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Creative Ways to Conceal Sewer Cleanout in Your Yard

Cleanout in Your Yard are one of many home plumbing features. This equipment is necessary for your home’s seamless operation and sanitation. The lateral connection from your house to the municipal sewer pipe ends at a sewer cleanout, a sealed junction. One of several backup solutions against blockage and sewer backup, it serves its principal purpose.

Plumbing requires sewer management, and poor management exposes you and the community to sanitation hazards and other problems. If your property has a plumbing clog, the sewer cleanout is the best way to remove the blockage without having to inspect every pipe.

The sewer cleanout is always in the yard, maybe many. Contractors typically hide this capped junction so it is not noticeable unless you check for it. However, they may be visible above ground since they protrude, which is unsuitable for sensitive homeowners. You can entirely disguise it with several methods.

Ways on How to Hide Sewer Cleanout in the Yard

Cleanout in Your Yard

The best way to hide sewer cleanout in your yard is dependent on where it is located. It could be at a corner against the house, next to the driveway, near the gate, right in the middle of the grass, or behind the house so this is an important factor when considering what option to go with.

This project’s biggest obstacle is sewer cleanout ground clearance, which will test your inventiveness. This project should begin with these proposals.

Garden planters

These are a fairly obvious solution and they are common for a reason; they work really well for a multitude of garden decor projects. This is one of those projects. However, you will not be able to simply place a garden planter on top of the sewer cleanout. 

Hollow out the bottom of a plastic garden planter or have a ceramic one crafted that has no bottom and dress the sewer cleanout with it. At the top, cover the planter with realistic replicas of the flower motif you have. 

For instance, if the other planters have gardenias, on this planter, place a plastic gardenia reef to blend it with the others leaving the yard without that eyesore.

White or Grey Gravel

A sewer cleanout is commonly painted white or grey so depending on what color you have, you can use either of these. 

Isolate the sewer cleanout by getting rid of the grass around it in a geometrical shape such as a circle about two feet in diameter with the sewer cleanout in the middle.

Place dry grass or mulch on the bare ground and pour the gravel evenly on top of the mulch. Pour enough that the gravel rises to the level of the sewer cleanout. Let the larger rocks form the outline of the circle to stabilize the gravel.

Instinctively, people will tend to stay away from this creation rarely ever stepping across it sparing them from tripping. 

If you wish, make more of these creations along a line decoratively to create the idea of a pattern. You will have isolated the sewer cleanout and beautified your yard as well.


The above gravel formations could form the ideal base for the placement of a garden sculpture which would be an exquisite addition to your yard. Animal sculptures would be an excellent choice for outdoor decor in this case. 

The specific sculpture that you choose to place on the sewer cleanout must be hollowed out at the bottom so that you do not damage the cap of the junction. 

Place a sculpture big or small on each of the gravel formations you have and let your yard attract the envy of your neighbors. White sculptures are particularly stunning against a backdrop of lush greenery and the vivid colors of garden flowers so make your home the star property of the neighborhood.

Lighting fixtures

Enlist the help of a landscape expert particularly if the sewer cleanout is located in the middle of your green yard instead of adjacent to the driveway. In order to use a lighting fixture to hide your sewer cleanout, the lighting placement must make sense overall. 

Lights are an excellent decorative feature you can add to your yard. Place them to create a pattern that blends seamlessly into the overall outlook of your yard while also covering the sewer cleanout from sight.

Garden gnomes

Cleanout in Your Yard

These are a common feature on most yards and a beloved part of both home decor and popular culture. Garden gnomes simply belong in a yard and are an inviting comforting sight albeit subliminally. 

Isolate your sewer cleanout and place garden gnomes, as many as pleases you, on and around it.

You could also have a wooden or metal place holder made to hold the garden gnomes so that you create an artistic collage of gnomes. The options here vary based on your preferences.

Bird feeder

If you are a bird watcher, this is the option for you. Construct a bird feeder and place it on top of the sewer cleanout ensuring it can be moved if the sewer cleanout is ever needed. 

You will be able to attract your favorite animal while obscuring from sight the sewer cleanout. A bird feeder is particularly attractive where there are children and provides a practical opportunity for them to interact with the natural world.

There are many more options and only your creativity limits you. Some of these strategies can even be used together, so get to work.