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Choosing Decora and Standard Outlets: A Comprehensive Guide

Decora and Standard Outlets, The electrical outlets in your home are important. The difference between a standard outlet and a decorator outlet can be significant. We’ve put together this guide to help you understand their differences and when to use each type of outlet in your home. 

However, while they may be more energy efficient, there are some reasons why you may want to hold off on replacing older outlets with their newer updated counterparts. This blog post will explore the design, options, and price differences between standard and decora adapters.

Decora vs Standard Outlets: What is a Decora Outlet?

Decora and Standard Outlets

Decora outlets are a type of outlet that can be used in any room with a light switch. They are built to work with most dimmer switches but are not compatible with older ones that use an old-style toggle. 

Decora outlets are slightly larger than the standard wall outlet, and they have two screws on each side where you would normally screw in the cover plate. This makes them easy to install and allows you to cover them once installed.

Decora outlets are available in several different styles and colors. You can also find different styles of faceplates for these outlets if you want your home to look more stylish or modern. Faceplates come in various sizes and shapes, including square and round designs. Some models have built-in USB ports to charge your phone or tablet at home without extra space on your nightstand or desk.

Decora vs Standard Outlets: What is a Standard Outlet?

A conventional outlet has two or more plug slots. Three rows of slots normally have at least one slot each. Lighting and heating use standard outlets.

Homes and businesses install standard outlets to power electrical equipment. There are many sizes, shapes, and designs of conventional outlets on the market. Duplex, GFCI, and tamper-resistant outlets are examples.

Standard outlets function with coaxial, telephone, and computer network wires. These plugs fit only specific standard outlets due to their dimensions. Telephone plugs are larger than coaxial plugs, hence they won’t fit in coaxial outlet.

Where to Install Decora outlets

Decorator wall plates, also known as Decora wall plates, are installed on the wall behind the outlet to hide it from view. They come in a wide range of colors and styles, so you can find one that matches the decor of your room.

Decora switches come in many different styles and colors. You can install them on walls or ceilings, and they’re great for controlling lights or other devices located in other rooms from one location.

Decora outlets offer a high-quality alternative to standard duplex outlets. They’re available in single and three-gang configurations, with matching screws for easy installation.

When to Install Standard Outlets

Most home improvement experts recommend installing standard outlets at the beginning of a remodeling project. This allows you to wire the entire house before you run into any complications or problems, such as running out of cable or having to move walls around. 

If you plan on adding more circuits later, make sure to finish wiring your main floor and garage before starting on other areas, as this will help save time and money.

When choosing where to put your outlets, think about how often people use them in different areas of your home. For example, bathrooms may have multiple outlets for hair dryers, curling irons, and other appliances. Kitchens often need an outlet near the range for cooking appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers.

Bedrooms usually have one or two nightstand lamps that require power sources near their bedsides. So to they can be reached easily in the dark without having to walk over from another room to turn them off when they are finished using them at night.

Reasons to Use Decora Outlets in your new Home

Decora outlets are an excellent choice for a new home. They’re versatile because they can be used with any wiring system and come in various colors and styles. They’re also easy to install and replace.

If you’re building a new home or remodeling an existing one, here are some reasons why you should go with Decora outlets:

  • They’re easy to install: Decora outlets don’t require any special installation tools or skills. You can simply connect them to your existing wiring system in less than 5 minutes and be on your way. If you need help, dozens of videos online show how it’s done.
  • They fit almost anywhere: Decora outlets come in a wide range of styles and colors, so you can choose the ones that best suit your décor. This makes them perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.
  • They’re affordable: Decora outlets are much more affordable than other electrical outlet covers, such as switched plates and rocker switches, because they don’t require wiring or switches inside the cover. This means you only have to pay for the cover itself

How Do you Decide Between Decora and Standard Outlets?

Decora and Standard Outlets

Decora is an electrical outlet configuration that was designed to be used with Decora-style switches and receptacles. They are designed to look and feel nice when used as a set, but they will work with any standard switch or receptacle. The faceplate is the key difference between a standard and a Decora outlet.

If you want to install a new wall plate, you can simply remove the old plate and screw on the new one. The wiring will stay the same regardless of which outlet you use. The main difference is aesthetics:

Standard Outlets have traditional white plastic faceplates that screw onto your existing electrical box; standard boxes have four screws. Decora outlets have metal faceplates that snap onto your existing electrical box; Decora boxes have six screws.

The two types of outlets are interchangeable with each other in terms of function but not in terms of appearance.


Standard outlets differ in installation, requiring wires to be concealed before installation. Decora outlets may be installed on drywall, plaster, or brick by first attaching mounting tabs to the wall. At the same time, hard-wired versions are available for older homes with more traditional wiring infrastructure. There is no significant difference in features and prices between Decora and standard outlets.