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Choosing Between Cinderella and Incinolet Incineration Toilets

Incinolet Incineration Toilets, Thinking about incinerating toilets? Well, back in 1999 when the market-leading Cinderella Incineration Toilet was launched, most homeowners found their leisure life vastly improved. However, one of the hardest decisions you will come across is choosing between Cinderella and Incinolet.

Incineration toilets are generally associated with certain benefits including the fact that they can work perfectly without water and sewage systems and with the gas Model, these items can even be operated without electricity. They can be an effective way to save up on water bills and, in turn, save some money on water bills as well.

These toilets are not only known for high quality but they are also developed with great capacity. To help you make the right choice, we have this comparison review developed for you. So let’s get started.

A quick Comparison Table

Incinolet Incineration Toilets

In case you’re short on time, we recommend checking out this comparison table to see the technical differences between the toilets.

Model Incinolet Cinderella
Construction Grade 2 Grade 1
Connection 220-230V Socket 220-230V Socket
Air Consumption Inside House Outside House
Energy Consumption 1.42kwh 1.41kwh
Width 15 Inches 15 Inches
Height 2 Inches 23 Inches


Checking through these specifications just gives you the key technical stuff. However, you may still find it difficult to choose the best toilet for your needs. That’s exactly why you need to go through the in-depth comparison below.

Incinolet Vs Cinderella: Main Differences 

In this section, we will discuss the various aspects that can influence your choice for your particular needs.

Energy Consumption

The fact that incinerating toilets run on electricity means you will need to consider how much energy they consume. This aspect has a huge impact on which one you choose. When it comes to energy consumption, most people would want to go for the model with lower energy consumption.

On that note, Cinderella incinerating toilets are known to consume less energy compared to Incinolet toilets. Although it’s not a big difference, it is something you might want to keep in mind for the long run.

Therefore, Incinolet Incineration Toilets want to save up on energy consumption, the Cinderella should be your choice. A single flush mostly consumes 1.41kwh in comparison to that of Incinolet which ranges above 1.42kwh.

Air Consumption

This is another important factor that dictates which brand you should go with. Note that there are two air consumption that you get to see in incinerating toilets. Some models can cope with air consumption from outside the home and some inside.

The ones that have air consumption from outside the home are generally considered a much better pick in comparison to indoor ones. An indoor toilet can cause an increased temperature inside the house, which isn’t something most people would like.

Now speaking of two options, the Cinderella toilets are designed to consume air from outside sources while the Incinolet models are typically based on air consumption inside the home.

So, for those who don’t have a proper ventilation system in their homes, experts recommend getting the Cinderella toilets.

Indication and Signals

When it comes to incineration toilets, users should keep in mind that there are several things that are shown or delivered through various signals and indicators. You can use these signals to determine whether the toilet is working properly or not. Also, they help in knowing whether the toilet is serving to its level best or not.

While you will get indicators for and signals on the Cinderella toilets, we can’t say the same for the Incinolet toilet as they don’t have any kind of indicator or signal feature. This, however, doesn’t impact the performance or results, but we thought it would be more reassuring to have those signals on board.


Perhaps this is one of the simplest factors to comprehend. Construction basically refers to the build quality of the toilet. When you are looking for the best incineration toilet, you will certainly need to consider the durability factor of the product.

As far as construction goes, it’s safe to say that Cinderella incinerating toilets are much better compared to the Incinolet. Cinderella has a grade 1 build quality on a scale of 3 while the Incinolet has a grade 2 build quality, which makes it quite clear to know the better choice in terms of durability.


Incinolet Incineration Toilets

According to Incinolet, a four-user electric incinerating toilet costs $2,300 while an eight-user toilet costs $2,700. Keep in mind that the cost of electricity varies according to the location of the service.

The Cinderella on the other hand is not cheap and would be a substantial purchase for anyone. These toilets start at $4,695 for the classic unit that takes its air from the room. This model is two and half times as expensive as the Incinolet. But based on your budget and living situation that could be a bargain compared to a new septic system.

In terms of cost, Cinderella’s price is pretty much comparable with the fanciest compositing systems. These toilets use a lot of electricity, which buyers need to keep in mind.

Which is the Right Incinerating Toilet for You?

All things considered, we can pretty much tell that the Cinderella incinerating toilets are an overall better pick compared to the Incinolet. We recommend this option if you want the best quality and performance out of your incinerating toilet.

However, the price may be a major consideration for others. Incinolet Incineration Toilets price is a major aspect that can influence your decision, then you should note that the Incinolet models come less expensive than the Cinderella toilets. Other than price, Cinderella toilets surely have the upper hand over the Incinolet toilets.