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Troubleshooting Dyna Glo Heater Problems: Effective Solutions

Dyna Glo heater problems, Do you need a heater to keep your home warm, especially during the winter? Dyna Glo brand from GHP produces a variety of grade heaters for residential and commercial use, such as Natural Gas Heaters, Kerosene heating, Gas radiant heaters, and gas forced air heating.

Their products undergo rigorous tests to meet and surpass the set standards of functionality, quality, and durability. However, does it mean these heaters are immune to damage? No, just like any other appliance, there are issues such as failing to turn off, burner not lighting up, white residue, delayed ignition,  etc. depending on your heater type.

So, let’s dive deeper to discover more about Dyna Glo heater problems and the possible ways you can troubleshoot them.

Dyna Glo Heater Problems

Dyna Glo heater problems

It hurts when you realize that your heater functions as it should and even worse when you think of repairing it because it is expensive. This particular article is focused on various heater problems and how you can go about fixing them. Keep Reading!

ODS When Igniter Is Pressed/ No spark at pilot

In your gas-fired devices such as water heater, furnace, and gas fireplace, a tiny flame is kept ablaze, commonly referred to as “a pilot light.” When you turn on your heater, gas is released to the core burner, and the pilot light kindles that gas to switch it on to generate heat.

On the other hand, the ODS is a safety pilot technique to detect oxygen. The ODS turns off the appliance’s gas supply when the room’s oxygen level exceeds 18 % from the normal range of above 21%.

As a result, the pilot flame raises the thermocouple, lowering its temperatures, thus closing the gas regulator and switching off the heater.

Causes for ODS Malfunctioning

The ODS malfunctioning would be due to one of these causes:

  • If the igniter cable is twisted or is damp
  • A damaged battery
  • A defective ignitor cable
  • The faulty ignition module or ignitor


  • Failure of the ignitor electrode
  • Incorrect positioning of the ignitor electrode
  • The failed connection between the ignitor cable and the ignitor electrode.


First, you need to identify the cause behind the problem. Then counter the problem with the right solution. In this scenario, you can either:

  • Free the ignitor cable if it is hard-pressed by tubing or any metal. In addition, ensure the cable is dry throughout.
  • Change the battery if need be
  • Replace the ignitor cable.
  • Substitute the Ignitor/ignition module is a must
  • Replace the ODS
  • Remove the ODS

Pilot Flame Goes Out on Control Knob Release

Pilot light malfunction can be brought by:

  • A slack connection between the thermocouple and the thermometer
  • Insufficient pressing of the control knob
  • Failure to press the control knob
  • Broken Thermocouple
  • There is a damaged control valve
  • Excess inlet gas pressure
  • Partial opening of the equipment’s closed valve


By hand, tighten until secure, then do another tightening of 14 turns

Ensure the control knob is pushed for 30-60 after the pilot lights up/ ODS

Completely engage the control button

Exchange the thermocouple with a new one 

Contact the customer service team for help if your equipment is under warranty.

Make some adjustments to your inlet pressure

Open the Dyna Glo heater’s closing valve entirely

Heater Won’t Light 

When the burner to your heater doesn’t light up, then the following would be the possible reasons:

  • The clogging of the burner’s hole
  • The thermostat is set very low
  • Too low inlet gas pressure
  •  Improper size of the burner outlet


You can troubleshoot the burner issue by cleaning it up using the following steps:

First, turn your heater off, including the pilot, and let it cool off for a minimum of thirty minutes.

Second, unscrew the front panel on each side

Third, push headlong the front panel

Fourth, Blow the air with a drinking straw through the burner’s holes and ports/ slots, including the pilot assembly.

Tip: You will detect the presence of grime in the pilot area if there is a yellow tip on its flame.

Also, the location of the tiny pilot air inlet hole is approximately two inches from where the pilot flame originates from the pilot assembly.

Finally, secure back the front panel using screws

Frequent Heater Turn Off

Dyna Glo heater problems

If this issue isn’t detected early, it can result in expensive furnace repairs, higher energy costs, and, eventually, replace the furnace. What would be triggering a sudden turn-off of the heater?


Malfunctioning of the heater’s thermostat as it is in charge of regulating the temperatures.

Low flow of air due to dirty air blower wheel, air filters, or clogged air supply vents

Dusty or Corroded Flame Detector fails to sense the flame closing the gas valve, resulting in a complete shutdown of your system.


First, you need to examine the parts involved, like the air supply vents, blower wheels, and air filters, to see whether they need some cleaning. Also, check the thermostat and the flame sensor for repair or replacement if necessary. However, professional intervention is important. So contact one to help you fix the issue.

Delayed Ignition

This issue can be hazardous if ignored because it can lead to an explosion due to gas buildup. You will detect this problem if your heater produces booming noises. The reasons behind this would be too low pressure on the manifold or the burner’s hole being plugged.


As indicated above, cleaning the burner’s orifice may help fix the problem or its replacement. Alternatively, contact your gas company for further advice.

White Residue

It is a common problem with heaters accumulating the white residue powder in the burner box or its surrounding walls or furnishings. The white powder results from heated materials such as carpet cleaners, wax, furniture polish, etc.


First, turn off the heating when you are using such materials.

In conclusion, many Dyna Glo heater problems depend on your heater type. What we just highlighted in this piece is the electric heater. Nevertheless, Dyna Glo heaters can last about 15 years with even more years based on your use and care. Just ensure you refer to your heater’s manual for instructions on how you can troubleshoot these issues. Involve an expert where necessary.