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Choosing the Perfect Porch Swing: Size, Type, and Placement

A portico, or porch swing, is a protected area on a house’s facade. Traditional front porches are covered places where family and friends can relax and escape the outdoors.

Porches may be on the back or side of a house today, depending on architecture. Like a sunroom, a porch can be a house.Porches are detachable structures near to or detached from the house that give shade and respite.

If you have kids, putting a swing on your porch could provide some much-needed family fun and relaxation since you can swing. You must have adequate porch area to make a fully-moving swing. Leg room is another concern since it’s used.The swing, people, cats, and furnishings on your porch need space without crowding it.

How much room do you need for a porch swing?

Porch Swing

There is no standard size of a porch since there is no standard size of a home which is generally what informs the size and type of porch to have. On average most porches however will have a depth of approximately eight to ten feet. This is the distance from the edge of the porch to the wall of the house.

The breadth could vary significantly. A swing will fit on this porch, but it will be tight, so you may need to build a mini swing. A four- to six-foot swing should fit comfortably in this location, with a seven-foot swing seeming large. The porch width determines the swing or sitting allowance. A swing for two or more persons can be built if the breadth allows.

If you want a swing that can seat more than two people, divide it into swing seats to disperse the downward weight on the horizontal bar at the top. Any swing that seats more than two people should be built on the ground for improved functionality.

The Type of Porch

This is particularly important if you want to install or construct a swing set on your porch. As mentioned earlier, there are a few kinds of porches and some may not accommodate a swing from an aesthetic perspective. 

A swing is not a simple piece of equipment that you can move around like a vase if it is not agreeing with the general look of your porch. Its size and purpose mean that it will basically become the centerpiece of the porch once you have finished it so it should be considered carefully.

The traditionally recognizable front porch, covered or open is an excellent place for a swing and the open construction of the porch allows the swing to fit comfortably from a visual perspective without appearing to crowd the space. The bigger the porch the bigger the swing set it can accommodate. 

A closed porch is a different matter. In the case of a sunroom, for instance, the porch is completely walled in many cases using glass or transparent windows. While it allows you to feel the outside, it is essentially a room and a swing set will feel claustrophobic in such a space. A sunroom is functionally and aesthetically ill-fitting for a swing set.

Type of Swing

There are so many types of swings and no standard for their categorization but in general, their construction should inform which type of swing best fits your porch.

The Stand-Alone Swing Set

This is the most common type of swing available and is a favorite since it needs no additional work done on it if you buy it as it is. Simply put together the separate parts and it is ready for play.

It comes with upside-down V-shaped support that is stable and reliable and requires no further reinforcement. You can move them about but their weight makes it impractical to do so often.

The Suspended Swing Set

Porch Swing

To install this one, a handyman is needed since they must be secured to the roof of your porch. They are not moveable from one position to another and visually, they are imposing so these need a spacious porch even more than the stand-alone swing set. 

Aesthetically, however, they are the most inviting and are very attractive on your porch. 

The Rattan

Most homes have this small outdoor swing, the most popular. It is the most adaptable swing because it can be pushed up anywhere. It folds and is lightweight.

The rattan is an egg-shaped cocoon with an open side that sits on a stand. Some can be hanging from the ceiling, although this defeats movement. The swing is adorable, amusing, and functional. Space isn’t an issue with this swing.