12.17 2011

Refinished Garage Sale Pedestal Table

round pedestal table

A couple of days ago I posted about a garage sale find,

which was a solid, chunky, round kitchen table from Z-Gallerie.

It was really beat up and needed to be refinished, so the price was right.

Here is what the finish looked like before:

And now it is just perfect for our dining table.

(Our elf, Buddy, flew back from the North Pole and parked it on our painting last night.)

I love how the base is round so chairs don’t get caught up on table legs.

After stripping and staining the top and base, the wood grain came through.

You’d never know it was there from the original, muddy finish!

I think it’s about time I gave some attention to Christmas. I hope you all are enjoying the season!

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