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Troubleshooting Whirlpool Stove & Oven Error Codes

Frustrated by Whirlpool stove, range, and oven error codes? Well, don’t worry. Faulty codes usually appear on your whirlpool oven’s display to let you know that something isn’t right.

This quick guide will help you learn how to clear the F9E0 Code, understand the oven fault code definition, and assist you in diagnosing the issue.

Range and Wall Oven Fault Codes

Whirlpool stove oven error codes

All range and wall ovens with electronic controls have fault codes. These codes differ by manufacturer. Even amongst models from the same manufacturer, trouble codes can vary. They help factory service technicians diagnose range or wall oven issues. If the electronic control displays a problem code, contact a skilled service expert for diagnosis and repair.

If the power supply line had a startling amount of voltage during a power loss, the control could display the F9, F9 EO, or PF error code. Any keys pushed before the 10-second power-up delay could cause the F9, F9 E0, or PF to display. While we cannot provide all the fault codes for past and present models, the F9E0 is probably one of the most common error codes you might want to know about.

What Does F9EO Mean

The code F9E0 will often indicate that the appliance is wired incorrectly at the hardware connection or electrical supply. The electrical connection to the appliance or the electrical outlet in the home may be miswired.

If your range was installed recently and is not working as expected, contact a qualified electrician to inspect the electrical supply.

The F9 error, meanwhile, usually means the door switch circuit system is faulty. One way to address this issue is by inspecting the door switch itself.

In case the door switch is dirty or caught in one position, use a damp cloth to wipe it clean and then wiggle the switch slightly so that it moves back and forth.

How To Clear F9E0 Code

To clear the F9R0 error code, reset the appliance power unit down by flipping off or turning off the circuit breakers for one minute. Then power the unit up by turning on the circuit breaker. 

Check your range or oven for one minute to ensure the error code does not display again. Then proceed and verify the range or oven operation.

As we’ve mentioned above, the F9 E0 indicates that power delivered into the range isn’t correct for some reason. That’s why you’ll need to turn off the circuit breaker and wait for about 60 seconds before flipping it back on.

If the error code comes back, then you will need to pull the range forward and inspect the power coming from the power cord. There should be 200-240 volts between the two outside terminals posts where the power cord connects on the back of the oven.

If there’s power, then it means the display board itself is faulty and needs a replacement because it was shortened out for one reason or another.

What Does the Code F3E2 Mean on a Whirlpool Oven?

The error code F3 E2 usually indicates that the electronic control on the range detected a high temperature in the oven. This can be due to a defective oven temperature sensor or the electronic range control (ERC).  While you can’t test the ERC, you can test the oven sensor.

Checking the Sensor

The oven sensor is usually located in the oven cavity towards the top. To test for faults, disconnect the power to the oven and then remove the sensor. You will require an ohmmeter to test the sensor. At room temperature, most oven sensors should read about 1100Ω.

In the event that the sensor reading is extremely high, then it means the sensor is faulty and needs replacing. On the other hand, if the reading is extremely low, then it means the sensor has shortened and needs a replacement as well. Check for wires touching each other.

Checking Fuses

Fuses are easy to fix or replace, but they may indicate a larger problem. For instance, fuses are designed to blow in order to protect circuits from surges in power and so on.

Thus, if the fuse keeps blowing, (which is practically its job), it means the problem is not the fuse, but something else. So get the appliances checked out.

Meanwhile, to replace the fuse, disconnect the power and have access to the back of the ERC. Most fuses are located here. Remove the suspect fuse and use an Ohmmeter to test for continuity. If it fails, then it is faulty and needs replacing.

The F1 Error Code

On different ranges, the code F1 can mean a number of things, with the most common one being a failed ERC or a faulty touchpad. To check the touchpad and the ERC, disconnect the power and gain access to the back of the ERC.

Then disconnect the ribbon cable that connects the ERC to the touchpad. Check to ensure nothing shorts when power is reconnected. Reconnect the power and switch on.

Monitor the F1 and listen for the beep. If you get the beep and the F1 code, then it means the fault is with the ERC and should be replaced. However, if you don’t see the F1 error and hear the beep even after 30 seconds, then you should replace the touchpad.

How Do You Fix the F2 E0 Code on Whirlpool Stove?

Whirlpool stove oven error codes

The F2-E0 usually indicates a shortened touchpad or keypad. To resolve the issue, inspect the connection between the touchpad or keypad as well as the control board (clock) to make sure it is secure.

Find and select the “cancel” function and wait for about 60 seconds. If the error codes reappear, then you should consider replacing the touchpad or control board or both if all are in one assembly.

What Does F8E0 Code Mean

The F8E0 usually means that the cooling fan speed is too low; below 500 rpm. This may be either because the fan is spinning too slowly or because there is a problem with the Hall Effect sensor.