species of termites, a measly 50 are found in North America, approximately 400 are found in South America and over 1000 are found in Africa.

By proportion alone, the destruction caused by termites in these other civilizations should be massive and therefore a major problem where pest control is in dire need. Yet this is not the case.

Outside the developed world, wood is the primary material for building homes and termite infestations that decimate houses in any significant manner are unheard of. 

This must mean that there are many methods of controlling termites that may cost you next to nothing if you put in some effort to look into them. 

The number of costs to maintain a home continues to rise and it may not be necessary to incur them, to begin with, if you can acquire alternative solutions that do not require the input of corporations.