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Electric Blanket Not Working After Washing

Electric Blanket Not Working After Washing: Who would want to be kept warm and comfortable during the chilly nights? An electric blanket offers you precisely that. A blanket contains wires that, when turned on, heat the blanket with the temperatures being regulated by a thermostat on the blanket’s control pad, referred to as the “Electric Blanket.”

If your electric blanket stops working, it could be due to the connections loosening or the wires inside coming into contact with liquid, among other factors. The spectacular news is that you can fix the problem.

It is lovely to own a soft blanket that offers comfort while emitting a soothing heat that can also have healing power traits for aches and pains. On the other hand, it can be damn worrying when it suddenly stops functioning. Is there some hope of getting that fixed?

 In our write-down, we will discuss and explore that possibility as far as an electric blanket is concerned.

Electric Blanket Not Working After Washing

Electric Blanket Not Working After Washing

To wash an electric blanket needs a lot of caution. If done incorrectly, the covering may stop working efficiently, and you should avoid this mistake at all costs. 

Unfortunately, you may find yourself in this situation. You don’t have to panic, but it is essential to reset it after the wash. Our next section will show the simple steps to fix the problem.

Resetting an Electric Blanket After Washing

Firstly, air dries the electric blanket to ensure the surface is not moist for ease of functioning of the blanket. Place it outside to quicken the drying process to proceed with the next step.

Secondly, you will reset the electric blanket by plugging it in. The primary goal is to restart the blanket and get the electricity flowing through the setup to enable the components to begin to work perfectly.

It is vital to find a spot with a favorable temperature to ensure the blanket starts up without fighting against the external elements.

Thirdly, set the electric blanket to the highest heat setting to fire on all cylinders. The blanket will begin to work and start warming gradually.

Starting on the lowest setting doesn’t spark the blanket to begin working. Set it at the highest degree for an instant reset.

Fourthly, wait for 4-5 minutes and examine whether the blanket’s folds are warming up because, at these spots, it is where the covering begins to spread the heat.

Finally, if the folds are warm, wait a little more like 2-3 minutes, then lessen the heating, and now your electric blanket is ready for use once again. Go ahead and enjoy your quality comfy sleep while keeping warm.

How to Wash An Electric Blanket

Modern electric blankets can be washed and dried in washers and dryers. It is essential to implore short, gentle washing cycles and ensure the drying process is on low, removing it before drying thoroughly.

Improper way of washing an electric blanket leads to its malfunctioning. The guideline below will be of great help:

Machine -Washing

Remove the control code 

The control cord provides power through a wall plug. When cleaning, please remove it from the blanket but before that, ensure you turn off the blanket and unplug it. The control code should never interact with water.

Read the Manufacturer’s Recommendation

Your electric blanket always comes with a user’s manual that entails specific instructions attached to your blanket as a “product care” on the packaging itself or a booklet in the blanket packaging.

Pre-soak the blanket

The highly preferable way is to soak the blanket for 5-15minutes and use water whose temperatures range from cold to warm. If the temperatures and the duration are not given, use cold water to soak for 15 minutes.

Wash Briefly and Gently

The blankets need a few minutes’ washes on your “delicate” or “gentle” cycle. 

Use a small amount of a mild washing detergent and no other agents specifically; never bleach your electric bed accessory.

Rinse and Spin Briefly

Rinsing cycles should take a minute with cool or lukewarm water followed by a single standard spin cycle.

Dry The Blanket

Ensure your blanket tumble freely. If your dryer lacks enough space, consider air-drying it. The temperatures should be “cool” and removed while still damp to let it completely dry in the air to retain its shape.

5 Advantages of Electric Blanket

Electric blankets have become famous because of what they offer. What are some of the benefits of this bedtime accessory?

Energy Saving

The electric blanket will keep you warm without turning on your HVAC system during the winter season, thus saving you from the high energy bills. They may not heat the entire room, but it is a faster way to get you to heat up and stay warm even after it is turned off.

Boosts Your Mood

Warmth brings natural calmness to mind and body. Heated blankets help your body stay warm, and as a result, your body uses less energy to keep itself warm, and in turn, it sends signals to your brain, making you relaxed and happier.

Relieves Pain

Heat is a known remedy for aches and pains. While the blanket’s purpose is not to reduce primary pains, they promote blood flow in the body, thus lowering the muscle tightening and minimizing cramps.

Enhance Better Sleep

Temperature changes can interfere with your sleep, make you uncomfortable, and turn all night. With the electric blanket right under your nose, you are guaranteed a better sleep quality during the night.

Electric Blanket Not Working After Washing

Points to Note

  • Never dry-clean an electric blanket.
  • Don’t over-spin or overheat it in a washer or dryer, nor cram it into a small drum for it to suit because it will damage the wiring and affect its shape.
  • Never Iron it.
  • Never plug in the blanket while it is still moist because it is unsafe

Electric Blanket Not Working After Washing: When your blanket stops functioning after you’ve washed it, it is best to reset it. To achieve the best result, ensure it air-dries fully before initiating the procedures above to kick start its functionality.

You don’t need to throw it away, for the problem is effortlessly solved in a few minutes, and the blanket will work just fine. Additionally, observe the washing guideline to prevent the tear and wear of the electric blanket.