3.24 2011

A Classic White Dresser

To all who left comments on this dresser I am so appreciative of your helpful advice.
I had serious painter’s block, and your suggestions got my ‘ol brain working again.
Here is what this dresser looked like before. The wood top couldn’t be saved because I had to remove a lot of veneer that had water damage and had bubbled. So, the entire thing had to be painted.
This is the infamous picture of the paint job gone wrong.
I mean, seriously, it looked like a circus (mmmm frosted animal cookies)…
Since there is so much going on with this dresser with all the details, I decided on a simple cream. I think it would have been beautiful in a silvery gray, but I wanted to use what I had on hand.
 It was just too prissy to age it, and I like how the creamy white lets the details speak for themselves.
 I don’t have a color name because I mixed the white myself.
I saved some to have it matched in the future because I really like it.
 Luckily the dresser still had all the original hardware.
I just gave them a light mist of satin nickel to make them look like pewter.
 All I have left to do is line the drawers with some fabric and she’s ready for the ball!
Truly, thanks again for all your awesome suggestions.
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34 thoughts on “A Classic White Dresser

  1. You made the right decision – it's beautiful! That hardware is incredible – I know it's fun and trendy to update the hardware on these pieces, but I think it's fun to keep the original hardware when it works. Great job!


  2. This is a fantastic makeover! I have a family heirloom dresser set that's very similar so it gave me some good ideas. I was wondering if you could explain how much you're willing to pay for purchased furniture you're planning to paint.

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