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How To Dissolve Kleenex

Dissolving Kleenex tissuesDissolving Kleenex tissuesDissolving Kleenex tissues: Kleenex is a famous brand that produces tissue paper globally. The brand has become attached to tissue paper and is a commonly used word to describe the product itself. However, there are times when Kleenex tissue paper can’t dissolve quickly. 

The materials that make Kleenex are stronger than ordinary toilet paper. As a result, it doesn’t disintegrate fast when flushed down the toilet, making it hard to dissolve and risk clogging your drain spouts.

Manufacturers create toilet papers that are easy to break up and dissolve in water. But would this be the case with Kleenex tissues? Ensure you read to the very end for an answer and how you will solve the issue if you get yourself in the scenario.

Kleenex Products

Kleenex is a widely known brand in the United States and has become a household name because of its products that are used daily. They produce paper towels, facial tissue, bathroom tissues, tampons, diapers, etc. 


How To Dissolve Kleenex

Kleenex does dissolve but takes time to do so. It has a slow break-down process, and toilet drain pipes need materials that pass through smoothly. That is why we are deterred from using it in toilets.

Kleenex tissue paper can get stuck inside the toilet or in the wrong place, and when this occurs, here is how you can dissolve it.

Aspirin Tablet Into The Water

The chemicals in the Aspirin will aid in quickly disbanding Kleenex tissue paper. Just follow the steps below:

Place one Aspirin in water and wait for it to settle into the still water closet for the Kleenex to dissolve.

Let the tablet dissolve completely for a few minutes, and to ensure it has, it should be unnoticed in the water by the time of flushing.

Wait for the dissolved tablet to impact the stuck tissue paper, and you will witness its impact when the tissue begins to turn into a mushy mess.

The more mush it becomes, the more it loosens to the extent that it can easily be removed or flushed down the drain.

Note that the normal dissolving time for Kleenex tissue paper can take 6 hours to dissolve, but with an Aspirin tablet, the dissolving takes minutes.

Dissolving Kleenex tissues: Aspirin is the top-listed hack for dissolving not only Kleenex tissue but also different of the same products, including paper towels. The correct way is to put one tablet into the water and let it dissolve, and once it settles, the Kleenex begins dissolving because of the chemical change.

Use of a Drain Cleaner

There are several types of drain cleaner available to ensure you choose the safe one for toilet use. For instance, avoid the ones with caustic chemicals, for they emit a lot of heat, resulting in the bathroom cracking.

Use Liquid Shampoo/Soap

Supplies: Liquid soap/shampoo, hot water, and a plunger


  • Drain water from your toilet bowl
  • Create suctions after putting the plunger over the opening of the toilet
  • Pour in some liquid shampoo/ soap; wait for it to foam up before you re- plunge 
  • After the clog has cleared, flush your toilet with fresh water.



  • Pour a bucket of hot water into the toilet.
  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of liquid soap and mix using a stick.
  • Let the Kleenex tissue dissolve for 10minutes.
  • Flush the toilet and pour more hot water if necessary
  • Flush and redo steps 1-3 until the tissue has dissolved entirely.
  • Ensure you don’t use excess liquid soap, or it won’t be effective.

Use of Baking Soda and Vinegar 

Supplies: Baking soda and Vinegar

These are readily available right in your kitchen cabinet, and even though you may not have them, they are affordable at a nearby grocery store. To dissolve the Kleenex using this option, follow these steps:

First, lower the level of water inside the bowl to half to create room for the reaction between the two substances to avoid messing up the bathroom

Second, pour a cup of baking soda into the toilet bowl

Third, pour a half cup of Vinegar into the bowl

Fourth, let it settle for 15 minutes

Fifth, you will notice some fizzling, which indicates that the reaction is taking place and assisting in the dissolving process.

Sixth, flush the toilet after 15 minutes have elapsed

Finally, if the process doesn’t work, repeat steps 2-3 with an addition of one more teaspoon of Vinegar and baking soda, then let it for 10 minutes before you flush down. If it still doesn’t take effect, you will have to call for professional aid.

Use of a Plunger

The toilet plunger is another option that you can use to dissolve the tissue. Place the bowl to ensure the cup covers the toilet opening, then start plunging the toilet downward and upward over the drain opening. As a Dissolving Kleenex tissues result of the suctions created during the plunging process, the tissue will dissolve when the toilet bowl clears upon removing the plunger. You can now flush the toilet to confirm if the Kleenex has dissolved completely when the water drains smoothly.

Use a Toilet Auger/ Plunger’s Snake

The closet auger consists of thin, long metal and small barbs/hooks at its end. Insert the hooked end of the toilet auger into the drain’s opening, then push it down the drain up to where you realize some resistance.

At the resistance point, rotate the handle and continue pressing the auger inward for the hooks to break up the stuck Kleenex. 

Lastly, pull out the drill and flush the toilet. If the water drains smoothly, then that indicates the tissue has dissolved. If it does work, try to redo the procedure for a second time.


Is Kleenex Flushable?

To avoid clogging issues on your toilet, you should not flush Kleenex down your lavatory. It is made of stronger paper that doesn’t break down instantly. Another primary reason for not flushing them down the pipes is to avoid. The expensive costs of plumbing which you would have avoided.

A bathroom is a sensitive area that requires extra care and concern. Our next section unveils how you will make Kleenex dissolve quickly.

Conclusively, Kleenex does dissolve in water. However, it takes about 6 hours to dissolve based on the state of the water entirely. That is why it is not encouraged when it comes to its toilet use because it doesn’t disintegrate quickly, thus posing a high risk of clogging your toilet.

There are cases you may have accidentally flushed it down your toilet. In the article, we have extensively shared various tips on how you can speedily dissolve the Kleenex tissue, and it applies to other products of similar brands. With the Aspirin tablet being the quickest solution, exercise these options on how you can dissolve the Kleenex.