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Broan vs. Nutone: A Comparative Analysis of Home Ventilation

Broan vs. Nutone, If you’re shopping for products to help you ventilate your kitchen, bathroom, attic, or other spaces, or if you’re looking for things to help you clean, decorate, and organize your home, you’re likely to stumble across Broan or Nutone products. This article will walk you through a comparison of the two brands so you can learn more about them.

Broan vs Nutone: Overview

Broan vs. Nutone

The Broan family owns Nutone and Broan, two global brands. Hartford, Wisconsin is Broan’s headquarters. Over 2,500 people work for the company worldwide. Broan, Nutone, Broan-Nutone, and BEST Range Hoods are sold in over 110 million US homes.


Their Broan was founded in North America in 1932 by Henry L. The company specialized on residential ventilation. Henry’s manufacturing company had to shrink during World War II, but he ran it from his garage to survive.

A decade later, Broan Manufacturing Company was a prominent house ventilation manufacturer with a 20,000-square-foot operation. The brand is now North America’s largest residential ventilation solutions company. Nearly every North American home has its name. The brand is now Broan Group.


Nutone is an American brand that primarily manufactures products for home use. Intercoms, doorbells, ventilation systems, indoor air quality items, ceiling fans, range hoods, ironing equipment, home theater systems, and built-in electrical heaters are among the products manufactured by this company.

  1. Ralph Corbett created the company in 1936 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Corbett backed a Dayton, Ohio-based entrepreneur who was marketing a doorbell that could take the place of door buzzers. Corbett later started selling the product under the Nutone brand when the inventor failed to pay Corbett’s loan. Corbett lowered the production cost of the doorbells low enough to make them accessible to everyone establishing the doorbell business.

In 1995, Nutone became a publicly-traded company. Nutone’s other creations were residential kitchen ventilation hoods and built-in kitchen countertop appliances. Nutone was the most prominent American producer of home electrical items in 1967 when the Corbetts sold their shares to the Scovill Manufacturing Company. Valor, a British home products company, bought it for $460 million in 1987. In 1998, Nortek purchased the brand from Williams plc and added it to the Broan Group.

Broan vs. Nutone: Which One is Better?

It’s difficult to say which brand is better than the other because Broan and Nutone are owned by the same firm, Broan Group of Companies. Nutone-branded products, however, are generally cheaper than Broan-branded products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Broan a Good Brand?

Broan is one of the best brands in the world. It has the broadest range of products, ranging from basic mid-priced selections to fancier and more expensive types. This manufacturer provides great and dependable fans for non-vented, vented, and convertible designs.

What is a Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan?

Broan-Nutone fans are bathroom exhaust fans that can remove moisture and odors from the space. They are available in various types, but the most common are bathroom fans with heaters, standard bathroom exhaust fans, and bathroom fans with added illumination.

How to Pick the Best Broan-Nutone Bathroom Fan?

An ideal Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan should be of the right size for your bathroom, easy to install, and quiet enough. Some of the factors to consider while purchasing a Broan-Nutone bathroom exhaust fan are listed below.


The fan speed, or CFM, is perhaps the most significant consideration when purchasing a Broan-Nutone fan. CFM refers to cubic feet per minute and measures the bathroom fan’s ability to vent air. The majority of bathroom fans have a CFM that ranges from 50 to 150 cfm. The average CFM is most likely around 75 cfm.

To determine the minimum CFM of the exhaust fan required for your bathroom, first measure the size of the room. Your square footage can be used to calculate the minimum CFM you’ll need. For example, if your bathroom is 50 square feet, you should purchase a bathroom fan with a minimum speed of 50 cfm.

Ease of Installation

Broan vs. Nutone

Adjustable mounting brackets are included in some Broan-Nutone fans, making installation easier. Some fans have slimmer profiles, making installation easier. Furthermore, certain Broan-Nutone fans are designed primarily for the retrofit installation, while others are better suited for new construction.

It’s always a good idea to check various customer reviews about the Broan-Nutone fan’s installation reputation before purchasing it.

Wall switch

Another crucial factor to consider when buying a new Broan-Nutone bathroom fan is the wall switch. If you purchase a bathroom fan with additional features, you will certainly need to run additional electrical wiring from the fan to a new multi-function wall switch.


Noise from bathroom fans is a regular concern. Bathroom fans’ noise is measured in sones, a human-perceived volume.

Any bathroom fan under 1.0 sone is quiet. Bathroom fans that make 3–4 sones are noisy. Many homes have older Broan bathroom fans with a sone rating of 4.0.

Sizes of ducts

The duct size for your new Broan-Nutone also plays a significant role. Basically, the larger the duct size, the quieter and higher the CFM performance of the bathroom fan.

Many older homes still use 3-inch duct vent diameters for bathroom fans, but contemporary fans require 4-inch or even 6-inch duct hoses. If you keep your old 3-inch duct, the noise level will skyrocket, and the actual CFM of your bathroom fan will drop.

Broan vs. Nutone: Final Take

Broan and Nutone are two well-known international brands owned by the Broan Group of Companies. Both brands’ items are of high quality, and determining which is better than the other is difficult because they are both under one umbrella.