12.21 2010

Cherishing The Season, and a Family Christmas Breakfast Tradition


Who’s ready?

It’s so nice to finally be home in my jams with my favorite Christmas candle going,
checking off my list, and looking forward to celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus.

Here are some of our silly family traditions:
It sits right in the middle of our front room window.
Fortunately, we still haven’t had a shattered major award over here.
The lady of the house embraces electric se*  gleaming in the window, just fine.
(Surely everyone has seen the movie.)
There will be a cloud of flour dust in the kitchen over the next few days,
as I spend  important time with the girls during their Christmas break.
I’ll remember to put the cookies where Liberty can’t get to them while we sleep this year. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t share with you our Christmas breakfast tradition for two decades.
If you like the taste of a little Southwest, you’ll love it! You can make it the night before, and stay out of the kitchen Christmas morning. Just don’t let it get too brown. (Printable recipe at the end.)I’m also putting the finishing touches on several of the latest pieces I’m working on.
Furniture is flying in and out of here faster than I can post about them
or remember pictures before they go back to my clients’ homes.
I’ll be sure to slow down and show you some good ones after The Reason for this magical season is celebrated!

Eggs Ole

27 thoughts on “Cherishing The Season, and a Family Christmas Breakfast Tradition

  1. mmmm the Winter candle you have burning makes me happy :) I have a slatkin and yankee candle obsession. I have been burning Fresh Balsam for the last couple days. I want to burn Mint Choc. Chip tonight.

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