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Safe Microwaving of Wet Towels: Quick and Proper Methods

Microwaving of Wet Towels there wondering whether putting a wet towel in the microwave is alright. A warm wet towel is witnessed in natural treatment plans. It is an excellent way of opening pores, minimizing pain, or acting as a relaxant after a hectic long day.

Can You Put A Wet Towel In The Microwave? Let’s dig a bit deeper

Microwaving of Wet Towels

There are no restrictions on putting a wet towel inside the microwave as it is safe. Therefore it is advisable to wring the towel to remove the excess water before placing it inside the microwave to get the warmth you need without ruining anything inside the appliance.

In this article, we will answer whether you can put a wet towel inside the microwave, how to microwave it, why to microwave a wet towel, and to what extent it should get hot.

How to properly microwave the wet towel?

It is of great importance to heat wet towels correctly and safely. Alternatively, heat the water in the microwave before applying it to a towel if the first option gives you goose pimples. Although, there are essential 3 factors to remember:

  • Amount of moisture

Your towel should be sufficiently soaked but not dripping before putting them inside the microwave.

  • The towel size

You require a small towel such as a towel size or a washcloth to avoid the consequences of weighing down your microwave’s plate and bringing it to a complete stop.

Ensure your towel consists of no metallic tags or weights. 

Its fabric should withstand the heat. For instance, 100% cotton towels safely bear microwaving. 

Therefore, watch out for synthetic fabrics containing varying plastic levels that can melt when subjected to microwave heat, like polyester fabrics.

Although some plastics are known to be microwave friendly, it is crucial to ascertain that your towel’s fabric material is 100% cotton to prevent incidents of the towel being ruined or, even worse, catching fire. This information is on the towel’s label.

  • The microwave’s out of power.

The Direct Solution

Choose Your Preferred Oil (optional)

As it pleases you, put a few drops of essential oils of your scent choice, such as rosemary, sandalwood, and lavender. Spread it sparingly in the central area of the towel for a more powerful effect once it is hot and steamy.

Wet and Wring the Towel

Let the towel soak appropriately, then wring out the excess water for easy warming. Therefore, the towel should be damp and not dripping when you place it into the microwave.

The primary reason for wringing your towel is to prevent the microwave’s interior from getting messy, making it hard to handle. In addition, it preserves the design integrity of your microwave. 

The bottom line is a “wet towel,” not a “dripping towel,” as the latter is risky.

Microwave the Wet Towel

Place the wet towel at the center on a microwave-safe plate or a small ovenproof dish for maximum efficiency (proper warming). The oven is set at 149 degrees Celsius or about 300 Fahrenheit for even warmth.

Where you place the towel is paramount, just as whether to put a wet towel in the microwave. 

How long should you microwave a wet towel?

Microwaving of Wet Towels is recommendable to microwave a wet towel for 30 seconds. However, the time can stretch to roughly 60-90 seconds depending on your microwave, the towel’s width, and how hot you prefer your towel. 

As a result, the towel attains enough warmth that is comfortable to touch and perfect for your body.


Afterward, you can take it out ready to use for the intended purpose, like on your sore muscle, calf, face, etc. Before applying it to the affected area, get a thinner but dry cloth and wrap the heated towel. 

However, ensure you check the towel’s heat level before using your fingers or the back of your hands before applying it to your body.

Note that a dry towel catches fire in the microwave within 15 seconds. So, it is significant for your towel to be wet before placing it in the microwave. 

Also, depending on the use, it may require you to heat the towel a little more.

The Indirect Method of Microwaving

  • Place the towel in a bowl and apply the essential oils of your choice.
  • Put a cup of water in the microwave and heat it until it reaches a boiling point.
  • Pour it on the towel and wait for the setup to cool enough to touch.
  • Finally, wring it free of the excess water, and apply it to the skin where needed.

What Precautions Should You Observe When Microwaving a Towel?

Microwaving of Wet Towels

Use Short Bursts

 Don’t heat your towel for more prolonged periods; use shorter heat sessions, like 10-15 seconds. Nonetheless, you’re always encouraged to do multiple bursts till it is thoroughly heated.

You can repeat the process for your towel to be fully warm or hot based on your desired temperature.

Microwave Size

Don’t overcrowd your microwave with a big towel; use small towels. Whichever size you choose, ensure that there are at least 3 inches between the sides, the top of the microwave, and the edges of the towel and tray for the direct method. 

Let it Sit for Some Time

 To avoid burning your fingers, let the towel sit for a while so that it cools off a bit before handling them.

What Are the Repercussions of Improper Wet Towel Microwaving?

Incorrect microwaving of your wet towel may lead to certain things. First, you risk getting the microwave’s magnetron ruined if you do it without anything inside the unit. Without the magnetron, the microwave won’t formulate any heat ultimately. Therefore, if the magnetron gets damaged or breaks, it must be fixed or replaced. 

The microwave is a vital kitchen appliance ideal for reheating leftovers, melting butter, making popcorn, etc., but Microwaving of Wet Towels still is an efficient appliance for heating your towels at home. However, the process must be done with caution.

Ensure your towels are 100% cotton, for they are safe for heating in a microwave; their size is of the essence so as not to become in contact with the metallic surfaces. Also, they should not contain any metallic tags on them.

Microwaving of Wet Towels is secure to put a wet towel in the microwave. All you need is to ensure it is moist and placed on the middle of the microwave’s plate for about a minute to reach the warmth you need.