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Comparing Joybird vs. Lovesac: Online Sofa Shopping Guide

Joybird vs. Lovesac online sofa shopping, Online purchases take a leap of faith because you are buying something unseen. And this is not any different when it comes to sofas, which cost hundreds or thousands of your hard-earned money and can be a hassle to refund.

There are several styles, sizes, and types of sofas, and the best is a matter of personal taste. Therefore, in this write-down, we will compare two popular e-furniture brands, Joybird vs. Lovesac. Ensure you stick with us as we walk you through the differences.

Joybird Vs Lovesac: Overview

Joybird vs. Lovesac online sofa shopping

What about Joybird?

Joybird’s main slogan is that people should be “boldly original” with their furniture choice. So the primary focus of Joybird is to create custom-made, high-quality items that meet the unique preferences of their customers and are durable.

The company creates handcrafted furniture at affordable prices tailored to your needs and specifications, resulting in outstanding pieces and an exceptional customer experience. Their inspiration is drawn from the mid-century movement and designers like Cara Greenburg, Wright, and Eero Saarinen.

Advantages of Jaybirds

  • They offer consultations on design
  • They have fabric samples 
  • A lifetime warranty on foundational elements
  • Free returns within 14 days, and they pick the couch
  • No restocking fee on returns
  • They provide a variety of fabric and color options(89)
  • One-year trial available
  • The sectional is reversible for versatility
  • In-home, white glove delivery present
  • Multiple styles (59) and accessory pieces in their collections
  • Exceptionally comfortable


  • Higher price vs. other online retailers 
  • Return shipping is not refunded if it is over 14days from the date of purchase.
  • Higher price vs. other online retailers 
  • Limitation on fabric warranty to 3years
  • Some fabrics require extra shipping time.
  • Only two showrooms: Brooklyn, NY, and Washington.


They offer long-lasting comfort beyond flexibility to meet the changing needs of families. The bean bags and couches are soft, stylish, and built sustainably. The company is widely known for its Lovesac bean bag chair.

They are created out of a passion for comfort and proximity, made to be snuggled on. The company says, “Sacs are the closest thing you’ll get to sitting on an actual cloud,” which is agreeable among customers.

A supersac is the best thing if you want to unwind and hang out; giving you such a feeling like a cloud is hugging you. Lovesac’s product ranges include sofas and sectional sofas known as “Sactionals,” which are flexible and easy to reconfigure into various limitless arrangements.  

Pros of Lovesac

  • They offer free shipping anywhere within the contiguous united states
  • They offer a lifetime warranty on soft insert pieces
  • They have a broad selection of sizes, fabrics, patterns, and colors for your choice on both their sacs and sectionals, including free fabric samples to try before you make your purchase
  • It has over 70 showrooms across the mainland United States, not just online retailers.
  • Lovesac produces accessories, pillows, blankets, guest bedding, coasters, and drinks holders, which are very famous with their customers.
  • All different covers are removable, exchangeable, and machine washable, with other benefits like a fancy fresh look.

Cons of Lovesac

  • Customized items are susceptible to longer shipping windows
  • They are pricier than their counterparts
  • A 14-day shipping duration with no white glove delivery services
  • The warranty is limited to a 3-5 year warranty on their fabrics when other brands offer you a lifetime warranty on their product.


Joybird vs. Lovesac Brand Comparison

Pros Comparison Table

Joybird Pros Lovesac Pros
Provides frequent discounts and promotions than Lovesac Has greater brand recognition than Jobird
Fast shipping than lovesac It has better fabric options than Joybird
Better furniture condition than lovesac Offer price adjustment policies
Offers availability of  outlet stores Offers veteran discount policies
Offers email discounts Offer free shipping policies
Gives in-store pickup Offers PayPal support
Offers modification and cancellation policies Offers Amazon Pay Support
Offer in-store layaway Offers teacher discount policies
Has two active coupon codes Offers gift card support
Offers nurse discount policies
Lovesac has one active coupon code.


Cons Comparison Table

Joybird Cons Lovesac Cons
Lack the nurse discount policies It does not offer in-store layaway
No gift card support It doesn’t allow modifications and cancellation policies
No teacher discount policies It doesn’t offer the availability of outlet stores
No amazon Pay Support It doesn’t offer in-store pickup
No veteran discounts It doesn’t provide Email discounts
No PayPal support Worse furniture condition than Joybird
No free shipping policies Fast Shipping than Joybird.
No price adjustment policies

The two brands have a back to back competition; with Joybird slightly leading in terms of rating reviews at 4.5 while Lovesac at 4.4 

Factors To Consider Before You Order Sofa

The horror stories of purchasing the sofa of your dream only to discover it would fit through a doorway, navigate a staircase, or even worse, fit inside the room are true. To avoid falling into such a trap, here are some tips to follow:

Accurate Measure of the Sofa

The online website page should include measurements of at least the width, height, and depth of the arm and the depth and size of the seat cushions, all in a downloadable spec sheet or assembly manual or by emailing.

Joybird vs. Lovesac online sofa shopping is better to check the showroom nearby to gain confidence and do your measurements.

Delivery Process

Be aware that not all sofas are completely assembled; some come in detached legs and separate cushions, and others need extensive assembly. Check out all these details before placing your order.

Measure your entryways

The entry to your home can hinder the delivery process; for instance, a narrow stairway, a narrow corridor, a low overhanging chandelier, etc., can cause insurmountable challenges.

Test the Footprint

Ensure your sofa fit where you want it to go

Qualities Of A Good Sofa

The appealing design is the first thing to steal your attention when buying a sofa. However, you can get easily deceived by outer beauty. Below is a glance at the features you can consider:

Frame material

A reasonable frame should enable your sofa to maintain its overall shape and integrity.

Frame Joints

How a piece is connected counts towards the enhancement of the sofa’s strength and durability of its frame

Cushion filling

Joybird vs. Lovesac online sofa shopping

They play the role of supporting you whenever you need to relax and also give your sofa form and volume.


 The stiffness or softness of the material used and the amount of air bubbles during the curing process determines the foam’s general feel and outcome.

Polyester Fibers

Joybird vs. Lovesac online sofa shopping bounces back to their former shape, meaning they are resilient and thus suitable for sofas.

Having shared at length the differences, benefits, and cons of Joybird vs. Lovesac, including various tips on purchasing sofas online, you are more than ready to make a decision you won’t regret. We leave it unto you to choose the brand of your choice.