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Top Alarm Clock Radios: Wake Up to Music

Alarm Clock Radios, are essential items for anyone who has to get up in the morning. The best alarm clock radio is a combination of a traditional alarm clock and a radio, so you can wake up to your favorite music or listen to the news while you’re getting ready for work or school.

To help you find the best alarm clock radio, we’ve compiled a list of our top picks based on feedback from Amazon customers and expert reviews. Before we show you our top picks, let’s take a quick look at what makes an alarm clock radio stand out from other models on the market.

What Makes an Alarm Clock Radio Stand Out?

Alarm Clock Radios

There are several factors to consider when shopping for an alarm clock radio:

Programmability -You should be able to set multiple alarms with different sounds or songs. Some models give you the option to set snooze times and even have an easy sleep timer.

You may want several different alarms for different days of the week, so look for an alarm clock radio that offers this feature.

Display – Some models have large displays with easy-to-read numbers that make it easy to see without having to put on glasses or get out of bed. Some models have a dimmer that allows you to set the brightness, while others have an adjustable color display.

You should choose something that is visible but not so bright it interferes with your sleep.

Sound Quality — A good-sounding alarm clock radio can wake you up without blasting your ears with sound! Look for one with low-frequency oscillators (LFOs) that deliver more bass than treble, which means less distortion at lower volumes and a clearer sound overall.

Size – An alarm clock radio should fit comfortably on your nightstand or dresser without taking up too much space. There are some models that come in small sizes and built-in designs that allow them to sit flush against another piece of furniture in your bedroom. If space isn’t an issue, there are larger options available as well.

Best Alarm Clock Radio: Consumer Reports

We’ve picked out some of our favorite alarm clock radios below. Keep in mind that these are only suggestions, and there are many other great options available at different price points and feature sets.

Emerson SmartSet Alarm Clock Radio With Bluetooth and USB Charging

This model from Emerson has dual alarms, a large display screen, and an FM radio. It also has a USB charging port for your phone or tablet.

The easy-to-read, 1.4-inch LED display clock has a dimmer control, and the soft blue night light is designed for added convenience.

The alarm can be set to go off only on weekdays, weekends, or every day of the week. You may choose to wake up with your favorite FM music station, news broadcast, or buzzer sound.

Magnasonic Digital Alarm Clock Radio with Sleep and Snooze Functions, Dual Alarm

Alarm Clock Radios dual alarm clock radio has a large, easy-to-read display with an adjustable backlight. It also has an FM radio with 20 pre-set stations, a sleep timer, and a snooze function. The clock also has an auxiliary input for your music device.

The .6-inch green LED display offers two brightness settings (high or low) to suit people that are sensitive to bright lights.

The alarm clock has a battery backup in case of power outages, so you don’t have to worry about resetting the time.

DreamSky Alarm Clock Radio With 1.2 Inch Bold Digit 0%-100% Dimmer, Sleep, Snooze, FM Radio, Adjustable Alarm Volume, and USB Charging Port

This modern alarm clock radio has a 4″ LCD screen with an easy-to-read blue number display for nighttime use. With 12- or 24-hour formats and indoor temperature display, its variable brightness makes it easy to read in any situation.

This radio’s volume levels (0–15) are easy to adjust for optimal listening. You can fall asleep while listening and set the radio to play for a specified time with its sleep timer.

For those who want to sleep late, the snooze button is ideal. This clock radio is powered by a wall outlet and comes with an adaptor to plug it into any normal electrical wall socket (approximately three feet).

HoMedics White Noise Sound Machine With 6 Soothing Sounds, Auto-Off Timer Sound Spa, Baby & Travel, and USB Charging Port

The HoMedics white noise machine is another great option for those who want to sleep well. It comes with six different sounds, which include thunderstorms, rainforests, and ocean waves.

You can play the noises forever or set a timer for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. A USB connector lets you charge your phone or tablet while using the device as a sound machine. Sound Machine is small enough to carry with you wherever you go. You can plug it into an electrical outlet with the included AC adapter or use 4 AA batteries.

PHILIPS Digital Alarm Clock Radio With FM Radio, Sleep and Snooze Functions and LED Display

Alarm Clock Radios

This clock radio’s bright LED display is easy to view from across the room, but it won’t bother you at night. Choose a radio or beep alarm, and the volume will gradually rise until you wake up. Digital FM radio lets you add more music to your Philips audio system. Enter the desired frequency and hold a preset button to store it in your audio system’s memory. The sleep timer lets you set up to an hour to play your CD or radio station before the player switches off.


Alarm clocks have evolved from wind-up types. Their features can gently wake you up or provide the latest news headlines, making your morning easier. Online shopping for an alarm clock might help you get through early mornings.