5.9 2011

Mom’s Laundry Room Makeover

I hope everyone had a great time celebrating Mother’s Day!
We did things a little different this year, and gave Mom our sweat equity
to show her our love and appreciation for all she has done for us.
She and Dad recently moved into a new house, and she’s been making it a home.
She wanted her laundry room to look clean and cheerful, so that’s what we gave her!
Here is what it looked like before – I remembered the picture after taking the cabinet doors down.
They were your garden variety of oak.
 I brought the doors and drawers home to spray them,
then came back before the weekend to finish up the casings.
Boo kept me company while I worked.
That’s my brother, Ryan. When he’s not out saving lives or fighting fires he’s an in-demand handy man because he is a perfectionist and knows his stuff! We made a great team. While we painted, my sister and Ryan’s wife helped my Mom take pictures of stuff and listed them on CL for her.
A very productive Mother’s Day!
 My Dad took down the builder shelf above the washer/dryer because they will inherit my laundry stand when I move, which will hide that white thing in the back. I am really going to miss that stand!
All that is left is for Mom to pull it all together by adding black and white accents to the walls, and then take down the fluorescent lighting and add a cute chandelier.
Mom said it was her best Mother’s Day ever!
Colors used:
SW Roman Column for cabinets
SW Ryegrass for walls

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