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Troubleshooting: Garage Door Won’t Close Without Holding

Garage Door Won’t Close Without Holding, Press the garage door remote to open it when you depart for the day. As you back the car out, you hit the remote again to close the door, but it starts and then rises.

After several attempts, you discover that the wall switch must be held down to close the garage door. It’s simple to blame your remote, yet this issue is generally caused by the garage door’s bottom safety sensors.

My Garage Door Won’t Close Unless I Hold The Button Down: What to Check

Garage Door Won't Close Without Holding

Here are a few things to check out for when your garage door won’t close unless you hold the button down:

Sensor Blockage

Sensor blockages can cause garage door malfunctions, especially in modern models. In this circumstance, any object or dirt and dust can obstruct the motion sensors. Garage sensors are supposed to prevent mishaps when the garage door closes on a car, object, or even kids and pets.

That means if the sensors aren’t functioning, the safety mechanism may be compromised as well. So, check carefully to see if there’s any debris, webs, rocks, or such objects that could be blocking the sensors, and be sure to remove them.

Issues With the Sensor Eyes

As we’ve stated, the motion sensors need to be free from any blockages, even the ones that you wouldn’t consider alarming such as cobwebs. When inspecting the sensors, it is also important to check for any scratches or damages.

Another reason why your garage door is unable to close completely is that the sensor eyes are dirty or they suffer from damage. In most cases, these eyes are more like camera lenses, so be careful when cleaning them. Do not leave the area smudgy or covered in strikes as this would affect the sensor functionality.

In case there are cracks, scratches, or other sorts of damage that cannot be cleared or wiped away, the best option may be to replace the sensors altogether.

Adjust the Sensors

Improper alignment might also create garage door issues. Lack of connectivity between sensors might cause complications if they are not aligned at the same angle and direction.

If you call the service team and say your garage door won’t close without holding the button, they’ll first check the sensor alignment. Check that both sensors are at the same height to fix this. A level, particularly a laser level, can identify misalignment between the sensors. After aligning the sensors, close the garage door without hitting the button. Most sensors have a working indicator.

One is usually green and the other red. So consider adjusting the sensors (one or both) until the desired sign come on. Then remember to fasten the bracket screw to make sure the sensors are properly secured in place. This should fix the issue, but in case it doesn’t, we recommend that you call a professional to help re-adjust the sensor eyes.

Faulty Lock-Out Button

As the name implies, this issue involves your garage door lock-out button. Lock-out buttons may prevent garage doors from closing without pressure.

This button will jeopardize the system and prevent the door from shutting smoothly. Press the wall button to check the garage door. Simply disengage the lock-out button if the light is on.

That said, though, different garage door mechanisms feature different settings and controls. You might want to find a different way to deactivate this lock based on your particular case. If you’re unable to find this control, consider checking the garage door manual or simply contact a professional.

Faulty Garage Door Opener

This is the mechanism that is responsible for opening your garage door. So if the problem is in the sensitivity of the open, you will need to have it adjusted.

To fix this, use the emergency release to disconnect the opener from the garage door. If you’re uncomfortable, hire a handyman.

Check that the garage door closes properly and that all sides are aligned. Garage door opener sensitivity may be the issue if one side is lower or higher.

Garage Door Closing Limit

Garage Door Won't Close Without Holding

If your garage door won’t close completely even when you hold the button, it could be due to the door closing limit. This usually occurs when the limit isn’t properly adjusted or when it is set too high from the ground, stopping the door from closing all the way down.

Other than that, there are some security sensors that are quite sensitive in that they can easily keep the door from closing completely, even when there aren’t any objects on the way.

Another possible cause for a faulty garage door mechanism is old and rusty rollers. If that’s the case, consider replacing the rollers or using lubricant to make them move effortlessly.

Wiring Issues

Inspect all the cables around the sensor and within the garage door motor unit to see whether the door is not opening due to wiring issues. Any wires sticking out could also cause the problem. You can twist the wire connectors to connect such wires and put them back in place. However, if you are uncomfortable with this kind of task, consider hiring an electrician.