4.20 2012

Our Paint Colors

great room paint color

I’m excited to be sharing the paint colors we decided on before we move!

We have accepted an offer on our current home so the move day is drawing closer, but hopefully not too soon since there are a lot of dusty projects left to do. Ideally, those projects will be complete and I’ll do a thorough clean before moving us all in.

Back to the paint colors. On my monitor, the colors come through pretty true, and aren’t dark at all. One thing I’ve learned (through the process of choosing 9 colors for this house) is that paint looks different in every house.  But, seeing a color in someone else’s home or online is always a good jumping off point if you are in the  market for new paint.

Having said that, there is one that I can HIGHLY recommend and it’s a trim color -Ben Moore Mascarpone. It is beautiful, and I think it would look great in any home. We used it for all of our white trim and doors and we love it. Whites can be tricky, and this one is a WINNER.


The main house color we chose was Frazee Keratin. It is a greige with a little bit of a green undertone, and we love it. It toned down the pinks in the tile quite a bit and would be a great backdrop to many types of decor.

Here, again, is Keratin in my future office:

We chose the lighter color on the strip (Frazee Tracing Paper) for the kids’ hangout/homework room.

These Pottery Barn chairs from Craigslist are perfect for their hangout room because they sat is someone’s guest house and were in perfect condition (at 75% off the pricetag). Same with the Ikea TV stand from Craigslist – 70% off and as good as new.

Our master bedroom is painted in SW Tony Taupe. We want to have a relaxing, hotel feel and I am on the lookout for some nice hotel style bedding, sconces, and whatever else I can find to make it a very relaxing place to crash after a long day.

The master bath is the next shade lighter than Tony Taupe – SW Balanced Beige

Then, we moved onto the kids’ rooms. They all had their “color” chosen, so I was on the lookout for the right shades of blue, green, and pink.

In Chloe’s room it was amazing how many blues I went through in this post. I had to go really gray on the paint chip to get a blue that didn’t scream neon. I finally decided on Frazee Helium. It is a soft, blue-gray that any 12 1/2 year old will be able to grow into.

Kassidy asked for a “happy, poppy green.” I decided on Ben Moore Folk Art for her room. It will look great with her furniture, bedding and accessories. I’ll be sure to share her smaller/craigslist bed that I painted and refreshed to accommodate her smaller room.

I’d like to introduce you to Kate’s room before we started making this a girly room. Are you ready for this?

The previous owner did murals. We had to drywall three walls, otherwise  the stripes, the  pictures of Pooh, his friends and the stars would have come through the color we chose.

We love the softness of the pink we chose. (I can’t remember the color exactly but it was Frazee Pink Peache or Peache Pink.)

Kevin’s office is being repainted soon because it was too pastel. We are going with Ben Moore Nantucket Gray and will post it soon.

So, we’re one step closer to getting ourselves moved in. I want to paint ALL the cabinets before we really start getting serious about leaving our current house so we can move into our new place with the least amount of dust to clean after we have moved.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the new colors; we sure are happy with them!

14 thoughts on “Our Paint Colors

  1. It’s going to be wonderful Christa! So glad you’ve got an accepted offer on your old house. That takes a lot of tension off! and I don’t think there is a primer made that would have covered winnie and the stripes! lol Having fun following along my dear :)

    • Your diligent search for the right colors is a great success. Your eye for color puts you into the “artist” bracket. I will be excited to see it all come together. How fortunate you are to have the time to do all the work before you move in. God is good!
      Mom E.

  2. Christa, Kevin and Little Women,

    I see the gorgeous colors you chose then look around my home and sigh. Too many walls (three, to be exact) are still mostly “contractor’s white.” And that’s after 16 years! They all currently have some color on the bottom, a chair-rail wallpaper border, then white above. One of these days, I’ll get the energy to shop for new colors for those rooms.

  3. Great choices. Neutral but you can totally add pops of color whenever you want. I’ve been living in a house that is mostly Pale Almond by Ben Moore for many years now and it is my very favorite neutral. I can’t imagine painting over it.

  4. I’ve been following you closely since I’m going to be painting all summer long. I love the colors. We don’t have a Frazee store in my state. I do love Benjamin Moore and feel the paint is a little bit more durable than those I’ve tried from Sherwin Williams – what do you think? Last time I checked you were thinking of using Grant Beige or Manchester Tan from BM. DIdn’t you like the samples? I also need to paint some cabinetry and wondered if you were still going with Ballet White or Bone White on them, or if you would just go ahead with the Mascarpone. I really respect your opinion and feel you are one blogger who knows her stuff. Thanks and Great Job!!!!

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