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Comparing Yogibo and Lovesac: Ultimate Comfort Showdown

How different can beanbags actually be? We’ve all seen infomercials on TV for these giant beanbag loungers and wondered if they were any good. And it turns out that there’s just something about them that screams comfort; after all, that’s what they’re primarily meant for.

Coming down to specific brand names, one can look no further than Yogibo and Lovesac. These two are favorite choices for many but since they’re both marketed pretty heavily throughout, it might be tricky to tell which the better option is.

Yogibo, on one hand, is a well-known brand in the world of inflatable loungers. They are a product from a German company, and if you have never heard of Yogibo, you might want to know that they’re recognized for their design and comfort.

They are inflatable loungers that let you relax after a long day.

Lovesac, on the other hand, is popular for inflatable loungers too. It is a US-based company that is favored for its unique design and comfort, which brings us to the main question; are there any differences between Lovesac and Yogibo? Keep reading to find out as we compare them side-by-side.

Yogibo vs Lovesac: What are the Differences?

Yogibo vs Lovesac

First off, the sizes. Each brand has different sizes available that can accommodate different-sized individuals. In other words, they are different options meant for different purposes.

Lovesac and Yogibo differ in terms of material as well. For instance, while Yogibo employs expanded polyester (EPS), Lovesac doesn’t operate that way. Instead, they work in a traditional way with shredded dura foam inside. We will find out how this affects usability and comfort later on.

Yogibo and Lovesac generally have more options when it comes to size, although most of these options might be somewhat too much for some. Well, it’s great to have plenty of options, but many people tend to prefer a regular-sized bean bag.

Other than that, there isn’t much to discuss in terms of differences. Perhaps the only thing you might  is the design. These two different brands have developed their own technology for ultimate comfort.

Yogibo vs Lovesac: In-depth Comparison

When it comes to exploring options, it’s important to compare and contrast these two brands to see which one would make sense for you. So, here’s a matchup of some of Yogibo and Lovesac to help you make a decision.

Yogibo Beanbag Review

Yogibo shares a lot of similarities with other bean bag companies, mainly due to the fact that it employs the same cushioning material i.e. the EPS, and covers, which all feel very similar. However, does have more choices than most brands out there.

Otherwise, the sizes and comparisons mentioned here are mere approximate figures, based on the nature of their product. Sizes may vary because they are made up of materials that move around.

Based on reviews, Yogibo would be a great option for most people. It delivers a great balance of practicality and comfort. That means you can sit upright in the Yogibo bean bag, and finish up some work on your laptop while you’re at it.

However, Yogibo beanbags need to be supported by the wall. You can always rest your back on it fully without some sort of support. Prices are likely to also vary, but they are very close to other brands.

On the bright side, though, Yogibo has excellent customizability and is said to be rather more extensive compared to other alternatives on the market. Moreover, there are more colors to choose from, which is great because some might want to match it with other home accessories.

Yogibo Pros

  •         Variety of color options
  •         Lightweight
  •         Practical and comfortable at the same time
  •         Many different sizes available


  •         Not the most practical beanbags (requires wall support)
  •         Not the most ergonomic

Lovesac Review

Lovesac is generally made the traditional way with shredded dura foam instead of EPS. Even so, most consumers don’t seem to mind so much about that, probably because Lovesac is exceptionally comfortable.

These beanbags are also available in multiple size options. There’s the “Exhibit A”- the big one- which ones in at 4.1 ft high and 6 ft wide, good enough to accommodate two adults and two children. There’s also the “Exhibit B” which comes in at 5 ft wide and 3.1 ft high.

In terms of pricing, the Big one cost around $1,550 while the SuperSac starts at around $1.250. So while it takes up your entire living room, it definitely makes a dent in your wallet. Of course, there are instances where these products clearly make sense, but for the average consumer, not really.

One downside though, since the beanbag is made the traditional way, it might develop holes with time. But you can mitigate this by pumping it out and gathering it together to make it back to normal.

Lovesac Pros

  •         Great quality
  •         Huge beanbags available
  •         Available in many sizes
  •         Lifetime guarantee


  •         Not very supportive
  •         Not as ergonomic

Yogibo vs Lovesac: Which is the Best

Yogibo vs Lovesac

Both Lovesac and Yogibo are great bean bag choices for comfort and support and are considered great than other brands on the market. But which one is right for you?

Well, Lovesac is like a cloud and certainly a great option if you can get over the bigger price tag. It is much more comfortable, and even though it does use traditional filling, the comfort is just out of this world.

However, you do have to trade in usability and practicality for comfort, as Lovesac is hard to make firmer to sit upright. Yogibo, on the other hand, will perform just fine if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option. Yogibo serves well as a pocket-friendly option, but in terms of comfort and usability, it isn’t really the best on the market. Overall, both brands seem to have their fair share of pros and downsides, they are a great value for money.