10.21 2011

Old World End Table


Last weekend our community had their semi-annual garage sale. Rather than  selling stuff I really need to get rid of, I took the girls out to find some “new” things. The kids found fun treasures to play with, I found a $100 Cuisinart griddler ($10), a nice Ashley end table ($10), and a stuffed animal identical to “fuff fuff,” which was Kate’s little doggie she carried around until it was totally worn out (priceless).

Because I have developed an allergy to furniture sitting in our garage, I got the end table done right away. It was scratched up but had great bones! READ THE REST //

10.11 2011

Old Farmhouse Door-Turned-Command-Center

functional decorating with antique door

Hello my friends!

I think it is about time I posted the old farmhouse door reveal that my friend and I worked on. It took me a while to find slots of time to work on it, but it came out nice and it is very functional. She wanted it to be something she would see and use on a daily basis, so I made it into a command-center of sorts. READ THE REST //

10.7 2011

Stately Antique Chest of Drawers


I am so excited to share an actual project with you! It was nice to take a break from writing yesterday and get creative again. I have *really* missed refinishing this past summer. It is my outlet and I cannot wait to get back to it!

I brought this piece over to Mike and Keely’s of European Paint Finishes to work on together, wanting to capture some more footage of us working. It was a gorgeous chest of drawers but it was pretty chewed up. It wasn’t bad for being made in the 1930’s, because the drawers worked great and it is a heavy, large, and solid piece. READ THE REST //