2.7 2011

"What kind of sprayer do you use?"

This is the #1 question I receive, so I thought I would direct you
to my ever so talented friend, Sausha at {show & tell} today.
She wrote a great post on 3 different sprayers she has used and the pros and cons about them.We both own the same one now, and she has provided all the deets. Knowing which sprayer to choose can be SO confusing, so I’m really glad she took the time to write about it. I am a bit envious about how shiny her machine still is. Let us compare, shall we?

Here’s hers:

And yours truly’s:

It could use a good detail. In my defense, the paint is hard to get off the cup.

Sausha also has a site where she lists all her furniture called {sweet pickins},
so if you are in the Salt Lake City area check it out. Her pieces are as amazing as she is.

I’ve been busy doing cabinets, organizing my shop, and working on furniture in between.
Yesterday I finished these two nightstands for my daughter and will post the after shots soon:

Happy Monday, my friends!


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