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How to Choose Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Decor

When it comes to Kitchen designing, it isn’t an easy task, just like following a recipe. For a spectacular kitchen look, careful thought has to be given to knobs, handles and other hardware. In this article, you will get guidelines on how to get the correct cabinet hardware and how to match it with your kitchen décor.

What is Cabinet Hardware?

The major function of the kitchen cabinet hardware is to assist you in the opening and shutting of your cabinet doors and drawers. Therefore, cabinet hardware refers to the knobs (commonly used on doors) and pulls (used on drawers). However, both are being used interchangeably. Hardware also refers to the hinges that enable the door to open.

Choosing your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Match Decor

Hardware Style

Apart from helping you open and close the kitchen doors and drawers, cabinet hardware defines your home’s design style. Thus, your hardware style depends on your door style and the general design style of your home.

Cabinet hardware comes in several styles. The one to choose depends on your home; for instance, if your home is contemporary, go for simple hardware with long simple lines. For traditional homes, choose ornate knobs and pulls, etc.

Function-wise, choose knobs and pulls that feel comfortable on your hands as you will use them regularly. Unlike the square edge, round shapes have fewer chances to scratch your hands.

Hardware Finish

Finishes vary based on the manufacturer. Several finishes are available, but the most popular ones are chrome, brushed nickel, hand-finished antique brass, satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze or aluminum, bronze (light to dark),  and matte black.

 Cabinet hardware works marvelously when the finish adds some contrast to the room. So put in mind the colors of your cabinet, appliances, faucet and lighting. A point to note is that a vintage feel is associated with warmer toned spaces with brass cabinets, while contemporary is for cooler tones with darker cabinets.

Matching all hardware finishes in your home is a preferable choice. However, it is still okay to keep all the kitchen finishes cohesive and the room’s surroundings. These include the sink hardware, cabinet hinges and light fixtures.

There are no limitations on hardware finish. Just choose the style and finish of your choice.

Determine the size

The general home design style contributes to the hardware size you should choose. Long pulls (9″ +) provide a contemporary look, while mid-length (5″-7″) pulls are more conventional or transitional.

Size as a design factor is directed to pulls as knob size does not affect the style, but its style assists in defining your style.

You can mix your pull sizes or use similar sizes in your entire kitchen regardless of the cabinet sizes.

3 Tips on How to Blend the Kitchen Décor

Blending cabinet hardware to your kitchen décor is not a walk-in-the-park job. There are three primary considerations:

  • Kitchen theme
  • Coordinate with fixture and appliance finishes
  • Whether to mix and match the cabinet hardware.

Kitchen Theme

Choose cabinet hardware that matches your kitchen’s theme in style. Modern, industrial and contemporary kitchens match well with sleek, simple designs. Cabinet hardware with texture and detail suits perfectly conventional and rustic kitchens.

When matching the theme in material, the hardware finish should correspond with the cabinet color. White cabinets look amazing in any color. For light and dark-colored cabinets, pair them with hardware finishes that make the pulls pop.

Coordinate Fixtures and appliances

Ensure your kitchen hardware blends well with your appliances’ finish, light, and plumbing fixtures.

It is not a rule that they have to match hence “mixed metal” look can vividly work depending on your kitchen décor.


Example to show the coordination between the appliance and fixture finishes and cabinet hardware finishes is given below:


Appliance and Fixture Finish Matching Cabinet Hardware Finish
Black Chrome/nickel/silver(polished/brushed)

Black( polished matte)

Stainless steel Brass/gold(brushed)


White Chrome/nickel/silver(polished/brushed)



Chrome Chrome/nickel/silver(polished)


Copper/ Bronze Copper/bronze(polished/brushed)

Black (polished/matte)


Should you mix and match?

The two primary reasons you can settle on using more than one style of kitchen hardware are Style and Function.

Style: Different types of hardware offer lots of character to the kitchen binging in the visual effect. In large kitchens, the method works well to break the monotony.

Function: Is when cabinets are suited to a particular hardware type than others, for instance, Round knobs for swinging doors, small handles for flip-door, bin pulls for pull out drawers, etc.

Tips on How to Mix and Match

Your kitchen should be a reflection of your personal preferences. So mixing your hardware can add a unique touch making everything look organized and gorgeous. For the process to make practical sense, read the guidelines herein:

  • Single finish – It is safer and simpler to mix various shapes of pulls and knobs in a single matching finish, thus giving the hardware some sense of coordination and minimizing the recognition of the different styles of each.

Remember not only the finish but the texture too. A good example is brushed brass and satin brass. Both are gold in tone but look different because of the surface textures hence various shining levels.

  • The number of doors and drawers- In a kitchen with less than 20 doors and drawers, it is advisable to stick to a maximum of two types of hardware, and the one with less than 12 doors and drawers, use one style.
  • Use a single style for the upper cabinet and another for the lower cabinets.
  • Use various styles for each function/ door and drawer type
  • Color within lines


Choosing kitchen cabinet hardware is not easy! Kitchen knobs and handles serve the functional purpose of opening and shutting the doors and drawers, but the best hardware is essential as they add a special look to your kitchen décor.

When that time to revamp your kitchen space comes, define your kitchen statement with impressive and sumptuous cabinet hardware regardless of the type. Ensure you make a sensible choice now that the information in this article has impacted you.