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Andersen 10 Series and 4000 Series Storm Doors: Right Choice

Andersen 10 Series and 4000 Series Storm Doors, The Andersen 10 series is a long-lasting storm door created with edge-cutting technology. In addition, it comes with full-view glass, useful features, and a long-term warranty. It is made for commercial usage, but you can also use it in your home.

Andersen 4000 series storm doors have innovative characteristics that allow easy installation and practical customization of the glass types. What makes the Andersen 4000 series so special? There are various reasons the 4000 series is loved by many, and among them is that the storm door is made from strong and durable aluminum.

Are you looking for a storm door that offers the best aesthetics and durability results at a reasonable price? Unfortunately, the dilemma increases when choosing between Andersen 4000 series vs. Andersen 10 series.

There is no specific detail that makes one option superior to the other. Therefore, you need a detailed comparison to properly elaborate on the option that works better for your projects.

Andersen 10 series vs. 4000 series: Comparison

Andersen 10 Series and 4000 Series Storm Doors

Specifications Anderson 10 Series Anderson 4000 series
Certification Energy Star certified Energy Star certified
Closure 2 2
Durability Long-term Long-term
Ease of use User friendly User friendly
Energy efficiency U factor of 0.27 and 0.30 U factor of 0.27 and 0.30
Frame size 1.5 inches 1.5 inches
Glass Types
  • Clear
  • Insulating glass
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Low-E glass
  • Low-E insulating glass
  • Clear
  • Dual-pane insulating glass
  • Insulating glass with argon blend
  • Laminated safety glass
  • Low-E dual pane
  • Low-E glass
Installation process
  • Rapid and Pro installation
  • Professional service is required
  • 45-minute easy installation
  • Professional service is needed
Maintenance Low Low
  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Fiberglass
  • Fibrex® 
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Composite
  • Fiberglass
  • Fibrex® 
  • Vinyl
  • Wood
  • Width: 30”, 32”, 34”, 36.”
  • Height: 80”
  • Width: 30”, 32”, 34”, 36.”
  • Height: 80”
Price Cost $409 Cost between $279 and $319
  • Interchangeable and retractable for other glass types
  • Permanent fix for laminated glass.
  • Interchangeable insect screen panel for other glass types
  • Permanent fix for laminated glass
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty

Features of Andersen 10 Series

  • 3-point lock for laminated safety glass
  • Comes up with an online service
  • Customizable design
  • Enhanced Safety & Security
  • Four external hinges
  • Innovative quick-change System
  • Matching side sweep
  • Mortise door lock type
  • Rekeyable deadbolt
  • SmoothControlTM plus closure System
  • SpineLoc® insect screen panel
  • Thick Aluminum Frame
  • Moisture resistant

Features of Andersen 4000 Series

  • 3-point lock for laminated safety glass
  • Double-layer weatherstripping
  • Extraordinary mechanism of hardware 
  • Mechanical locking tabs
  • Quick-change System for all glass types
  • Reinforced corner brackets
  • Thermal insulating glass
  • Thick aluminum frame

 Andersen 10 Series vs. Andersen 4000 Series: Differences

  • Material

In the 10 series, you’ll have nine hardware finishes. You can choose from brushed dark nickel or antique brass for the handles.

The 4000 series has a sturdy aluminum frame, five doorknobs in classic and modern materials, and eight different overall colors.

Both series are built from high-quality materials that are both strong and long-lasting.

  • Key Features

The SpineLoc insect screen panel and Smooth Control technology are included in the Andersen 10. It also has enhanced safety and security and a three-point lock.

The mortise door lock is a unique feature of the 10 series. It also includes a rekeyable deadbolt and a slide sweep. The presence of four exterior hinges ensures the sturdiness of the Andersen 10 series.

The main feature of the Andersen 10 series is its ability to withstand dampness and allow room for customization.

On the other hand, when you examine the 4000 series’ features, you’ll see that it has a quick-changing mechanism. The laminated safety glass features a 3-point lock for added safety and security.

What distinguishes Andersen 4000 series from others? A double-layer weatherstripping mechanism is included with this storm door. Thermal insulating glass and mechanical locking tabs are included in the storm door for remarkable efficiency.

  • Glass Options

You may increase your savings by purchasing low-E energy-efficient glass in the 4000 series. When compared to conventional glass, it saves over 29% of energy.

Tempered clear glass, tempered dual-pane insulated clear glass, tempered low-E dual-Pane insulated clear glass, and tempered low-E clear glass that is five times stronger than any other standard glass are all available in the 10 series.

  • Price

Price is another significant difference between the Andersen 10 series and the 4000 series. Do you know the reason? The Andersen 10 series has more features than the 4000 series. Therefore, the 10 series will have a higher price.

The Andersen 10 series cost $409. However, you will find the 4000 series at a reasonable price which ranges between $279 and $319.

Andersen 10 Series vs. Andersen 4000 Series: Similarities

  • Durability

The Andersen series’ durability is excellent and exceptional. The sturdy materials that have been utilized for years give them good longevity.

These doors are made of high-quality materials that will endure for years, and they even include reinforced corner brackets to make them safe, robust, and smooth to operate. The goods come with a 5-year warranty for further reassurance.

  • Materials

Aluminum, wood, vinyl, Fibrex, and composite are used in manufacturing the Andersen 10 and 4000 series.

  • Energy- Efficiency

The energy efficiency of these Andersen storm door series is comparable. Furthermore, the U-factors are 0.27 for the 10 series and 0.30 for the 4000 series.

  • Frame

The metal frames on each storm door series are 1.5 inches thick. Anderson storm doors come in various materials, none of which are significantly different.

  • Measurements

Andersen 10 and 40000 series come in a variety of sizes. These doors have an 80-inch standard height. In addition, the 10 and 4000 series’ typical weights are 30, 32, 34, and 36 inches. The similarity is obvious.

  • User-friendliness

These storm doors are simple to use. You won’t have to worry about how to use it after installation.

  • Maintenance

The maintenance requirements for the 10 and 4000 series are minimal. Consider regular dusting and cleaning.

Andersen 10 Series vs. 4000 Andersen Series: Which One Is Better?

Andersen 10 Series and 4000 Series Storm Doors

According to the industry experts, the Andersen 10 series is better than Andersen 4000 series because it has top-notch moisture and heat resistance capacity.

The Andersen 10 series is costly compared to the other storm doors because it has additional features that enhance its durability and the modern technology to improve its sophistication.

Ultimately, the Andersen 10 and 400 series are the best storm doors if you’re looking for quality and award-winning features. However, your specific option depends on your budget and project requirements.