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Troubleshooting and Resetting Your Tappan Oven

It’s probable that, like any other computer, your Tappan oven will need to be reset from time to time. A power surge is one of the most common causes for your Tappan oven to need to be reset.

Someone, for example, may have connected too many devices into a single socket, causing your home’s power to short-circuit. Or, a violent storm may have passed through, knocking off power to your home.

Resetting your Tappan oven is a simple procedure in general. All present command signals must be removed from the control panel. After that, give your oven a few moments to warm up. It should be fine to go after that.

We’ll go through exactly what you need to do to reset the power to your Tappan oven in this article.

 How to Reset a Tappan Oven: 5 Easy Steps

Tappan Oven

To reset your Tappan oven, you’ll need to follow a few steps. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Check the Circuit Breaker

The first thing you should do is inspect your circuit breaker panel. If you’ve had a power surge, several of your breakers have probably been tripped. Ideally, individual circuit breakers should be marked with the area of the house they serve.

You’ll want to look for the breaker that reads “oven,” “stove,” “range,” or “kitchen.” Check to see if the breakers have been switched to the on position. If the breakers have recently been subjected to a power surge, they may trip in the off position. Before returning to the oven, you must flip them back to the on position.

Step 2: Check to see if the Fuses are Still Good

If the circuit breakers were in the off position, double-check that the fuses are still good. If you turn on the kitchen circuit breakers and nothing happens, the fuses may have blown. As a result, you’ll need to hire an electrician to assist you with replacing the fuses.

Step 3: Check the Power Cord

After that, double-check that your oven’s power cord is still connected. Before you begin tampering with the power cord, remember to turn off the oven’s power. You may need to turn the circuit breaker off to accomplish this. That way, you won’t have to worry about electrocuting yourself while checking the power cord.

Step 4: Reset the Electronic Control Panel

After completing all of the preceding processes, it’s time to reset the electronic control panel. Allow your circuit breaker to remain in the off position for at least 10 minutes to accomplish this. After that, you can turn the circuit breaker to the on position and allow the control panel to restart.

It is critical not to push any keys during this period. The cycle should take around 20 seconds to complete. If you try to give a command to your oven while it is still turning on, it may lock up, causing you to restart the procedure.

Before using your oven, make sure there are no error messages on the electronic panel.

Materials You Need To Reset Your Tappan Oven

To reset your Tappan oven, you won’t need much. You will require the following materials:

Why is My Tappan Oven Not Heating?

The top 6 reasons why your Tappan oven won’t heat, as well as specific fixes, are listed below:


When an oven fails to heat, the igniter is the most common source of the problem. The igniter serves two main functions. First, the igniter opens the safety valve by pulling electrical current through it.

Second, the igniter heats up to the point where it glows and ignites the gas on the oven burner. The safety valve will not open properly if the igniter becomes weak. The oven will not heat if the valve remains closed.

When the oven is turned on, look at the igniter to see whether it’s malfunctioning. If the igniter glows for more than 90 seconds before igniting the gas flame, it means the igniter isn’t powerful enough to open the valve. In such a case, you will need to replace the igniter.

If the igniter fails to glow, utilize a multimeter to check the igniter for continuity. Igniter without continuity should be replaced.

Bake Element

The bake element glows red hot when it is appropriately heated. The absence of a red glow on the element shows that it is not heating. To confirm if the bake element has burned out, utilize a multimeter to check its continuity. Replace the bake element if it lacks continuity.

Bake or Broil Spark Electrode

An oven burner spark electrode is utilized to ignite the baking and broil burner ignition gas. A spark may not develop if the electrode is worn out or broken. Inspect the electrode assembly for damage to the electrode tip or cracks in the porcelain housing.

Be aware that once the burner is lit, proper ground and the correct polarity of the incoming voltage to the ranges are required for the electrode control to detect the presence of a flame. Check for proper ground and polarity at the wall outlet if the burner turns off after ignition.

Broil Element

The broil element glows red hot when it is sufficiently heated. The absence of a red glow on the element shows that it is not heating. To confirm if the broil element of your oven has burned out, use a multimeter to check for its continuity. Replace the broil element if it does not have continuity.

Incoming Power Problem

Tappan Oven

An electric oven requires two hundred forty volts alternating current, and  120 volts is needed for gas ovens. If your oven doesn’t turn on, it could be due to a power interruption. Use a multimeter to measure the incoming power at the wall socket to see if the electrical outlet is producing enough voltage.

Thermal fuse

If your oven becomes too hot, the thermal fuse will trip and turn off the power to your oven. The oven will not heat if the thermal fuse has blown. This is not, however, a common occurrence. Use a multimeter to check for continuity in the thermal fuse to see whether it’s faulty. Replace the thermal fuse if it does not have continuity.

Final Take

We hope that this guide has provided you with all the necessary information to reset your Tappan oven. If your oven is still not functioning correctly, check if the child lock option is turned off.

You should also check if the delay start function is switched off. If you’re still having problems with your Tappan oven, you should contact a professional for assistance.