5.1 2010

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of sprayer do you use?

I use a Graco 7.0 Finish Pro, which came highly recommended from a friend who has been doing custom finishes for 50 years. It is very expensive, though, at around $800. It also creates a lot of over spray, so it’s important to have a dedicated area to use it (preferably an enclosed booth). If you want to read more about it, click here.

What brand of paint do you recommend?

I am pretty dedicated to Benjamin Moore Aura, although it is more expensive. It is all I will ever use for cabinetry. I also like Sherwin Williams ProClassic (and their sample pots) for furniture. I personally do not care for Behr paint and primer.

How do you balance restoring furniture with working part time and raising a family?

I’m surprised at how often I get this comment. While I do work outside the home 2 days/week, I have 3 days while my kids are at school to do other things. Mondays are dedicated to running errands and getting the house in order. The other two days I work on furniture, and also on weekends while the kids are playing outside. Fortunately I’m a complete home body and it’s my ideal life :)

How do you get so much done?

I’m an early to bed, early to rise girl … out by 9 and up at 4 or 5. Those early hours are my quiet time, when I read my favorite blogs, answer emails, and write. Once the kids are up, it is all about getting them ready for the school day. After I drop them off, I hit the road and run a few miles or go to the gym for a class. Then, it’s either Monday errand & chore day, or it’s into my paint clothes. I can work for six solid hours and it feels like one. I really like to keep life simple around here and not take on very many activities or busy work outside the home that has me running all over the place for no good reason. The television is never on, and I’m not one to chat on the phone for long. I don’t have pretty nails and I buy most of my clothes at Costco :) The only shopping I enjoy is at the local hardware stores. I do cook every night, but I keep everything very simple.
Will you ever offer classes locally?

I’ve thought a lot about this and I don’t think so at this point. Right now I have decided to put that time into writing the ebook.

When will the ebook be finished?

I work on it during the wee hours of the morning and whenever I can, but I don’t know when exactly it’ll be done. My goal is not to have a super-polished, fancy book – I just want to be sure the information is comprehensive.

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