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Troubleshooting Intex Pool Filter Issues: Effective Solutions

 Intex’s pool pumps are famous amongst pool owners considering their effectiveness and durability. Pumps are the heart of the swimming pool, maintaining constant water flow via different cleaning systems.

A pool pump pushes water through strainer baskets through the impeller and more delicate filters before releasing it back into the pool. It also disperses any chemicals added to the pool, thus keeping it clean and healthy.

The filters’ purpose is to remove dirt, but water can’t pass through them without a pump. However, there are times it won’t turn on. This article clarifies the reasons and ways to get it started. Let’s dive right in.

Why Won’t Intex Pool Filter Turn On?

Intex Pool Filter Issues

It is a tricky question as the pool filter isn’t electric, and only the pump turns it on, so if the pump won’t turn on due to an entire range of things such as inadequate power source, capacitors to overheating.

Below are the causes for your filter pump not turning on:

Voltage Problem

Firstly, ensure the circuit supplying power is not tripped and that the pump is plugged into a circuit with the required voltage. If the pump is not cranking and functioning, the issue might be with the capacitor, probably because of damage to a governor on the shaft.

Capacitors control the amount of voltage in the pump. If the capacitor is damaged, you might have to replace it for the pump to start functioning. However, it is advisable to engage a qualified electrician familiar with the pool pump wiring.

Clogged Impellers

The pool pump sucks water through the pump’s filter using an impeller. Blockage of the impeller with the debris is another reason your Intex filter doesn’t turn on. If debris or other substances clog the impeller, remove it to ensure the pump operates freely.

To troubleshoot the issue, cut the power source, remove the pump’s housing screws and reach for filters to remove the debris. After, place the impeller back in position and plug in the power source for proper pump functioning.

Any Pool Timer Set

When a pool pump has any pool timer set, it may cause the pool not to start. Therefore you may set the cycles that you want.

During summer, the pump might stop because of thermal overload. Shut it down for a while and allow it to cool down as it might begin working correctly. Clean the air vents ensuring there is no debris for the pump to operate smoothly.

How to Clean an Intex Filter Pump?

Pool filters can block based on how busy the pool is used. The Intex pool filter cartridge commonly used in Intex filter pumps requires regular cleaning, and over time you will have to replace it with a new one. 

How to Know That Your Filters Are Dirty?

If you notice a prolonged flow from the filter or no pumping, it is best to check the filter cartridge inside the pump before assuming there is an issue with the entire pump.

Extensively dirty filters are apparent causes for the pump to stop filtering. You can detect filter inefficiency if the pool isn’t clean, although the pH levels can trigger a similar problem. But a dirty cartridge is the culprit.

How to Troubleshoot Filter Issues

A primary sign that your filter is malfunctioning is the presence of dirty in your pool even after cleaning, meaning your filter is recirculating dirt back into the pool

2 Ways to Check Its Workability

  • Adding Dirt

Add a scoop or two diatomaceous earth (DE) to your pool filter, then go to the pool jets to confirm whether it is returning DE into the pool or whether the water looks cloudy, and if so, there is a probability that your filters have a problem.

  • Use Your Pool Vacuum 

Use your pool’s vacuum to test any filter issue. Connect the filter to your vacuum and hose via a strainer suction port but first, ensure there is dirty at the pool’s bottom for a credible result. As the vacuum runs, check on the jets to see if the spouting water is clean or cloudy. If cloudy, there is an issue with your filters,

How to Clean Dirty Filters


Before touching the filter pump, unplug it from the power source, then lift it above the valves inside your pool, not unless you’ve drained it. Place the filter on a surface with enough height to prevent water loss from the pump.

Removing the Filter

Start by turning the air release valve on the filter’s upper part to release pressure. Unscrew the middle part of the pump that anchors the upper part to the base and access the filter’s housing cover.

If the water spews out, it is a sign that your pump is not elevated enough. 

Finally, pull out the dirty filter to clean or replace it

Intex Pool Filter Cleaning

Intex Pool Filter Issues

Removing and cleaning your filter weekly with a robust stream of water is recommended. Clean it once monthly by soaking it in a chemical mixture, and over time, your filter will need to be replaced based on the frequency of use and the quality of the filter.

Every week, take off the filter and hold your hose with a hose nozzle that forms a jet of water. Spray around your filter, ensuring each pleat removes dirt and junk from inside the folds. Allow the filter to dry entirely before reinserting it back into your pump.

For the monthly routine, you need a bucket of water, bleach/ vinegar, or a mixture of both with dish soap. Still, a particular solution designed purposely for pool filters is perfect. Following the product’s guidelines, soak the filter and let it completely dry.

Place the top seal cover adding the thread cover on the housing, and tighten it by turning it clockwise. Lastly, put the pump back on the ground and plug it back in.

Other Common Issues with Pool Filters

  • True Grit
  • High-pressure levels
  • Lower pressure
  • Damaged spider gasket
  • Replace cartridge/ grids

Overall, it is essential to note that the Intex filter isn’t electric, but for it to work, you require a pool pump which can cause various issues. Therefore, we hope the guidelines shared in this article will significantly help. If you cannot solve the issue of the filter not turning on, include an expert.