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Cubic Mini Wood Stove Problems

Most homeowners are installing a secondary source of heat in preparation for colder weather, one of the most common options being cubic mini wood stoves.

We’ve put together a list of the considerations you may want to know regarding cubic mini wood stoves, and how they weigh against other options such as fireplaces.

Cubic Mini Wood Stove: Cons


Perhaps this is the biggest downside of using a wood burning stove. It’s a major consideration because purchase and installation prices tend to vary greatly depending on several factors.

Generally, wood-burning stoves aren’t the cheapest of appliances. This is especially the case if you go for models that are from reputable brands. They are likely to be relatively high in terms of cost.

While cubic mini wood stoves don’t have to cost that much, you may need to pay a premium if you want a very efficient stove from a reputable brand. For instance, a firebox is likely to be less expensive than an entire wood burning stove for obvious reasons.

Unlike a firebox, which basically needs to be encased within a hearth, cubic mini wood stoves do not need a hearth, but they do require a firing platform and surround.

Either option will probably set you back by roughly $1500- may be more or less depending on the other materials employed.

Note that the initial cost of a wood-burning stove may seem quite high, it can be worthwhile in the long run and can be recuperated back by using the stove over many years.

Wood stoves are built to last a long time. There’s no such a rule as to how long these appliances should last, but they can serve anywhere from 5 to 20 years and maybe more.

The durability of a wood stove can be attributed to the quality of the stove and how well it’s used. But it’s safe to state that a stove can last a very long time with proper use.

Installation Cost

After purchasing a cubic mini wood stove, the next consideration is that you will need to install it within your home.

The installation cost will vary between each installation but can cost you anywhere from nil (if you do it yourself) up to several thousand for a personalized installation with a twin wall flue system through your roof.

Installing a cubic mini wood stove within an existing open fireplace can typically be less expensive compared to homes that don’t already have a chimney. Note that a chimney provides an existing route out of your home for a flue to be installed.


While cubic wood stoves with modern elegant designs create an old-world ambiance, they are usually bulky and may take up quite a lot of space due to clearance requirements.

They aren’t as pleasing, especially in comparison to a fireplace- though you can dress them up for a more attractive form. On the bright side, however, cubic mini wood stoves are associated with a great burn area for strong fires.

They are also dampers to allow as much or as little air to enter the stove, which is important if you wish to control the speed and heat of the burn. They also require less supervision as opposed to a fireplace which heats differently.


Wood burning stoves are associated with a heating efficiency of about 85%. Wood stoves tend to burn firewood much more efficiently compared to traditional open fireplaces.

While most of the heat is absorbed by the stove itself and radiated through the room, this saving in both firewood and heating bills can help make a cubic mini wood stove a worthwhile investment.

Cubic mini wood stoves use less firewood compared to a fireplace because you can control the burn much more easily and effectively.

Hot Stove Body

Another problem associated with cubic mini wood stoves is that they can get extremely hot. Wood stoves will basically get hot because they are designed to absorb the heat from the fire and radiate that heat into the room.

A wood stove can get very hot to the touch during operation. So keep this in mind, especially if you have pets or young children. Meanwhile, a fireplace screen can be a nice move to help keep the hot stove out of reach.

Learning Curve

If you’re planning to get a wood stove for the first time, then you’ll have to understand some of the basics regarding how to use the appliance. This will help to ensure you’re actually burning firewood efficiently.

Inappropriate use of a cubic mini wood stove can lead to poor burning experience and low heat output. Below is a list to consider and understand regarding wood stoves:

  •       Learn how to use the vents to control the fire in a stove
  •       Know how much fuel to add to your stove so you don’t end up burning fires too hot and over-firing your stove.
  •       Determine the right type of fuel. You don’t want to burn firewood that is too wet.


The ultimate decision is for the homeowners to make. You can read blogs like this and get a better understanding of what would work best for you, but when it comes to spending the money on the materials and installation, it all comes down to you.

Cubic mini wood stoves can be a great source of heat but just like any other appliance, they have downsides as well.

We’re sure that you have an idea of what you would like to install and us highlighting Cubic Mini Wood Stove Problems just makes you make more informed decisions.