10.26 2010

Organizing the Laundry Piles


There has been some confusion in our home regarding where dirty clothes belong.
We centralized our laundry into one unit, thanks to my sweetie.
Rather than having hampers in every room – or dirty clothes on the floor – we switched to the
“bombs away” system, which looks like this:
Then, everything gets sorted into the baskets.
Unfortunately the girls had trouble organizing the correct clothes into the correct basket.
My inspiration was a $40 Target basket with a chalkboard plaque to label what goes where.
However, I bought my baskets on clearance, and saved $70+ total  by doing the plaques myself.
I found these round wooden plaques at Michaels for $0.59 each.
I sprayed them with chalkboard paint.
Hot glued velcro to the back and to the basket and labeled them…
In a busy house with 3 kids, a husband and a dog, organization keeps me centered.
The girls like ’em and are motivated to keep their colors where they need to be.
Hallelujah for small miracles.
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10.21 2010

Executive Desk :: Before and After

 I could have easily had this desk done a week ago, but had so.many.issues. with my sprayer.
This is what happens to certain people with certain personality traits
who perhaps don’t think they need to read manuals on very complex machines. READ THE REST //
10.20 2010

Video Tutorial :: Black Rub Through Distressing

For those who have wondered how I distress a lot of my pieces, I hope it is helpful!

I added the final finish to this desk today,

and should have pictures up tomorrow.
Stay tuned!Edited to add: if you are doing large areas of distressing, don’t use the solvent. The dullness may be too obvious, even after the clear coat. But, for smaller areas and highlights, knock yourself out!

Until next time my friends,