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Comparing Toto Entrada and Toto Drake Toilets

Toto Entrada and Toto Drake, usually abbreviated as TOTO Ltd is a Japanese company and the world’s largest manufacturer of toilets and related plumbing accessories. 

TOTO is famous globally for the invention and distribution of the washlet which is a toilet that comes equipped with cleaning capabilities that mimic a shower after using the toilet. 

Though fairly pricy, this top luxury item quickly became a favorite selling over three million units to date. The gadget is expected to perform even better in the coming years as its popularity does not appear to be waning in the foreseeable future.

Toto Ltd is considered the best manufacturer of toilets and continually breaks industry ceilings through innovation and technology designed to facilitate better water usage for a market segment that contributes immensely to the condition of the planet in terms of water usage and efficiency.

With over a century worth of experience in this industry, it would be the expectation that their products are top-shelf commodities. 

Two of their best-performing lines are Entrada and Drake which are consumer favorites. If you are in the market for a new toilet then these two should have you sufficiently spoiled for choice.

Toto Entrada Vs Toto Drake: Overview

Toto Entrada and Toto Drake

It should be noted that these two are general brand names that refer to a line of toilets each with its unique features and characteristics as well as some shared ones. 

What to consider when picking either:

  • Water usage
  • Flushing system
  • Customizability
  • Ease of installation
  • Cefiontect protection 
  • Compliances

Water usage

Water usage in Toto Entrada is considerably lower than you would find in older models or in other models. The water capacity in a single flush only utilizes 1.28 gallons of water approximately 5.8 liters. 

Older models held and expended twice this amount in a single flush making them a huge consumer of the overall water supply to the house.

Toto Drake is also a very efficient toilet using anywhere between 1.28 gallons to 1.6 gallons of water per flush depending on the specific model you have. 

While the difference may appear minuscule, savings in terms of water become evident in the long term.

Flushing system

Both of these brands are top-of-the-range products each employing the best flushing system available at the time of its inception.

Toto Entrada has an E-max flushing system while Toto Drake uses a G-max flushing system. 

The E-max flush is water-efficient and noise-canceling, so curious neighbors can’t schedule your toilet breaks. The E-max flush uses one to two liters less water and is more discrete than the G-max flush.

That said, the latest Toto Drake models include a powerful Dynamax Tornado flush technology that efficiently removes waste and cleans the bowl thoroughly, leaving no residue.

The Dynamax Tornado may use 0.8 or 1.6 gallons of water, which saves water because liquid waste is most often cleaned away with 0.8 gallons.

Ease of installation and customizability

These two brands make toilet installation easier than ever. Already modeled for plugging in and direct plumbing, you’ll need the rough-ins and buy a few installation nicks.

Installing Toto Entrada and Toto Drake models is easier and more convenient because they come in two sections.

For the plumbing rookie, such an installation may be difficult, but support will be inexpensive.

The two companies provide modification if you want a bigger tank or a different basin. You can choose an elongated or circular dish with Toto Entrada and Toto Drake.

Cefiontect Protection

Toto Entrada and Toto Drake

Toto Entrada features a perfect porcelain finish with a sleek design that facilitates maximum reach allowing a flush to both rid the bowl of waste as well as achieve a 360-degree rinse of the bowl. 

Not only does this leave your toilet clean and fresh it reduces the need for separate cleaning processes overall.

Toto Drake goes one step further and comes with Cefiontect nanotechnology protection. 

This is a proprietary and patented ceramic formulation that contains a glaze on the porcelain that repels the sticking of waste be it liquid or solid to the bowl.

A flush effectively rids the bowl of waste while also repelling any possible adherence of waste to the surface of the bowl which means the bowl gets even cleaner and more hygienic. It also resists the long-term corrosive action of waste particularly ammonia which tends to discolor toilet bowls.

With a Toto Entrada toilet, your costs in terms of toilet cleaning products go down and their overall harmful effects on the environment are reduced. 

Cefiotect protection also means a single flush is sufficient to achieve a thorough clean and fresh atmosphere without the additional need for fresheners


Both are:

  • ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. This means that no additional features or additional customization are needed to make the toilets friendly to people with special needs. It also includes standards heights and breath measurements to accommodate a greater range of human dimensions.
  • CAL Green-certified
  • EPA Watersense certified

The latter two certifications are guidelines that attempt to regulate runaway water usage by steering companies in the direction of innovation towards sustainable water consumption as opposed to uncontrolled water usage which is a strain on water resources countywide.


The differences between Toto Entrada and Toto Drake account for a very small percentage and the beneficial characteristics are similar. Toto Drake however outperforms Toto Entrada on an overall rating.