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Comparing TOTO and Duravit Toilets: Features and Differences

TOTO and Duravit Toilets looking for a new toilet to add to your bathroom, there are plenty of options to choose from. But when you’re shopping for a new toilet, it helps to know what makes one model different from another.

If you’re planning to remodel your bathroom or upgrade your existing fixtures, then you’re probably wondering: which is better, TOTO or Duravit? If you’ve ever wondered about this, it’s time to keep reading. In this article, we’re going to go over the differences and share what we’ve found when researching each of these brands.

TOTO Vs Duravit: Brand Overview

TOTO and Duravit Toilets

Duravit is a German brand, and most of its products are manufactured in Germany. The brand has been around since 1817, making it one of the oldest plumbing brands in the world. They manufacture both toilets and sinks.

TOTO is a Japanese brand founded in 1917 by Kazuchika T. Okura as a company that produces toilets. Today, they manufacture everything from toilets to kitchen faucets and washing machines.

TOTO toilets are known for their designs and their high quality. They are more expensive than Duravit models, but they offer a lot of value for your money.

On the other hand, Duravit toilets are preferred by those who want to save money but still get a good quality toilet. They offer many different styles, including wall-hung toilets, which are perfect for smaller spaces like bathrooms.

TOTO vs Duravit: What’s The Difference?

The first thing you will notice when looking at a TOTO toilet and a Duravit toilet is that they look different. The shape and size are different, but there are other differences as well. In this section, we will compare some of those differences.

Here are some points to consider when choosing a toilet for your home:

Materials Used:

TOTO wall-hung toilets are made of Vitreous China – a type of ceramic material that is extremely hard and durable. It doesn’t scratch or chip easily, but it can still develop cracks over time if it’s dropped or damaged in some way. These toilets are generally easier to clean than traditional porcelain because they don’t stain as easily, but they’re also more expensive than traditional porcelain models since they’re made out of more advanced material.

The toilet bowl itself is also slightly smaller than traditional ceramic models, so it fits into smaller spaces.

On the other hand, Duravit wall-hung toilets are made of traditional ceramics with WonderGliss coating. The WonderGliss coating makes these toilets more resistant to scratches and chips than they would be without it. It also gives them a glossy finish that looks great in any bathroom.


Another main difference between TOTO and Duravit toilets is that TOTO toilets have round bowls while Duravit toilets have elongated bowls. Also, the shape of their seats is different. The D or square-shaped seats of TOTO toilets make them more comfortable and stylish, while Duravit toilet seats have an elongated shape with a wide surface.

Flushing System

They both have a similar dual max flushing system, which means they can flush solid waste without clogging up your pipes or tank. It also means they use less water than conventional toilets to save money on your water bill and conserve resources like fresh water and energy.

The difference is that Duravit uses 1.28 gallons (5 liters) per flush, while TOTO uses only 0.9 gallons (3 liters). TOTO also has a 1.28 GPF option.


Duravit toilets are lighter weight than TOTO models because the Vitreous china material used to make TOTO toilets is exceptionally thick and heavy-duty. It’s not only about durability but also about its weight so that it can withstand daily usage without any problem. However, Duravit toilets are much lighter than TOTO ones due to their design which makes them easier to lift up when cleaning or installing them in your bathroom.

Thus, if you need to move your toilet, Duravit is a better option for you.

Installation Process

TOTO and Duravit Toiletsever installed a toilet before, you know that it can be a time-consuming and frustrating task.

TOTO toilets require more time and effort to install than Duravit toilets.

Duravit wall-hung toilets are easier to install than TOTO toilets because of their lighter weight. The average Duravit toilet weighs approximately 99 pounds, while most TOTO toilets weigh considerably more than this. If you’re installing your own toilet, this can make a big difference when carrying it up a flight of stairs or trying to fit it through tight spaces.

The installation of a Duravit is generally easier than the installation of a TOTO, as it is just as easy to install a Duravit as it is to install any other toilet. The only difference is that you will need to do some research on how to install a Duravit, as there are many different models with different installation instructions.

Price Comparison

TOTO and Duravit Toilets

On average, TOTO toilets cost more than Duravit models, but they may be worth it, depending on your budget.

An costly toilet will last for years without needing to be replaced because it’s built to last. Avoid buying new toilets every few years and use old ones to save money. High-quality TOTO items cost more than others. Duravit, another trusted brand, offers more alternatives at lower prices than TOTO.


Both brands offer a 1-year warranty which is not transferable to another person if you decide to sell the product.


Because of the quality of materials used in both brands and their long life spans, both are comparable when it comes to longevity. You’ll likely be able to get several years out of either toilet before needing replacement parts or service calls due to leaks or other issues with functionality over time.


We believe that both of these bath fixtures are top-notch. Both TOTO and Duravit’s products are well designed, effective, and even aesthetically pleasing. Depending upon your personality, needs as a user, and/or available budget, there is little doubt that you will like one of these brands more than the other. You just need to make your choice on which is best for you.