12.14 2010

Before and After :: 1920’s Table Set

I think I grew some nice curvy shoulders with this one.
My client brought this table over for me. Originally she just wanted the table re-pained white and to finish the other two chairs in blue like in the background.
She had hired someone to do it, but she didn’t want to finish it, so I took it over.
 It didn’t look bad at first, but when I took a closer look at the finish…

Thick, rough paint was in every nook and cranny and it desperately needed to be stripped.
So I put the music on and got to work.
I talked to her about changing her vision
to a stained top with a white base and white chairs, and she trusted me.
And here is is…finally!
Everything is all nice and smooth again. She will be recovering her chair seats.
 Just look at that top! I have to touch it every time I walk by. It has the most beautiful walnut grain that this picture doesn’t show. She’s going to looove it!
And p.s., I’ve officially resigned as a stripper 😉

21 thoughts on “Before and After :: 1920’s Table Set

  1. Wow, that is amazing! Love love love the color combo and I wish it was in my house! I love your ideas and the fact that you can execute them is amazing!!!

    PS I need a cherry wood dresser for Nathan's nursery so if you come across any furniture that might work, let me know :) You are fabulous!!!

  2. I love your projects and you have inspired me. Problem is I need a little more help getting started. For example, I have an 26 yr. old gold oak table with clawfeet column base and windsor chairs I want to distress OR paint. Right now I've applied stripper and gotten that off…with some stain left behind. Do i need to strip more or sand it all off?

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