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Choosing the Right Vegetable Peeler: Features and Types

Peelers come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are designed to peel only potatoes, while others can handle everything from carrots to cucumbers. The best vegetable peeler for you is one that’s comfortable to use and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

The main features of vegetable peelers

vegetable peeler

Material: Stainless steel vs plastic, rubber, or wood

Blade: Straight vs curved

Handle: Ergonomic vs non-ergonomic

Blade thickness: Thinner blades are more flexible and easier to use but can also be more prone to breaking. Thicker blades tend to be sturdier but less flexible.

The blade shape affects how easily you can peel different types of vegetables like apples or potatoes.

Straight blades are best for long and straight vegetables like carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, and potatoes. Curved blades are better for peeling round fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, and kiwis.

Serrated edges are found on some models, especially those designed for peeling tomatoes. A serrated edge works best when working with soft fruits and vegetables like tomatoes because it makes it easier to remove the skin without damaging the flesh underneath.

Another important feature of any vegetable peeler is its handle or grip.

You’ll want a comfortable handle that feels good in your hand and isn’t slippery when wet with water or food residue. Some handles have holes or indentations to provide extra grip when you’re working with wet foods like tomatoes or apples; others have a textured surface that helps prevent slippage even if your hands are wet or oily from cooking oil.

Types of Vegetable Peelers

There are many different types of vegetable peelers on the market. Each has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before you buy.


This type of peeler is similar to the traditional Y-shaped potato peeler; however, it features two blades instead of one like in traditional ones. It also has a serrated edge that provides extra grip on food while peeling it off its skin. This type of peeler can be used for peeling potatoes and carrots as well as other root vegetables such as turnips and parsnips.


  •       They’re great for larger vegetables like big potatoes and sweet potatoes.
  •       Easy to use
  •       Can handle smaller potatoes with ease


  •       For softer produce, the surface can potentially be scratched or marred if used improperly

Serrated Peeler

Rather than cutting your food, this tool rips away the outer layer from fruits and vegetables. The serration makes it easy to remove skins while keeping your fingers safe from cuts.

This type of peeler is good for people who have arthritis or other hand issues that make gripping larger tools difficult; however, it isn’t as effective at removing thick layers of skin as other types of peelers because it’s not sharp enough.


  •       Ideal for peeling soft thin-skinned veggies
  •       Firm grip


  •       Less versatile than other models

Electric Rotary Peeler

This type of vegetable peeler has a rotating blade attached to its base, which rotates at high speed when you press down on its handle, which glides over your potato or tomato etc., making it easy for you to remove its skin quickly without any effort from your part!

This type of electric rotary vegetable peeler is very popular among cooks because it saves time while preparing food by peeling vegetables efficiently and quickly! You don’t have to worry about getting hurt while using this.


  •       Ideal for people with arthritis or wrist problems
  •       Easy to operate


  •       Pricier than other models
  •       It uses electricity to work

Julienne Peeler

This type of peeler can also be called a ribbon-style cutter because it produces long ribbons of vegetables when in use.

It is great for making French fries or garnishes for salads or other dishes where you need to cut long strips out of vegetables such as carrots or cucumbers.


  •       Ideal for making long strips
  •       Easy to use


  •       Unless you want to make strips, you’d better try a different model

Lancashire Peeler

A Lancashire peeler is a simple metal blade with a handle at one end and serrated teeth along its edge.

This type of peeler is designed to cut thin layers off fruits and vegetables instead of removing the entire outer layer at once.

It works well on potatoes, apples, and carrots but may not work well on smaller objects such as tomatoes because they are too soft for the serrated teeth to grip onto properly without puncturing holes through their surface as well as removing their skin.


  •       Very versatile
  •       Easy to use


  •       Not ideal for soft produce

Carrot Peeler

This type of vegetable peeler features a sharp blade that creates a thin slice from the top side of the carrot, so it can be used for preparing salads or soups. It also has a serrated edge that provides extra grip on the carrot while peeling it.

This type of peeler can also be used for peeling small potatoes, cucumbers, radishes, etc.


  •       Easy to use
  •       Affordable


  •       Not very versatile

Hand Peeler

The hand peeler is the most basic type of vegetable peeler. It comes with a blade that is connected to a handle. You hold the handle in one hand and push the blade against the vegetable with the other hand.

The design allows you to control how much of the vegetable is being cut off, which means you can use this type of peeler for more delicate fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. It also makes it easier to peel curved fruits and vegetables, like mangoes or potatoes.

Multi-Blade Peele6

vegetable peeler

A multi-blade peeler has two or more blades mounted on a rotating head. The blades cut into the skin, but they don’t just pull it off as a hand peeler does; instead, they slice through it so that only small bits remain attached to the food being peeled.

This type of peeler can be used on hard and soft-skinned vegetables like carrots and cucumbers, making it ideal for all types of cooking projects at home or in professional kitchens worldwide!


  •       It’s versatile


  •       Harder to use than other models


So there you have it. There is a range of vegetable peelers out there with different conveniences, price points, and design options. It all depends on what your needs are for your home and what you consider most important when purchasing a peeler. Regardless, one thing is certain: no home should be without an effective peeler.