3.20 2011

My Inspiration for Furniture Finishes

I am thrilled to be introducing you to a fellow AZ blogger and custom finisher near and dear to my heart:
European Paint Finishes 

(I heard the thud from over here. Go ahead. I’ll wait for you to pick your jaw up off the floor.)

Mike and Keeley work together to create the most fabulous furniture transformations I’ve ever seen.
I seriously get giddy when they post something new. It’s like opening up a present on Christmas morning.

Mike is the artist and muscles that make their vision for their transformations a reality. Keeley is an expert at staging, takes beautiful photos, and is the all around go-to-girl behind their successful family business.
They are the perfect team, and simply wonderful people.

It felt like I was keeping a best kept secret by not sharing their blog with you. So, I asked Keeley weeks ago if she would mind if I introduced them, and I am so excited about blog swapping with her tonight. I often have to remind myself that this is not just their hobby, but their livelihood that they need to tend to first and foremost. It requires a lot of restraint not to bombard their inbox with questions from yours truly.
The inspiration I found through Mike and Keeley’s work influenced me the most in my decision to turn my hobby into a side business, and I am forever grateful for them. There is something about their work that I am so connected to.  Keeley, it has been a such a pleasure chatting with you over the last few months, and Kevin and I would *love* to meet you and Mike over dinner before the baby is born!So if you enjoy following blogs full of inspiring furniture finishes, European Paint Finishes is simply a classic.

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  1. Oh my!! What yumminess!! So gorgeous!! That thud was me falling over…not just my jaw…my whole body dropping. What amazing pieces of furniture!! Wowzers!! I can see why they have grabbed you!!

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