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Comprehensive Guide to Moen Showerhead Maintenance

Moen Showerhead Maintenance is a well-known manufacturer of sinks and bathroom fittings. Many people are familiar with the firm because of its cartridge-style shower faucets. Instead of having cold and hot water taps, Moen showerheads have lever-style handles and cartridge valves.

In this quick guide, we’ll take you through some of the things you need to know about Moen Showerheads if you own one in your home or plan to purchase one.

How to Remove Moen Shower Head

Moen Showerhead Maintenance

The Moen shower head attaches to the threaded end of the shower pipe in the same way that most other showerheads do. Unscrewing this connection is all it takes to remove a Moen showerhead. Below are some steps for removing a Moen showerhead.

Step 1: Try Removing the Moen Showerhead By Hand

Supplies required: None

  • Take hold of the Moen showerhead.
  • Unscrew and remove the showerhead by turning it counter-clockwise.
  • If you need extra leverage, turn while holding the shower pipe with your other hand.

Step 2: Try Removing the Moen Showerhead Using a Pliers or an Adjustable Wrench

If you did not manage to remove your Moen showerhead with your hands, you will require a few basic supplies.

Supplies required: Cloth rag, adjustable pliers or wrench

  • To protect the fitting, wrap the cloth rag over your adjustable pliers or wrench and lay it over the connecting nut.
  • To grip the connection, tighten the pliers or wrench as needed.
  • Unscrew and remove the Moen shower head by turning it counter-clockwise.

Step 3: Clean Your Stuck Moen Shower Head with Vinegar

Moen Showerhead Maintenance is still stuck, mineral deposits may have built up and need to be removed.

Supplies required: White vinegar, a small plastic bag to fit over the connection fitting, duct tape or a large rubber band

  • Fill the plastic bag with white vinegar and place it over the stuck fitting.
  • Wait for at least 8 hours.
  • Detach the plastic bag and return to step two to remove your Moen showerhead.

How to Clean a Moen Shower Head

Moen Showerhead Maintenance do not clean your shower head correctly or regularly, taking a shower might be harmful to your health. But there’s no need to be worried; with some old-fashioned vinegar, elbow work, and 45 minutes, you can shower with confidence. 

In this section of the guide, we’ll take you through the details on how to clean a Moen showerhead. A Moen showerhead can be cleaned either after it has been detached or while it is still attached.

Cleaning an Attached Moen Shower head

Requirements: Plastic bag, white vinegar piece of tape or a rubber band, old toothbrush, and a piece of cloth


  • Start by pouring warm white vinegar into the plastic bag.
  • Place the bag over the Moen showerhead and submerge your showerhead entirely in the warm white vinegar.
  • Secure the bag to the showerhead with a piece of tape or a rubber band around the stem.
  • After 20 minutes, remove the plastic bag.
  • Scrub the mineral deposits and dirt with a toothbrush.
  • Lastly, using hot water and moist cloth, thoroughly rinse the showerhead.

Cleaning a Detached Moen Shower head

Requirements: Pliers, towel, white vinegar, and a paperclip or thin wire


  • Begin by following the procedures outlined earlier in this article to remove your Moen showerhead.
  • If there is a cover on your showerhead, remove it. The cover may twist or snap off. If it appears to be stuck, don’t force it. This isn’t necessary because you’ll be able to clean your showerhead while it’s still attached.
  • Put your white vinegar on the stove to warm up. The size of your Moen showerhead will determine how much white vinegar you’ll need. The showerhead must be wholly submerged in white vinegar.
  • In a basin, pour the warm white vinegar. Submerge the showerhead in the white vinegar in the bowl and allow at least 20 minutes for it to soak.
  • Using a wire or a paperclip, clean the holes in the showerhead. Clear the debris out of the openings. Re-immerse the showerhead in vinegar.
  • With hot water, rinse the showerhead and the cover.
  • Lastly, reinstall your Moen showerhead and cover.

How to Remove a Flow Restrictor from a Moen Shower Head

Moen Showerhead Maintenance

The flow restrictor in your Moen showerhead can be easily removed so that you can enjoy a strong shower spray. Below are steps on how to remove the flow restrictor.

Step 1: Take Out Your Moen Showerhead

Begin by following the procedures outlined earlier in this article to remove your Moen showerhead.

Step 2: Disassemble the Fitting

Remove the rubber O ring gasket using your hands to avoid potential harm to the sensitive item. Place your palm on the showerhead and gently shake it to remove the screen.

Step 3: Locate the Flow Restrictor

Locate the flow restrictor in the neck of your Moen showerhead. This item is constructed of plastic and requires a screwdriver to locate it.

Step 4: Remove the Flow Restrictor

Remove the water restrictor from the Moen showerhead’s neck gently. To avoid damaging the inner thread of the showerhead, use light pressure when handling it.

Step 5: Reassemble the Parts of Your Moen Showerhead

Replace the screen on the showerhead and secure the O ring. Keep this assembly tight and secure at all times.

Wrap new plumber tape tightly around your showerhead. Then, secure the Moen shower head to the shower arm using your hands. Finally, use pliers to tighten the connection after wrapping a towel around the shower arm.

How to Fix Stuck Cartridges in Your Moen Shower Head

A Moen showerhead’s cartridges can become stuck, and you may not be able to remove yours without some further effort.

The Moen cartridge puller can assist with removal, although it is not always effective, and the cartridge may break. In such circumstances, contacting a licensed plumber to repair your Moen showerhead may be the best option.