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Transforming Your Twin Bed into a Spacious Haven

A full-size bed, be it a king or queen size, is always the go-to option for most people. Whether you are a college student, a couple, or a growing child, there is no denying a full-size bed is a perfect size for your bedtime.

However, at times you could be stuck with a twin-size bed. It could be either your budget or bedroom size does not fit with your plans for a full-size bed. While you could write off getting that king-size bed, you can still count on your tiny twin bed to work just like the large-sized beds. How?

Well, today, we intend to show you how to make a twin bed bigger and enjoy the same benefits as a king or queen-sized bed. 

How To Make Your Twin Bed Wider

Twin Bed

1. Reduce Your Bed Clutter

There is nothing wrong with stuffing your twin bed with all your favorite teddies, pillows, and throws. However, this only reduces your twin bed size, making it appear small and full of items. While it’s a huge sacrifice, you must consider the size of the bed compared to how many things you have on top. So, to get your twin bed looking bigger, get rid of the items on the bed and store them somewhere convenient.

2. Downsize Your Pillow Game

As aforementioned, pillows and throws form a significant part of bed clutter in any bedroom. For some, sleeping with many pillows brings extra comfort, while others love having pillows for bed aesthetics. But despite the passion for many pillows and throws, these items only limit the sleeping surface of a twin bed. The bed turns out small and full of clutter.

You can overcome this by going for a one-for-all solution with a king-size pillow that is wide enough to fit your twin bed. Take into account that a standard pillow only measures 26inches, with a king pillow having a 36-inch size. Therefore, the king-size pillow is a perfect fit for a twin bed(39″) and will fit both sides. In addition, it reduces the number of pillows creating a larger sleeping area.

3. Say Bye To Your Pets

It could be a tiny Pomeranian or overgrown Maine Coon cat, but whatever the case, pets can and will take a considerable amount of space in your twin bed. While you could write them off as small and cuddly, you will find the smallest of pets can also take up much of your bed space, just like a human companion.

Since the sleeping area in a twin bed is limited, you will have to drive them off your personal space. However, you don’t have to do this literally but find your pets an alternative sleeping area. Remember, the bed is your personal space, and you should utilize it as much as you can without interference.

4. Get A King Size Platform Frame

A king-size platform frame is another strategic idea to extend your bed area and make your twin bed bigger. Of course, adding such an oversized platform frame will increase the overall size, with some structures adding you up to ten inches all-round. The idea is to increase the twin bed area without interfering with the bed’s original size. Bear in mind the mattress size remains the same, and you will have to use other solutions to give the mattress the necessary support. Here, you can add mattress extenders, a comforter, or even throw pillows on the sides of the bed to support during sleep.

5. Use An Upholstered Headboard

An upholstered headboard is not only a great piece of bedroom art but also an excellent addition to improve your twin bed size. For starters, a headboard or headrest visually frames your bed, making even a twin bed look substantially bigger even in a large room. In addition, you can enjoy the fact that a headboard also adds head support which helps keep pillows from falling off. This is aside from saving you from the pain of banging your head against the wall.

6. Spruce Your Mattress With Bed Extenders

Twin Bed

Bed extenders are one of the best inventions to increase your bed size without having to break your bank. You can save money by buying these memory foam pieces or an extra mattress helping the mattress fit to the bed. All to do is place the extenders on or next to the mattress, and you won’t even notice the extra pieces. However, an excellent point to note is that bed extenders only pair with the appropriate bed frame and mattress. So, do your homework on the bed extenders that match your twin bed.

7. Get A Foot Bench

If you are a tall folk or have pets resting at your feet, a foot bench could ease your twin bed. A well-proportioned foot bench gives you, plus your pets, extra space and a new rest surface to work on.

You will also find a foot bench convenient enough to improve the bedroom aesthetic giving it a classy and sophisticated look. If that’s not enough, the foot bench can also come with internal storage, which is excellent to reduce the bedroom clutter. Just be sure that with a foot bench, you will have to use a cushioned or upholstered design to achieve the best results.

8. Upgrade Your Room Layout

At times, all it takes is upgrading or rearranging your bedroom layout to make your twin bed bigger. For most folks having the twin bed take the center space in the bedroom makes it look bigger. However, you can use the stretch along the walls and reap the benefit of having extra space. The gift comes from propping yourself up against the wall to help you not fall or roll over due to the small bed.

Of sorts, the effect here is to create a kind of sleeping cot you can nudge to and from within. The best results are further achieved with an addition of a bed bumper to prevent you from knocking the wall during your sleep.

  • Enjoy Your Upgraded Twin Bed

Once you try one of these practical ways, you will notice that making a twin bed bigger is not that much of a daunting task. But much of these tips could see you purchase new bed accessories or furniture so expect to spend abt to spruce up your bed surroundings.